Sugar control tips

Sugar or diabetes has taken a stride and gained momentum these days. Dealing with sudden sugar spikes, feeling stressed out, fainting spells, neuropathies and other diabetes associated illnesses is hard to deal with – for whole of LIFE. The daily dosage or say unit of Insulin intake may not completely help you maintain blood sugar […]

Autoinjector Epinephrine – Usage, Advantages, Disadvantages

Adrenaline the non-technical name for Epinephrine is a “feel-good” neurotransmitter and a hormone secreted by automatic nervous system – at immediate rescue to defend against high stress / threat and physically exhilarating situations. These hormones helps react to the stress by: Pumping good levels of oxygen Increased glucose levels and supply to your muscles Better […]

What are the causes for varicose veins? – Best home remedies to treat varicose veins

Do you also see bluish green, spidery, unsightly veins under your leg folding??? Varicose veins are a vascular disorder mostly seen in overweight or pregenent women than men and are definitely a cosmetic concern for many. Standing jobs are the main culprits behind varicose veins. Parlour jobs, marketing executives, security guards, teachers and such are […]

Do’s and dont’s vomiting

Hey guys out there. This article is gonna help: Pregnant women who almost feel nauseous and have pukes in frequent intervals. Children at most are affected by so called emesis (scientifically) aka vomiting specificalaly due to digestion system disorders. Travelers who tend to compromise to eat and drink whatever available or just say travel sickness. […]

Intestinal gas remedies

Intestinal gas is not a health problem in itself rather it can be noted as a symptom of a problem. Normally, gas is produced in every human intestine and it is nothing to be worried of; but when the production of gas in the intestine is more than usual and the person is not able […]

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) – Symptoms, causes, remedies, foods, treatments

Premenstrual Syndrome which is commonly known as PMS includes a bunch of physical and psychological symptoms that occur in menstruating women before the bleeding starts. The time, symptoms as well as severity of PMS vary extensively from one woman to another and it can also vary from month to month. PMS symptoms vary widely and […]

Home remedies for dry mouth

Dry mouth is a common condition but often people suffer from it without even their knowledge. As the name suggests, the condition involves drying of the mouth and this condition is medically known as xerostomia. Dry mouth is caused due to less production of saliva or production of poor quality saliva which is not able […]

Keep away from diabetes – Top foods to avoid diabetes

These days there are lots of ways by which you can manage diabetes. In fact, you have the best food alternatives which can really help you manage the condition in the finest way. When you have diabetes there are certain foods which you should avoid having an intake. In this case you should restrict the […]