Homemade hair masks for dandruff

It is an unhealthy scalp which promotes dandruff for me and dandruff work as a major cause for hair fall. Hair fall can also be accelerated due to damage to the hair shaft. Taking the best care of my scalp and hair with anti dandruff hair packs, reduced my dandruff and hence hair loss too. […]

How to remove acne scars & pimple marks

It is a real struggle to get rid of acne & pimple scars. You might have tried the expensive market products but these cheap and easy homemade face packs work like wonders to remove those challenging acne scars and give a smooth and scar free skin. How to remove acne & pimple scars Tea tree […]

Ectopic Pregnancy!

What is Ectopic Pregnancy? In a conventional pregnancy, the sperm and egg fertilize in the fallopian tube and are implanted in the spongy endometrial lining in the uterus. The lining provides all the necessary for the egg. However in the Ectopic pregnancy fertilized egg is implanted outside the uterus, ectopic pregnancy also called tubal pregnancy. […]

Home remedies for nail tumors

Nail tumors can also be known as glomus tumor. It is a big and wide flesh filled with fluid that forms under the nail. It can also be found over the fingertips or in the foot. This tumor was developed in the year 1877 by Hoyer. An important fact associated with the nail tumor is […]