How to get rid of bad cold and cough

You are sure to feel extremely unhealthy when you tend to suffer from common cold and cough. You lose the real taste of life and your nose becomes congested and there is difficulty in breathing. Common cold and cough is common in day to day life and this is the reason you always have the medicines ready in the cupboard. However, rather than taking medicines for little reasons it is best that you take to some of the effective home remedies so that you can easily eliminate the discomfort.

The home remedies are all safe and natural and they are extremely beneficial for your body. The natural remedies will help in producing mucus and they can aptly clean the system and cause boosting of the immunity system.

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The effective mixture of milk and turmeric

How to cure cold with home remedies

Among the best home remedies for cough and cold you can take to milk and turmeric. For this you have to warm the milk and then add turmeric powder or extracts to the same. This is a sure remedy for cough. This mixture is right both for the adults and the children. Apart from common cold the mixture is also good for general health. Thus, when you feel unhealthy you can have the mixture on daily basis to feel the goodness from within.

The combination of honey cinnamon and lemon

You have the second home based remedy and this is the perfect mixture of lemon, cinnamon and honey. You can take all the three ingredients to form the syrup. In fact, the syrup is perfectly capable of fighting common cough and cold. In order to make the syrup you first have to take a pan and add some honey to it. You should keep on pouring till half of the pan becomes full. Then use a double boiler and try to make the honey thin. To it add a bit of lemon and a pinch of cinnamon. You can make your child have the syrup and this is the best for fighting cold and the rest.

Brandy and honey together

To fight common cough and cold you can even use honey and brandy. Brandy is used to keep the chest warm and it also helps in increasing the amount of body heat. However, at the same time honey has the natural ability to fight cough. Thus, when it is combined with brandy the effect is sure to be great. With the combination you can at best fight conditions of cough and cold.

Amla can be extremely beneficial

You can call amla an immunomodulator and amla can really help in protecting you from the attack of several diseases. Amla contains strong content of Vitamin C and this is the reason it is so good for health. When you have amla on regular basis your liver is supposed to function properly and there is also an improved process of blood circulation. Amla can strengthen the immunity system and this is the reason you should have an amla everyday. It is the best way to fight common cough and cold.

The tea of tulsi ginger and black pepper

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When suffering from common cold you can make a cup of spiced tea for yourself. To make the tea you need to add to it ginger, tulsi, and black pepper. These are ingredients to make the tea so rich and spicy and when you drink the same you can definitely feel the goodness from within. All these ingredients mixed with the tea can really help in fighting conditions of cough and cold and in the way you are sure to feel so relieved in time.

The solution of honey warm water and lime juice

A simple solution of honey, lime juice and warm water can at best help to fight conditions of common cough and cold. You can have an intake of lime water to make the digestive system normal and effective. This is also highly beneficial for the circulation system. When you add honey to the lime water and in this case the water should be warm this cam act the best solution in fighting conditions of acute cough and cold. These are the ingredients to cause magic when you suffer from the discomfort. So, in this case a regular intake of the same can really save you from the condition.

Flaxseeds for fighting cold and cough

Flaxseeds can also help to fight against common cough and cold. For this you first have to boil the flaxseeds and after the solution becomes thick it is time that you strain the solution. To the solution you can add honey and lime juice. You can have the mixture in order to get rid of the discomfort caused by common cough and cold. There are more things you can add to the mixture and all things are available from the kitchen cupboard.

Ginger is the best health preserver

Apart from mixing ginger with other stuffs you can definitely go for the simple process of slicing some pieces of ginger and mixing them well with salt. You can chew the ginger whenever you feel that your throat is uncomfortable. The ginger julians are right for fighting colds and they can even take care of coughs and sore throats. There are more things the ginger can do. So when you chew pieces of ginger the juice of the same is sure to do good to your general well being.

The magic of ginger tulsi and honey

Home remedies to treat sore throat

A mixture of ginger and tulsi once again would be effective in fighting against common cold and cough. First, you have to crush the leaves of Tulsi and then to the same you need to add juice of ginger. To make the mixture better effective you can add honey to the same. This is the right mixture you can have to get relief from cough. The juice of ginger and the extracts of Tulsi are immensely good for the health and this is the reason a regular intake of the same is sure to be right of a healthy existence.

The sautés of garlic is good for health

Garlic too can do lots of benefits when you are suffering from common cold and cough. For the same you first have to make some sautés of garlic. Then you should warm the sautés in ghee. However, the taste of the same is sure to be bitter and most of the time the taste of the sauté will not seem preferable. However, the warm sautés of garlic are extremely good for the health especially when you are suffering from conditions of cold and cough. So, make sure to collect the sautés in time in order to stay fit and fine.

Jaggery is a sure cure

It would be interesting for you to know that jaggery can cure conditions of common cough and cold. However, to make the solution you need to boil water and then add to the same black pepper, cumin and jaggery. This is the best solution to help you have relief from chest congestion. This is even the perfect remedy for cold and cough. So, when you find that your child is suffering from continuous running nose you can make the best use of this solution and keep him away from the ill effects of cold and cough.

Carrot is a common cold and cough fighter

Not many people know but it is true that the juice of carrot can help in fight conditions of common cough and cold. This is something unconventional for the sort of ailment but the drink is extremely healthy and beneficial for the health. It is not a common fact that carrot juice can cure cold and cough. However, the naturalness of the vegetable is sure to help you stay healthy and at the same time it can even boost your level of wellness and immunity.

The herbal tea is a remedy

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If you want to stay away from common cough and cold then you can take to the drinking of effective herbal tea. These are leaves of the special herbal tree and in fact the leaves have all the natural goodness to fight conditions of cough and cold. The leaves come with the best of medicinal benefits and they can work rightly in fighting condition of common cold and cough. This is the reason you should opt for the tea leaves once you find that you are suffering from chronic cough and cold.

However, you can make the tea in different ways and with this you can really help the tea be extremely beneficial for the common conditions of cold and cough. First, you can prepare the tea by adding some tulsi leaves to the same. After you have boiled the tulsi leaves with the tea it is time that you add some drops of lime juice to the same and drink the tea for general health wellness. You can even prepare the tea by mixing it with pods of cardamom, cloves of garlic, corns of black pepper and fresh slices of ginger. You should boil the mixture at a low flame and at the same time you should make sure to cover the mixture at the time of boiling. This will allow the goodness of the ingredients to be preserved. At the time of having the tea you can add amounts of honey and milk to the same.

The goodness of homemade lozenges

You can even make medicinal lozenges at home. These are effective stuffs top help you stay safe from conditions of common cough and cold. The lozenges can help in reducing the irritation level and can also provide relief to the throat. To make the lozenge you can collect ingredients like pepper, ginger, cardamom, honey and the rest. You can mix and blend the ingredients and form a thick paste. This paste is them allowed to get cool and solid and then you can give shape to the same and use the stuff in form of lozenges. These lozenges you have to pop inside the mouth and you have to keep them for long in order to allow the juice to pass through the throat and help you have the relief in time.

Wet socks can cure cold and cough

It is true that if you wear wet socks when going to bed this can really cure conditions of fever and cough by drawing blood to the feet and thereby enabling you stay warm and healthy. This is the right remedy to help in improving the process of blood circulation and in the way you are sure to feel fine once you get up in the morning. For the same you can collect dry wool socks, dip them in hot water and wear them instantly. Then it is time for you to go to bed with the socks on and in the process you are sure to feel relived and now your nose will not get blocked so often.

Mustard foot bath can be a remedy

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In order to get rid of common cold and cough you can at best soak your feet in the sort of mustard foot bath. To do this you should take a basin of water and to the same you should add one table of mustard powder and this should be mixed in one litre of hot water. The mustard helps in pulling blood to the feet and heel area and this is the best way one receives relief from nose congestion.

Steam breathing can help you have relief

If you are suffering from condition of common cold and cough and in the process the nose gets congested time and now, it is best that you take to steam breathing. For this you have to take hot boiling water in a large bowl and then you should cover the head area with a big towel. It is time that you breathe in the steam slowly and in the process you can get rid of the sort of nasal congestion and accordingly you can breathe better and there is less of cold and cough.