Top home remedies for onychocryptosis

Ingrown nails means the extra nails growing inside the flesh adjoining your finger. The individual suffering from such conditions may get pain at the top of toe nails, redness and swelling. If you leave the corners of your nails without cutting for months, this can give rise to ingrown toenails.  There is also varied treatment procedure for this type of nail condition. One of the treatment procedures is cutting the corners of the nails. If it is affected in a serious way, you must show to a physician and take anti biotic. Some people may also get thickening of nails in an abnormal way. There are many home remedies to get relief from ingrown toenails.

Ingrown toenails or Onychocryptosis is a common phenomenon in terms of nail diseases. It is a very stubborn sort of nail disease in which the nail grows in such a manner which ultimately cuts either sides of the nail bed making it a very painful experience. This disease usually starts with a micro-orgasmic inflammation and then the nail gets stuck within the deep layer of the skin. It is a fact that mostly we find ingrown nails in our hand or feet but this usually takes place in our toenails. There can be a lot of reasons for the growth of Onychocryptosis, as followed:

[Home remedies for onychocryptosis in Hindi]

  • First of all, crowding of the area of our toenails by constantly wearing of extremely tight fitting shoes can be the major reason for Onychocryptosis.
  • Secondly and injury in the toenail can cause Onychocryptosis as well.
  • It is a good thing to regularly cut our nails but cutting it too short can lead to Onychocryptosis.
  • Also, cutting the nails on an equal length can cause Onychocryptosis as well.
  • Another major reason for Onychocryptosis is maintaining untamed elongated toenails.

Signs & symptoms of ingrown toenails or onychocryptosis

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  • The first and foremost signs of suffering from Onychocryptosis are to go through an acute pain and slight tenderness on either side of the toenails.
  • Another symptom is to notice redness and a swell around the toenail area.
  • Noticing an infection in the skin around the toenail area.
  • A persisting redness or pus.
  • Lowering the rate of sufficient blood circulation around the feet.

Treatment for ingrown toenails or onychocryptosis

  • In case of a visible redness and excruciating pain, one can swiftly lift the edge of the nail by gently placing a soft cotton ball, and then use a dental floss to get rid of the nail overlapping the skin. By doing this the ingrown toenail can be removed with ease. But this must be done daily.
  • In such cases of ingrown toenails or Onychocryptosis, partial removal of the ingrown nails can be done. Doctors usually either trim the ingrown nail or just partially remove it by giving a local anesthesia.
  • The underlying tissue of the ingrown nail part can be removed in case of a serious infection or any other discomfort. It should be done only on doctor’s strict direction either by using laser, chemically or even in some other way.
  • Oral medications or even topical medications are useful to cure such cases.

Prevention of ingrown toenails or onychocryptosis

  • Trimming your toenails regularly and keeping them in shape can help a lot in preventing Onychocryptosis. Also this will increase the blood circulation in the feet as well.
  • Growing the nail too long can lead to Onychocryptosis too.
  • Wearing proper fitted shoes becomes a necessity for the proper growth of nails, so this will not put much pressure on the nails.
  • Decent footwear also plays an important role in protecting our toenails, which helps to prevent any sort of injury to the toenail.

Home remedies for ingrown toenails

Soaking toe and feet

If you are suffering from soreness as a result of ingrown toenails, soaking your toe can be an effective solution.  But, do not soak it in cold water. You have to take a bucket of Luke warm water where some Epsom salt must be mixed well. Now soak your feet for a period of 5 to 10 minutes to get relieve from ingrown toenails. If you go to doctor, he will suggest you some a solution for anti inflammation so that it can be cured fast.

Application of ointment

Just after soaking your feet in Luke warm water with salt dissolved in it, the next step will be application of ointment. It will be better to carry on with the tropical antibiotic dressing. There can be situations when the nails have already broken the skin. You must apply some effective antiseptic or antibacterial ointment and dress the same in a proportionate way. You can also try Neosporin ointment to get better effect.

Don’t act as a surgeon

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Some people have a tendency to cut or use some tools to cut the ingrown nails which is pierced inside the flesh of the toe. Some people also use the bathroom tools to cut the nails placed at the interior of the flesh. This step will be very dangerous as it has high risk of infection.

Trimming of nails

We all know that, prevention is better than cure. If you regularly trim your nails there will be very less chance of getting infected with ingrown nails. May it be the nails placed at your feet or that of your hand, trimming in a regular basis will be an important step. You need to remove all dirt lying inside your toe and finger nails and keep them clean always.

Cotton dental floss

If your toe nails are affected by ingrown nails, you have a wonderful home remedy to apply. Yu have to place the waxed dental floss or the fresh bits of cotton under the ingrown edge of your foot nails. This helps the nails to grow in a proper way above the skin edge. It is important to change the cotton as well as the floss everyday till the pain gets subsidize.  This is a wonderful home remedy for ingrown nails.

Wear the right socks

Socks act as an extra layer of protection to our feet. And it plays an important role in protecting our nails as well. But it is a complete mistake to be wearing dyed out faded socks because the dyes used in the material of the cloth can react with the skin around our toenail, leading to a severe infection.

Buy new shoes

Buying frequently new shoes is a key thing to remember. An old shoe becomes a home for all sorts of bacterial infections which can cause a great harm to the toenails. In case of ladies, they should avoid wearing many heels since it may put a pressure on the toes.

Get some sandals

It is a good option to go for sandals sometimes because it will allow some fresh hair for the toes and allow them to breathe. There is no better ailment than in natural air.

Watch where you walk

Walking in your most comfortable sandals might be a very good idea but you should keep a check where you are walking. Uneven surfaces or road bumps can injure the toenails, so you should always be careful. An injured toenail can lead to the easy passage of many bacteria and germs leading to the exaggerated condition of the ingrown toenail.

[Home remedies for onychocryptosis in Hindi]