How to prevent conjunctivitis – Tips to avoid pink eye

Eye infectious are of many types. Medical science has categories it in variety of stages and the reasons are also known to them. If you are suffering from conjunctivitis, home remedies must be tried at first before going for medications. Conjunctivitis can also be known as pink eyes which is contagious and can spread from one person to another. You can now get variety of natural remedies after availing which you will be completely free from its effect.  Some people are not aware whether this infection is allergic, viral or bacterial.


  • Watery drainage from eye
  • Likely to spread from one eye to another
  • Discomfort in eye
  • Inflammation over the eye lid

Conductivities can cause either by virus or bacteria but both have different symptoms. Above symptoms are for the conjunctivitis that is caused due to viral effect.  But, if you are suffering from pink eye infection that is caused by bacteria, you might face a greenish yellow drainage from your eye. Spreading from one eye to another remains same as that of viral infection.

[Hindi tips to avoid pink eyes]

Conjunctivitis is a particular form of eye infection. During such condition, the patient suffers from the problem of red eye. This can take place due to variety of reasons. One of the reasons is eye infection from pollutants. Some people cannot withstand very cold climate. Thus, they suffer from pink eye infection. Redness on the eyes can also take place if an individual suffers from extreme hot climatic conditions. Pink eye infection can attack individuals with different age group. This is the condition when your eye will pain and you suffer from discomfort. You might run to doctor and get some eye drops to treat it. Some people still believes in home remedies. If you are among them let us discuss some.

Natural home remedies for conjunctivitis

Breast milk

Home remedies to cure eye redness

Breast milk contains a particular variety of breast milk which is named as immunoglobulin A.  This works wonderfully in preventing the pink eye bacteria from the eye that contains mucus surface. Since this is really effective in limiting the growth of bacteria in your eye, the infection taking place in your eye will be eradicated. Medical science have examined the fact with regards to the impact of colostrums on the eye infection of new born baby. The facts of breast milk and colostrums are well documented and also have some evidence of eye infection. But the breast milk have positive result  in treating the eye infections.

How to apply?

Take few drops of breast milk and apply it over the eye where infection took place. Now you need to lift your eyelid slightly so that the milk gets circulated inside the eye surface.  Do this three times in a day to get the best result.

Herbal tea poultics

It has been proved that conjunctivitis can be improved if you can take herbal tea either in the raw form or its extracts in the form of capsules.  It proves to be really good for any type of eye irritation.  You can make the tea, cool it and use it in rinsing your eye. If you want to boost the astringent quality, addition of little salt will be really amazing.

Way to use it

You must not use any water to make herbal tea as this might infect your eye accordingly. Rather if you can use distilled water in doing so, nothing would be better than it.


Home remedies to treat eye itchiness

It is quite easy to get honey at home as it is used in kitchen to replace sugar in many cases as this keeps your fit all the time. Research has been conducted throughout the nation and even worldwide which has affirmed the outcome that honey has both antiviral as well as antibacterial properties which helps in getting a great result.  Even a team of scientists have conducted around 19 clinical trials where it has been proves that honey works better than antibiotic creams.

Kind of honey to be used

Honey is available in different forms. Among different types of honeys , manuka honey is found to be really effective as it contains high level of compound named as dihydroxyacetone.

How to use it?

When you are suffering from conjunctivitis, it becomes really important to know the technique how honey is applied.  You need the ingredients like 1/4th table spoon of raw honey, pinch of salt and 1/4th cup of pure water. Your need to take warm water and dissolve salt as well as raw honey . Donot heat water too much that some properties of water gets destroy. After dissolving honey and salt in water use a clean drop, get it filled with the solution and apply it over your eye.

Colloidal silver

Silver solution has been used for decades to treat eye infection. This was the time when antibiotic ointments, erythromycin was not been created.  Silver nitrate was used in the eyes of new born babies in order to prevent them from any types of bacterial infection. Even today, this is used in some of the hospitals. But, sooner it was found that silver nitrate can cause irritation. Thus, transformation took place in the form of ointments.  But, colloidal silver is less irritating as compared to nitrate. You can use this for treating conjunctivitis.

How to use?

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You can directly put 1 -2 drops of colloidal silver in each eye of individual who have been suffering from conjunctivitis or pink eye whether caused by virus or bacteria. If you can repeat this process three to four times in a day, it can be totally eradicated.

[Hindi tips to avoid pink eyes]

Tips to avoid pink eye

Salt water treatment

Experts say that salt contains a particular antibody. This particular antibody can easily treat the pink eye infection. Getting salt at home is quite easy as you must be using salt in your kitchen to add taste to dishes. Now take a glass of water and add a spoon of salt in it. Mix them well and splash it over your eyes. You can see wonderful remedy of pink eye.

Raw potatoes

Another natural and home remedy of pink eye is through the raw potatoes. You need to keep a raw potato in refrigerator. Now take out the potato slice it and keep it over your eyes after closing it. This will give you a relief from pain. You will definitely feel comfortable with this home remedies. Alternatively you can make pulp of raw potatoes and apply it over your eyes after closing it. Keep it for 10 minutes and then remove.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an effective home remedy when you have pink eye infection. This is also an item which you can get ideally at your home kitchen. You have to make a solution by adding a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water. Mix them and put it in a dropper. Now pour it over your eyes where you have trouble with pink eye infection.