Home remedies for treatment of headache effectively

Rather than popping a bunch of aspirins in your mouth every time your head starts to hurt, it is time to try some of the natural remedies to get over that pain. When you are constantly swimming under a pile of work stress and other environmental factors that can cause a headache you need to have natural remedies in hand to cure them. So, take care of the excessive strain caused on your eyes or allergies, deficiency in your diet, low blood sugar, hormonal imbalance, drugs, alcohol, constipation and so many other problems that can cause a headache.

Try out the natural remedies that we have in store for you

We have assembled some of the best ways to take care of a headache that you suffer from more than often. Cure this irritating problem with the remedies we have lined up before you.


Magnesium is an essential mineral that maintains a healthy body function. The deficiency of magnesium causes fatigue, nausea and also headaches. Magnesium and in some cases Magnesium Oxide particularly helps in preventing headaches and seasonal migraines. Food supplements such as spinach, avocado should be taken regularly for a headache free day.


Histamine rich foods often causes severe headaches and even migraines sometimes to people who are allergic to it. A Histamine is a chemical in human body which if not functioned properly by the enzymes can cause frequent headaches. Histamine is mostly found in fermented food, smoked fish, cured meats etc.

Vitamin B2

The presence of adequate amount of B- complex vitamin reduces the frequencies of headaches. According to a most trusted theory, the pressure on nerve cells are increasing day by day and there is not enough energy produced to comfort the pressure. Vitamin B2 boosts the production of energy inside nerve cells.

Adequate Sleep

Adequate amount of sleep is important in everyone’s life. Deficiency in sleep is one of the major triggers of headaches as the brain as well as the body needs hours to relax and rejuvenate overnight, hindrance in sleep often results into fatigue and headache.


Drinking water and eating water rich foods keep one hydrated and fresh. Lack of water in human body leads to dehydration and later into headaches and sometimes the person even faints on spot.

Essential oils

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Oils have therapeutic benefits and the application of it on head relaxes the tension and comforts the headache. There are several oils that can be used for applying in a headache like lavender oil, peppermint oil, coconut oil etc.


Basel in the form of oil or leaves, consumed or applied, works equally well when it comes to headaches. A Basel is a herb with a strong scent and has analgesic benefits as it gets rid of tension and tight muscles.

Buckwheat Pillow’s magic

When you are not comfortable while sleeping then the pressure starts to develop on and around your neck. This is the reason behind the lack of proper sleep. It also causes pain to the muscles in your neck. All of these reasons are the leading causes of a headache. You must never use feather pillows as they will only elevate your pain and even cause your neck to hurt more. The market today is full of different options but we would like to present something that will work wonders for your pain and neck stiffness. Try the Buckwheat Pillow. It is a very popular choice as it has a soothing natural scent along with great support and cooling effects. Every kind of ailment that is caused due to lack of sleep can be treated if you get yourself one of these.

Try some Ginger

The inflammation in your blood vessels that are causing your head to hurt can be reduced by having some Ginger. Try out this great remedy and see how beneficial it is.

The first option is to mix equal quantities of both lemon and ginger. Drink this twice every day before your meals. Make a paste of water and ginger powder. Apply this all over your forehead and let it dry. You will see great results within a matter of minutes.

You can even try to inhale some ginger to improve your headache. In a boiling pot of water add some Ginger.

Use of mint juice

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In order to reduce a headache, you will need menthone and menthol. Both of which are present in mint leaves. The cooling effects of mint juice can cure your headache and even improve your mood. Wash a handful of mint leaves. Place them inside a grinder and extract the juice. Apply this all over your head and try to close your eyes and relax.

A mixture of equal quantities of coriander and mint juice can also be used to relieve the pain you are facing.

The beauty of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is another product that is easily found in every household. The benefits of cinnamon can cure your excruciating headaches. In order to use cinnamon. Follow this simple technique. Powder some of the cinnamon sticks and make a thick paste by adding some water to it. Apply this all over your temples and forehead. Wait for half an hour for it to work. Wash with some lukewarm water.

The essence of Rosemary

Rosemary has rosmarinic acid that has anti-inflammatory and soothing powers. Use Rosemary oil to massage your head when you have a headache. You can even make some tea by adding dried rosemary to a boiling pot of water. Let, this mixture steep for a few minutes. Strain it and set it aside. Drink this tea once it has cooled down. Drinking it a few times when your head is hurting will help you calm down and relax.


A headache caused due to tension can be dealt with by the pain relieving and cooling properties of cloves. Make a pouch by adding some crushed cloves in a clean washcloth. Inhale it constantly to reduce the pain. You can even massage your head with clove oil.

These are some of the ways that you can try right away when you are going through the pain that a headache brings with it.