Natural home remedies to treat the sore throat / throat pain

When you have sore throats it is really very painful. It can even be an indication that you are soon to be attacked by cold. Sore throat happens when the vocal chords get strained. This can lead to more serious illness. So, it is best that you take care of the ailment at the earliest. When you have sore throat it is so painful and disturbing that you would prefer to run to the doctor at the earliest. He will in the process recommend you a treatment for the same. However, at home too you have some of the trusted remedies to help you have the perfect relief in time.

Honey ginger water and lemon for sore throat

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One of the perfect home remedy for sore throat is to mix ginger with honey and water. The water should be hot to make the effect fast. Once you have mixed honey and ginger with water you can squeeze some lemon juice to the same. This liquid is the best for gargling. Once the mixture enters the throat it starts with the healing the effect and you are made to feel at the best. Honey forms a coating inside the throat and it comes with the perfect antibacterial features. This is the reason you feel this to be the best mixture when you have sore throat.

Sauce and hot water to provide relief to sore throat

Do you have the capsicum and the hot pepper sauce at home? This is something which can fight inflammation and helps in reducing the pain of sore throat. For the relief you are recommended to take a cup of hot water and to the same you are asked to mix five shakes of the ground cayenne pepper. This is the best remedy you can have for the sore throat. Take the solution and gargle after every five minutes. This is sure to help you have the best relief from the ailment.

Sage is a solution or sore throat

When you have sore throat the nasal passage becomes swollen and it is so painful at the point of time. This is when you can have the intake of sage to help in relieving the condition. As part of the home remedy you can collect one teaspoon of sage and to the same you should mix half teaspoon of alum, one fourth cup of brown sugar, some amount of vinegar and a cup of water. All the ingredients should be missed well for the best relief from sore throat.

Turmeric can heal sore throat

Home remedies to treat sore throat

Turmeric is the perfect antioxidant you can have. This yellow spice according to the scientists has some of the best healing properties. Turmeric can help fight against some of the serious diseases. In order to have the best relief from sore throat you need to take one cup of hot water and to the same you can add half teaspoon of turmeric powder and half teaspoon of salt. Then you can use the mixture to gargle. This is sure to provide instant relief to the throat.

Juice of wheatgrass is good for sore throat

The juice of wheatgrass is one more good remedy for sore throat. A quick rinsing with the same and spitting the chlorophyll will help in lessening the growth of bacteria and in the way you can get the best relief from sore throat. You have to hold the juice for five minutes inside the mouth and this will revitalize the weak gums and will also help in relieving the pain in the tooth. This is also the perfect remedy for sore throat and so it is time that you collect the juice of wheatgrass to help stay out of the pain.

Cloves can soothe sore throat

For the remedy you can use grounded cloves or powdered cloves and add the same to the water in order to form the mixture. Then it is time that you use the liquid for gargling. Cloves have all anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and this is the reason it can fast help in the soothing of the sore throat. You just have to collect the ingredients in time to make a perfect mixture for the relief of the condition.

Sore throat is common in these days. This sore throat is caused by over shouting, viral infections, bacterial infections etc. This sore throat leads to headaches, body pains, cold, cough etc. Acid reflux may be the reason for the sore throat. This problem is not so serious but you can treat it as soon as possible. Find the home remedies to treat the sore throat.

Home remedies for the sore throat

  • Mix the ½ table spoon salt and ½ table spoon of apple cider vinegar in one cup of hot water. Mix it well. Use this solution to gargle it makes you free from the sore throat pain. Take the 4 tbsp of apple cider vinegar with the cup of hot water. Drink this water in place of the drinking water.


  • Take the salt in the glass of water. Gargle with this salt water helps to give the relief from the sore throat. The sodium (salt) acts as the antiseptic for the inflammations in the throat. Spit the salt water after gargling. Do this daily for three times.
  • Mix the lemon juice with the water. Gargle this lemon water gives the relief from the sore throat. Take the lemon juice and add pinch of salt and 4-5 pinches of black pepper. Mix all these ingredients. Take the mix in the equal intervals for daily four times.

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  • Take the 1 tbsp of honey in the glass of warm water and mix it well. Honey has the antibacterial properties helps to control the inflame tissues in the throat. This helps to give relief from the sore throat.


  • Boil by adding the piece of cinnamon and pinch of black pepper in two cups of water for 5-10minutes. Then filter the water and mix the honey with the filtered water. Take this water for the instant results.


  • Garlic oil 4-5 drops with water and gargle with this water. You can get the results. Take the small ginger pieces and chews daily 3-4 times gives the relief from the sore throat. Garlic contains the antibacterial and anti fungal properties removes the inflammations in the throat and gives the relief soon.
  • Take the 3 tbsp of methi seeds (fenugreek seeds) with the 8 cups of the water. Boil the water for 30 minutes then filter the water drink this water when it is cool.