Best tips to stop nosebleed for childrens

Children tend to have nose bleeding in the early years. It might be rare but the regular cases can be frightening. Sometimes blood can flow from the back of your child’s nose and go into his mouth. He might swallow and then that becomes a great deal! This might lead to vomiting or worse cases, which is why you need to have proper tips to avoid such conditions.

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There are numerous causes which lead to nose bleeding. Most of them aren’t serious but let us go through the possibilities:

Cold and allergies

cold and allergies sometimes cause irritation and swelling in their nose. This leads to spontaneous bleeding.


Children have a bad habit of picking their nose or putting something inside it. They sometimes blow it hard, and these are some common reasons why their nose bleeds.

Low humidity

If you house is dry or you live in a dry area, the lining in your child’s nose can dry out. This at times leads to bleeding.

Toxic fumes

If you all are exposed to toxic fumes frequently or you have suddenly come across such a situation, nose bleeding won’t be very surprising then.

Anatomical problems

Any abnormal structure inside your nose might lead to such a condition

Abnormal growth

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If there are abnormal tissues growing inside your nose, it can lead to bleeding. Those these growths are mostly polyps and not cancerous but they need prompt treatment.

Abnormal clotting of blood

Anything which related to blood clotting might lead to bleeding of nose. There are medications which include aspirin for altering these conditions. But if these lead to situations like hemophilia, then it can provoke nose bleeding.

Chronic illness

Children who have had illnesses for a long time but need some extra oxygen or some other sort of medication. This would dry out the lining which leads to frequent nose bleeding.

Tips to treat

There are numerous misconceptions which have been heard like folklores. This is especially because it is common condition which almost mother faces with their child. Now we will read through some dos and don’ts, do clear all the doubts.

To do

  • Nose bleeding seems frightening, but you need to stay calm as they are rarely serious
  • Make your child sit or stand, while you tilt his head a little forward. Ask him to gently blow the nose if he is old enough to follow instructions
  • Pinch the lower half the nose with your fingers and hold firmly. Hold it for 10 minutes so that it stops bleeding. If your child is old, he can manage himself. Don’t release your fingers if he is still bleeding.
  • When you release the pressure, wait for 10 more minutes and ask your child to be stiff. If he hasn’t stopped bleeding, you need to repeat the process.
  • Call a pediatrician if he doesn’t stop bleeding even after that.

To not do

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  • Don’t panic yourself as that scares the child
  • Don’t make him lie down
  • Don’t let his head be titled back
  • Don’t stuff tissues or cotton into his nose, as that will not stop the bleeding.

When to call a pediatrician?

  • If you think that the blood loss has amounted to too much
  • If the bleeding starts coming out from his mouth. This maybe through coughing, vomiting and there could be some brownish material which looks like coffee.
  • If your child becomes pale or starts sweating
  • If your child becomes stiff and doesn’t respond (you might have to admit him in an emergency room)
  • If he has bleed a lot and has a stuffy nose chronically. This might mean that he has small blood vessels which easily break the surface of the nose lining.
  • If there are problems in the blood vessels, you might have to call the doctor who would provide silver nitrate to stop the flow.

How to prevent?

  • If your child already has frequent nosebleeds, you need to talk to your pediatrician for permitting you to use saltwater nose drops. This might particularly solve the condition, especially if you live in a dry climate.
  • Using a humidified or vaporizer helps to maintain the humidity of your home at a better level, and that prevent nose bleeding.
  • Ask your child to stop picking his nose too.

[Hindi tips to stop nosebleed]