Home remedies for cough in men/boys

Cough is something very common with people of almost all ages. It is encountered by people with low immunity very often. It is never easy to keep coughing for more than a day or two continuously; such symptoms are more commonly seen in men. And you should not leave cough unattended for this long either because it might just be an allergic reaction o even a symptom of the underlying disease. The sooner you try to get rid off from cough, the easier it would be. Prolong cough is not a healthy sign, be it in case of a man or woman. It can give birth to other health problems and weaken your lungs and respiratory system as well.

[Home remedies for cough in Hindi]

Types of cough

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There are two types of cough situations that many men come across. One is dry cough where you constantly feel itch like irritation in throat and have a wanting to scratch it out, resulting in cough. The other one is productive, generally caused by mucous and phlegm. It occurs when the body needs to get away from this junk of phlegm present in the chest or lungs.

Dry cough might not hold a deeper cause as it can uproot due to allergies, dust or other temporary ailments. However, the productive cough on the other hand has to be treated from root so that there is no sign of it reappearing again after some days.

You can always seek recommendation from the doctor about treating cough properly but the medicines prescribed by them are not always efficient in healing your problem from root. Moreover, when it is about young boys, you cannot be thinking to give them a dose of antibiotics or other medicines in one go. However, there is still a lot that one can do at home to get away from cough easily. All you need to do is go to your kitchen and find these stuffs to treat a bad throat:

Salt water gargling

One of the most tried methods of treating cough is with luke warm water and salt. Salted water affects the sore throat directly making the discomfort reduce eventually.

Thinking how? The uneasiness caused by the mucous membranes gets treated when the salt concentration outside them increases. It makes the water flow out and reduces the swelling in cells. Also, the phlegm around in the throat also gets flowed out with gargling.

How to prepare

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Heat the water, around 8 ounces at least. Mix one teaspoon salt in it. Make sure the water is lukewarm and not too hot because you are going to half swallow it and the throw out.


Honey is rich in a lot of ways; this is why it is a perfect solution to treating cough at home. This ingredient found in your kitchen is rich in antibiotics and demulcent with high viscosity. When you take honey in the throat, its smooth texture makes the irritated mucous membranes calm reducing cough.


While adults can consume one tablespoon of honey 2 to 3 times a day, preferably before going to bed. For boys above the age of 2 years, the ideal dosage is one teaspoon only.


You can combine ginger with honey for getting rid of cough even faster. Both are thought to make a good dose to treat cough when consumed together. Ginger works as an expectorant helping to extract out mucous from the lungs.

And as ginger can be harsh on throat causing an instant coughing upon consumption, it works well when taken along honey that is rather soothing in nature.

How to prepare

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Shred or chop the ginger into minute particles. You can either take it along honey or consume it with water. If you want to have ginger with water then boil both of them together for few minutes. Wait for the ginger to disperse its essence in the boiling water. Cool it to room temperature and drink it there after.


Thyme is known to do wonders when it comes to treating diseases. It has some anti-microbial properties that help in treating the cough easily.

How to prepare

Place lightly bruised thyme in a mug filled with 8 ounces of boiling hot water. Cover the water and allow the thyme steep in for 15 minutes. You need to drink this water, all at a time. The same can be repeated twice or trice daily to have better results. Also, add some lemon or honey if you want it to taste good.

All these remedies are harmless and effective in treating cough. However, you need to make sure that you have it regularly until your throat is completely rid of signs of cough and phlegm or dryness!

[Home remedies for cough in Hindi]