Homemade hair masks for dandruff

It is an unhealthy scalp which promotes dandruff for me and dandruff work as a major cause for hair fall. Hair fall can also be accelerated due to damage to the hair shaft. Taking the best care of my scalp and hair with anti dandruff hair packs, reduced my dandruff and hence hair loss too. […]

Herbal supplements for hair growth

Hair loss can be of different types. These include thinning of hair, hair lice, scalp infection etc. there are many reasons for hair loss like not cleaning up regularly, using different hair products without protection, keeping different hair styles in short times. The hair loss problems are same for all the people but the effects […]

Best herbs for hair growth

A good personality is always a factor in your success in any work and field. There are many factors that can hinder your personality. Some of these problems are hair problems. Hair problems can be very frustrating for some people. Be it hair fall, white hair, or thin hair etc. they can impact the personality […]