Home remedies for pitted nails

Women who have a great liking towards maintaining long nails that have a shining and clean texture are not too fond of developing Nail Pitting since it spoils the look. Whether it is finger nails or toe nails one should always try their best to prevent nail pitting because it can further lead to diseases.

What is Nail Pitting?

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Nail Pitting is depressions that develop on the nails, they are little but too many depressions develop on a nail making it look too bad and dirty. Nail Pitting Every 2 out of 3 persons are suffering from Nail pitting which have further caused them severe diseases. Not just women but even men find it equally irritating to have develop Nail Pitting.

Causes and Symptoms of Nail Pitting


  • Psoriatic Nail Disease: It makes the nail turn yellow or brown which several pits on it. It affects the skin badly.
  • Deformation of Nails: The shape of your nail gradually changes and it starts looking more deformed.


  • The nails become red and there is inflammation on the surface of the nails.
  • One will notice cracked and dry patches on the surface of nails.
  • Along with inflammation there are people who face itchiness all around the surface of the nails.
  • The nails may become stiff and you can spot some kind of swelling as well.

Home Remedies to fix Nail Pitting

Taking good care of the nails

In order to prevent any kind of diseases it is very important to be careful and pamper yourself. To fix problems like Nail Pitting it is necessary to take very good care of the nails by trimming it from time to time, getting it manicured and pedicured etc.

Coconut oil

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Moisturising your nails act as a very good measure to prevent any diseases or problems related to nails. But instead of buying chemical moisturisers from the market you can try a natural moisturizer. Use coconut oil to massage your nails daily so as to get rid of dead skin and infections.

Advantages of Coconut oil

The most important thing to remember about curing nail pitting is the need to keep it moisturized at all times. What is better than coconut oil to moisturize your cuticles and nails. The presence of fatty acids in medium chains along with being a naturally occurring moisturizer makes.

Try to apply a small portion of coconut oil on the cuticles and nails. Don’t miss out to moisturize the accumulation of dead skin cells at the fingernails base. Try this remedy four to five times in one day.

Another procedure to use coconut oil to cure nail pitting is by mixing it up with four to five drops of oregano oil. Massage your nails with this oil and wait for ten minutes. Once it dries, wash it with lukewarm water. Make sure to dry your nails immediately.

It is glycerin time

To hydrate the area around the nails and cure the nail pitting, you can use Glycerin. It is regarded as a powerful humectant. Glycerin has the power to keep the moisture locked inside the tissues of the cell.

In a small bowl, combine equal parts of water and glycerin. Apply it generously all over the surrounding skin and affected nail. Keep this on for a minimum of half an hour. Use lukewarm water to wash it off. For best results do this thrice a week.

Procedure in another natural Moisturizing agent is Glycerine and using it 3-4 times in a day will turn up to be very effective for Nail Pitting. Mix some glycerine with water and apply it all over the surface of your nails. Leave it for some time and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Aloe Vera

In order to replenish the surface of your nails so as to get rid of cracked surface and pitting Aloe Vera is of good help. Extract some raw Aloe Vera gel from an Aloe Vera Leaf to apply it on your nails. Rinse it off after it has been completed absorbed by the skin.

Apple cider vinegar

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Nail Pitting also occurs because of imbalance in the pH level of the skin which causes infections like fungus. In order to maintain the pH balance and stop the infections from reaching to severity one should use Apple Cider Vinegar, a natural remedy to almost all kinds of skin problems. Just mix some Apple Cider Vinegar with some lukewarm water to soak the nails in that solution for around 15 minutes. Pat it try once done and do this daily until you see any changes.

Shea butter

Vitamin A and Vitamin E are two vital vitamins required for nail pitting. Shea butter contains the right amount of vitamin A and E to help one get rid of dry and pitting nails. All you need to do is rub some Shea butter on the surface of your nails, leave it overnight and then rinse it off the next morning daily. It works as a hydrating agent for the nails since staying hydrated is very important to recover from Nail Pitting.


Vitamin D deficiency also accounts towards the development of nail pitting and patches on the surface of nails. In order to gain some Vitamin D contents for the skin it is very much important to expose your skin to sunlight every morning when it is not too hard to consume. The ultraviolet rays at the morning just after the sun rises is warm, healthy and helps in rejuvenating the skin cells. It immunes the skin against infections.

Use of epsom salt

Epsom Salt is the best way to cure the problem of nail pitting. This remedy will take care of the problem right away. All you have to do is soak your fingers in a bowl of lukewarm water and epsom salt. This will help to take off the layer of pitted nail quite easily. Don’t forget to dry your nails as fast as you can. Do this twice every day.