Amazing water spinach beauty and health benefits

Water spinach is an aquatic leafy green vegetable that is considered as one of the healthiest foods in the world for a number of reasons. Grown mainly in the tropical countries, the water spinach or “kangkong” is a storehouse of several nutrients that provide you with both health and beauty benefits. Water spinach not only blesses you with good skin and hair but is also great for brain development. It is loaded with necessary vitamins like A and C and nutrients like iron. Water spinach can be consumed in many forms and must be an essential part of your diet for the following health and beauty benefits it bestows upon you.

Health and beauty benefits of water spinach

Jaundice and Liver treatment

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Water spinach can be of great help in the treatment of liver problems and diseases like jaundice. It has the properties to provide protection against liver damage by detoxifying enzymes. It also breaks down free radicals and has loads of antioxidants to fight all kinds of diseases.

Prevents heart diseases

Water spinach contains high amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin C and beta-carotene which reduce the damage done by free radicals in the body. It also stops the oxidization of cholesterol which can thicken the walls of blood vessels and lead to chances of stroke and heart attack. Folate in water spinach also converts a harmful chemical called homocysteine to prevent chances of stroke and heart attack. Magnesium in these leafy vegetables also provides strong protection against heart problems by improving cardiac health.

Good for foetal health

High amounts of vitamins, nutrients, iron and folate in water spinach makes it good for healthy development of the growing foetus in your womb. It is great for bone and brain development of the baby. Pregnant women are advised to have water spinach in their daily diet.

Prevents cancer

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One of the best foods that give you protection against cancer is water spinach. It has 13 antioxidant compounds making the body immune to cancer. These help to eliminate the damage done by free radicals and also prevent further damage. It strengthens the cells and prevents cancerous cells from multiplying. Water spinach is said to be the best food against skin cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer and colorectal cancer.

Boosts immunity

Apart from guarding from cancer, the nutrients present in water spinach also boost up the body’s immunity. They naturally fill up all the vitamin and nutrient deficiency in the body so that you do not have to depend on food supplements any more. Consume this leafy green vegetable daily to have a great immune system that protects you against all kinds of diseases and infections like influenza. It eliminates all the toxins too thus providing you overall great health.

Rich source of iron

Among the vegetables that are a great source of iron, water spinach tops the list. It has great amounts of iron and thus is essential for children of growing years, anaemic patients and pregnant women. It increases the haemoglobin content and promotes strength and bone health.

Keeps you young

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The antioxidants in water spinach not only provide you great strength and immunity but also keep your skin younger looking and have anti-ageing properties. They prevent the damage of the cells by free radicals in the body and environment which keeps the skin younger looking. It also prevents the skin from sun damage and keeps it hydrated. This prevents sun damage, dark spots, wrinkles and other ageing signs. Daily consumption of water spinach can reverse the signs of ageing.

Provides great sleep

If you have been suffering from sleep related problems, water spinach in your diet can help you to fall asleep sooner. It is a natural medicine against insomnia as the vegetable has got sedative elements which induce sleep. Zinc and selenium are two minerals present in water spinach that keeps you calm and soothes your nerves, helping you to relax yourself and fall asleep easily.

Promotes good vision

Water spinach is very good for children as well as adults because it promotes good vision. Vitamin A is present in the vegetable in huge amounts which is needed for good eye health. It also fights the free radicals in the eyes.