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The heart makes one of the most vital internal organs in the human body and in order to enjoy a happy and healthy life taking the best care of the health of your heart is really important. The heart is responsible for blood circulation in the body, and without a healthy heart you are sure to struggle with many health issues. The human heart starts beating when the baby is still in the fetus stage and stops only after the person dies. To keep our heart in the best condition, we cannot really do much, but still we can take precautions to ensure the best health of this vital organ, which makes the primary component of the total cardiovascular system of the human body.

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Most interestingly, to ensure the best health of our heart we really need not to go the extra mile or shed a lot of money, all we need to do is to include some heathy habits and discard some bad practices from our lifestyle.  According to medical practitioners, more than 90% of heart ailments are preventable and by taking the right precautions at the right time you can actually ensure that your heart is not stressed. Here are some simple tips that can help you to maintain the best health of your heart,

Exercise daily

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Regular physical exercise can ensure the best health of your heart. For a healthy heart you really need not to start with that heavy workout regime of the professional weight lifters, all you need to do is to include some form of physical exercise in your daily routine. Working out just for 20 minutes on 5 days a week can improve the health of your heart considerably.

If you are not keen to exercising, join an active sport, like soccer, swimming, basketball or anything else that involves sufficient physical movements. Running, jogging, and even walking regularly can be highly helpful.

Think before you eat

We all know that red meat, high amount of oil and junk foods are not really good for the health of our heart. Discarding these items completely from your diet can be difficult, but you can easily limit the amount of these items in your daily foods. Reduce the amount of foods that are high in cholesterol and include more leafy vegetables that are rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers.

Stay away from junk foods; instead munch on fruits and nuts. Include whole grains, brown rice and other forms of unrefined carbohydrates in your diet replacing the refined carbs. Minimize the amount of butter, cheese and oil in your daily diet because they work as the primary source of bad cholesterol to the body.

Stop smoking and limit drinking

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Smoking can be highly injurious not only for your lungs but also for your heart. Smoking tobacco increases the risk of getting heart ailments and even smoking marijuana can be harmful for the heart. Stay away from any form of smoke; it can be really detrimental for your heart.

Drinking alcohol also can be highly harmful for the health of the heart as it can directly contribute to weight gain and higher blood cholesterol level which is sure to affect the health of the heart.

Learn the art of being stress free

Stress is a common factor for all in today’s super busy world and stress can work as the primary cause of high blood pressure which can be very harmful for the heart. You need to learn to be stress free to ensure that your heart does not take the burn of the high stress of the modern life. Indulging in your favorite hobbies, taking sufficient rest even being in a busy life and practicing yoga can be helpful to manage stress most effectively.

Stay in touch with your doctor

Prevention is always better than cure, and to ensure that your heart is in the best health staying in touch with your doctor can be really helpful. This will enable you to have the right idea about the condition of your heart and if there is any need of special precautions. You should visit your doctor for a preliminary heart checkup as soon as you cross the age of 30 even if you do not have a heart ailment, and in case you have a history of heart diseases, you should be in touch with the doctor even at an earlier age.

7 hours of sleep should be your mantra

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According to a study, young as well as middle aged adults who had a sleep of 7 hours every night were found to have less calcium in their arteries, which can be a very healthy sign for the cardiovascular health.  Surprisingly, the presence of calcium in the arteries was much higher in people who slept for 5 hours or 9 hours or more at night. So, if you are really serious about your heart health, make it a point to get 7 hours of sleep every night; it can actually add to the health of your heart.

Cut down on salt consumption

Consumption of high amount of Salt, particularly on the table can work as one of the primary reasons for higher blood pressure which can damage your cardiovascular health considerably. So, make it a point to not to use salt at the table and also use it only in proper amount in your dishes while cooking. Foods like salted peanuts, salted cashews, pop corns, chips that come with a high dose of added salt should be avoided in order to ensure a better heart health.

Include more omega-3-fatty acids in your daily diet

Fishes like Mackerel, tuna and sardines are filled with Omega-3-fatty acids which can be highly effective to promote good heart health. There are also a bunch of vegetarian sources of Omega -3-fatty acids, like the flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds and even different varieties of beans are filled with Omega 3 fatty acids that can be highly effective to promote better heart health. There are also omega-3-supplements, but it is best if you can get the required amount of these essential fatty acids from the natural sources directly.

Check that waist line

It is said that your waist line is inversely proportional with your heart line. So, keeping your waist line in check can be highly helpful to keep your heart healthy.

[Hindi tips for healthy heart]