Home remedies to cure chickenpox / varicella

Chickenpox is also known as varicella. It is the most contagious disease. There is no certain age limit for the chicken pox. It happens to a child or mid age people or in old age also. The main reason of chicken pox is varicella zoster virus, which is the cause of chickenpox. Surprisingly the disease occurs once in person’s life. If any people get affected by chicken pox in their childhood he/she will not have the chickenpox ever in their life. Initially, it appears in the form of skin rash and gradually it develops into pockmarks and that pockmarks cover in the large section of the body area. All over the body and this rash and pockmark are seen, sometimes it affects the limbs also.

[Home remedies to cure chickenpox in Hindi]

The rash can last from few days to few weeks all depend on the treatment how you maintain your patient. In the market you can find several types of medicine for chicken pox but experts say that the best way to heal the contagious disease is to apply home remedies. By using several home remedies chickenpox can cure properly. Chickenpox can spread by air or if anyone comes in the contact of mucus or saliva or the blister fluid of the patient. The infected person should stay in a different room from others. Here we will see some home remedies for chickenpox so that you do not have to run to the doctor’s chamber.

Home remedies for chickenpox

Baking soda

How to protect from chickenpox

Baking soda if the most famous and best remedies for chickenpox. You need to make a paste of baking soda and water so that it turned into a paste. Now apply the past to the body where the rash developed and wait for to get it dry. The main reason to apply baking soda over rashes is it reduces the itching tendency and also reduce the pain of blister. With the use of baking soda, you can avoid scratching and improve the healing process. You can add one cup or a half cup of baking soda into your bath water and soak in that.


One more herbal which is considered a traditional remedy is coriander. It increases the speed of healing process. Coriander is a very powerful natural herb and it has various organic compounds which are beneficial for chickenpox. In many countries carrot, soup and coriander are taken in the disease.


We often take honey for a cough or for cold but very few people know that honey can be used for chickenpox as well. The sticky sweet is delicious and used in various desserts. Honey is a good remedy to reduce the irritation and inflammation of human body as it contains rich compounds which are natural. We all know honey is antibacterial so it helps the person to get rid of the disease. It protects the infection that occurs if the patient scratches the pockmarks. Apply honey on the rash or pockmarks directly and wait till it gets wet and then washes it after few minutes. You will notice that honey will be beneficial soon. You do not have to wait for its effect.

Take a bath of oatmeal

Fill your bathtub or bath water with oatmeal. This water is ideal for reducing the intensity of chickenpox. It also improves the healing process of the contagious disease. Many people do not even know about this remedy but this one is a true remedy and it is used by some patient and they get an instant result from chickenpox.

Apply neem leaves

Neem leaves are a very popular home remedy for many diseases. Neem leaves use in many areas. People say it is all in one remedy. So you won’t believe that neem leaves are also beneficial in chickenpox. You don’t have to take this you need to make a paste of green neem leaves apply the paste on the affected areas or you can put the leaves in the bathtub. When the condition of the patient will improve you can use the neem water. With the use of neem water, you will see that there is no scar or any irritation in your body and it help the healing process faster.

Epsom salt

Dos & don’ts during chicken pox

Get Epsom salt and fill the bathtub with water and mix the Epsom salt in it, if you apply it in your body you will see that the rash and pockmarks will dry out fast and the healing process also improve. For about 20 to 30 minutes soak the Epsom salt in water then apply on your body part wait till it gets dry, then slowly gently wipe it off. It will improve the blister irritation. This salt get dry on the skin immediately and it reduces the inflammation and itching.

Sandalwood essential oil

Many people mix different types of essential oils in the bathtub and create a perfect mix of chickenpox remedy. Out of various essential oils, sandalwood oil is special as it is more effective than others. Sandalwood oil is antibacterial and antiviral both. Typically you can use the oil or can mix this with other pastes which you apply on the body rash. Sandalwood oil improves the body inflammation reduce the itchiness and it protects from secondary infection which can happen from the blister juice if you scratch it. Many people unknowingly stretch over the rash or pockmarks and then the juice comes out of that and it can be the cause of secondary infection or anyone is around the patient he/she also can get affected.

Jasmine flower

Jasmine flower is not famous for its beauty or fragrance, it has many other benefits also. For an example, jasmine flower is extremely good for chickenpox. Both the leaves and flower of jasmine is essential and it is quite a known remedy for this disease. You can prepare tea or can take a bath of jasmine flower or leaves which will heal your chickenpox. Keep the leaves in a pot. The natural compounds which you can find in the jasmine flower and the leaves. Which will protect you from the inflammation or irritation or itching? It will be a great relief from chickenpox.

Vitamin D

Sun is the great source of all power and it is the ultimate source of vitamin D and the great way to get relief from chickenpox. Chickenpox is the most contagious disease that one can have. People who have suffered from chickenpox always stay in a separate room until it gets to heal. If you take sunshine or the vitamin D from it your skin will improve soon. It is the most essential for the skin. So if anyone gets infected by chickenpox go outside and take the sunray. Try to come in the contact of sunray and have vitamin D.


Though chickenpox is not that much dangerous or harmful rather than it is more contagious. If any person comes in the contact with the chickenpox patient for sure he/she will get infected. You should always be cautious about that. Many people cannot afford the costly medicine so they do not visit to doctor and apply home remedies. As per the Ayurveda, these all above-mentioned home remedies are the best for chickenpox rather than medicines.


[Home remedies to cure chickenpox in Hindi]