Home remedies for swollen feets – How to treat swollen feets?

Swollen feet can take place due to various reasons. Fluid accumulation in joints or low hemoglobin count can be one of the main reasons. If the fluid accumulation stays for long and remains untreated, it can lead to deformity or infection. One should resort to blood and urine check-up to know the exact reason behind swollen feet. If the swelling persists or if there is chronic pain in the feet, then go for medical attention immediately. Swollen feet is common among people who are not involved in any activity and are sitting or are standing in one position for a long time. Swollen feet is also one of the common state during pregnancy.

Blood clotting in the vein can also lead to swollen feet. Any kind of injury to the ankle or feet can cause swelling in the feet region. One must avoid walking much if the swelling persists for long. Swollen feet can also be seen a common problem with diabetic people. Such people should check their feet for swelling, pain and blisters. Swollen feet can also be an indication towards serious disease of hearts, kidney and liver. In these cases, one should approach a doctor.

Here are some of the home remedies to treat swollen feet:

Avoid feet strain

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If you’re having hard time with swollen feet, avoid standing for long hours and lifting heavy weights. These activities could strain your feet and increase swelling. Follow a rule to Stand for 15 minutes and then rest for 15 minutes every time. Being overweight can also put pressure on your feet, so check your weight and take measures to lose weight.

Lemon juice

Squeeze a few drops of lemon into 1 glass water and add one teaspoon honey as a sweetener. Drink this juice every morning on empty stomach to reduce water retention in the body. Hence lemon juice gives relief from swollen feet.

Elevating feet

Use a pillow to elevate your legs above your chest level to facilitate proper blood circulation to legs.  Always sleep by keeping your feet on a pillow and rest your feet on a support when you travel or sit for long hours.

Feet soaking

Add a small amount of eucalyptus oil into a bucket of water and soak your feet in it for 20 – 30 minutes to get relief from swelling and pain. Repeat doing this twice a day to get good results.

Drink plenty of water

The main cause of swelling In the feet is due to excess salt in the body. It is recommended to drink lots of water to flush salt from the body and hence cure swollen feet. Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day for a healthy life.

Cabbage leaves

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Just wrapping cabbage leaves on your feet can reduce water retention in the body. Repeat doing this daily to slowly reduce swelling over time.


Bathe your swollen feet with hot vinegar to relieve pain. Heat equal portions of water and vinegar and dip a towel in the solution. Wrap this vinegar soaked towel onto the swollen region to get rid of feet swelling naturally.

Dry ginger powder

Dry ginger powder is anti-inflammatory in nature. Take one pinch of dry ginger powder, half-a-teaspoon of bitter gourd and half-a-teaspoon of lemon juice and mix all the ingredients. Consume the mixture twice a day after meals.

Rose petals

Grind some rose petals and dilute the mixture. Massage the swollen feet region with this rose petal water before taking a shower. Take shower an hour after the massage. This practice will give a soothing effect to the swollen feet.


Consume some turmeric powder with warm milk everyday for soothing effect to swollen feet. Turmeric powder can also be taken with quicklime powder. Both can be mixed with a little water. The mixture can be applied to the ankles and feet region to help relieve the swelling and pain.

Bitter gourd juice

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Take two teaspoon of bitter gourd juice and two teaspoon of cape gooseberry juice. Mix some epsom salt with it. The mixture can be consumed on a empty stomach in the morning everyday for four to five days. The swelling will reduce in a few days.


Consumption of three to four ripe bananas in a day will reduce swelling in the feet and help relieve the pain.

Castor leaves

If swelling in the feet region persists for long, take a leaf out of castor plant and apply some warm mustard oil on it. The leaf can then be tied on to the swelled up area with the help of a string. It will help reduce the swelling and give relief from pain.

Split red gram

Take four tablespoon of split red gram and make a paste out of it. Prepare a poultice using the split red gram paste and apply it to the swelled up region for better results.

Fenugreek leaves

Take some fenugreek leaves and make a paste out of it. Mix some black pepper powder with the paste. Use the mixture to prepare a poultice out of the paste. Apply the poultice in the swelled up region. This will help reduce the swelling.

Boiled potato

Boil some potato in water. Remove the potatoes and use the water to apply to the swelled up region. This practice will help relieve the pain.


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Take one tablespoon of ginger juice and mix it with 5g of old jaggery . Consume the mixture everyday. Swelling in the feet region will reduce in some days.

Salt water

Boil some salt with water. Use the water to give bath to the swelled up feet region for better results.

Black pepper powder

Black pepper powder can be mixed with some butter. The mixture can be consumed for effective results.

Pumpkin seeds

Take some pumpkin seeds and grind it. The paste can be mixed with honey and then consumed for better results.

Turpentine oil

Take some turpentine oil with equal amount of mustard oil. Mix both and massage the mixed oil on to the swelled up region. This will give a quick relief to the swelling and pain in the feet region.

Mustard oil

Mustard oil can be mixed with epsom salt and the oil can then be massaged onto the swelled up the area.