Home remedies for polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD)

Polycystic Ovarian Disease or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOD/PCOS) is becoming a common condition amongst the women of reproductive age. This condition is usually caused due to hormonal reasons coupled with lifestyle. Being overweight or obese has been directly related with PCOD. Genetics is also believed to play a vital role in this condition. PCOD can result into a range of complications, starting from infrequent menstruation to thinning of hairs, excessive secretion of oil on the skin, lack of appetite, problems in conceiving and many more.

However, the good thing is that, PCOD can be cured with proper treatment. You can even try out a range of home remedies that can treat this condition effectively. When these home remedies are combined with increased physical exercises and a healthy lifestyle, they can effectively cure PCOS. However, if the condition has already reached an advanced stage, you might actually need to take hormonal medicines to improve the condition. Here is a bunch of home remedies that can offer you comfort from this condition without any side effects, but do not forget to follow them religiously and ensure a better diet, proper exercise and healthy lifestyle to get the best benefits.

Effective home remedies for polycystic ovarian disease

Castor oil

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Castor Oil plays a very important role in treating hormonal disorders; its application is known to regulate the blood circulation in the lower abdomen region. But one has to use organic castor oil for maximum benefits. All you have to do is prepare a hot bag with some water and drops of castor oil on it. Then keep rotating it on your abdomen till it turns cold.

Palm jaggery

Since low level of insulin is very common in the patients of PCOD so one should turn down the use of white sugar. Replace it with palm jaggery because it is a healthier option, also it keeps the insulin as well as blood sugar levels in control.

Saw palmetto

This one is not an option for women who are breastfeeding. You need to use raw Saw Palmetto extract, they work in controlling the testosterone which is generally seen to be high in the patients of PCOD.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds manage insulin levels and hormonal growth or imbalance very effectively. All you have to do is soak in some pumpkin seeds in a bowl or glass of water or make a paste of it then have it with water.  

Cumin powder/Jeera

Jeera or Cumin seed is known to have antioxidant properties which removes the free radicals from the body. It regulates the body and blood sugar levels as well. You have to blend in some Jeera to make a powder form of it, then have it with water. You can also buy Jeera powder, also known as Cumin powder and have it with water, make sure it is raw.

Coconut oil

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Coconut oil is an accessible and excellent remedy that can help combat PCOS at home. In order to reap the full benefits, you can consume up to a tablespoonful of good quality virgin coconut oil every day, consuming it either straight up or adding it to a salad or a daily smoothie. Coconut oil is rich in its content of medium length chains of fatty acids and can help regulate the levels of blood sugar and the secretion of insulin. You can consume it every day.


Cinnamon is another excellent remedy for people suffering from PCOS and is very versatile in the number of foods you can add it to, from savory to sweet. You can consume up to a tablespoon of ground up cinnamon or around a whole stick of cinnamon every day. You can add it to smoothies, juices, savory food, desserts or even to your tea. It can help boost your metabolic rates by burning up calories and improving sensitivity to insulin as well as stabilizing the levels of blood sugar.

Green tea

Green tea is known for its anti-oxidant properties and has become a staple in any diet. Green tea is excellent for PCOS and is a source of antioxidants and contains a ton of properties that suppress inflammation and is one of the best remedies for PCOS. It is rich in the levels of polyphenols that reduce and prevent cellular damage to raise the levels of androgens in the body. To make green tea, you will need to brew the fresh or dried leaves in a cup of boiling water or a teabag with green tea leaves dipped in hot water for 3-4 minutes. You can sweeten the tea with honey as well. Green tea can be consumed 3-4 times daily and can provide additional benefits like promoting weight loss and lifting up your mood, all issues that are linked to PCOS.

Fenugreek or methi seeds for treating PCOD

Fenugreek seeds can be helpful to maintain normal insulin level in blood which can be effective in getting rid of PCOD. Methi increases glucose tolerance in the body that aids in weight loss helping in controlling the symptoms of PCOD.

You can either drink the methi soaked water or use the dust of fenugreek seeds as per your choice. Many people prefer to soak the methi seeds in fresh water overnight and drink the water in the morning. You should make it a point to drink this water in empty stomach. Drink methi water, three times during the day; once in the morning and then 5 minutes before lunch and dinner. Consuming the cookedmethi leaves can also be helpful.

Treat PCOD in home with flax seeds

Flax seeds are known for their high Omega -3 and Omega-6 fatty acid contents. Apart from that these seeds are also high in fiber and lignans, which can effectively reduce the amount of available testosterone in the body, helping in controlling the symptoms of PCOD.

You can have flax seed dust mixed in a glass of water every day in the morning in empty stomach. Chewing methi seeds directly can also give the same results. You can also add these seeds in your food to get the effects; just ensure that you chew them really well.

Tulsi leaves – The effective home remedy to treat PCOS

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PCOS is also related with over production of androgens and Tulsi leaves can be highly effective in controlling the androgen levels. To get the natural benefits of Tulsi leaves, you can directly chew in 10-12 tulsi leaves every day in the morning in empty stomach. Also follow with drinking tulsi leaves soaked water during the day to get the best results.

Cinnamon for curing PCOD at home

Cinnamon is the other natural remedy of PCOD that can give you effective results within minimum time. Cinnamon can reduce the insulin resistance of the body helping in losing weight quickly.

You can simply add 1 spoon of cinnamon dust in lightly warm water and drink it in the morning in empty stomach. You can also chew the cinnamon sticks at frequent intervals or use it in your cooked foods. However, do not consume a lot of cinnamon over a prolonged period of time as it might have a negative impact on your liver and appetite.

Honey and lemon for treating PCOD

Polycystic Ovarian Disease is closely related with obesity and by taking in honey and lemon you can actually increase the rate of metabolism of your body which can be very helpful in reducing the extra weight and also for treating PCOD.

Mix 2 spoons of honey and the juice of 1 lemon in 1 glass of warm water and drink it in the morning in empty stomach. This home remedy is known for reducing weight and it can actually help in controlling the symptoms of PCOD as well.

Amla – Fight PCOS with vitamin C

Amla or Indian Gooseberry has high Vitamin C content and it is a rich source of natural antioxidants. Amla can be very helpful in controlling the blood sugar levels and can also increase fertility in women. It also has detoxifying properties that can be helpful in weight reduction.

You can eat green amla raw, by adding a bit of salt to it or nothing at all according to your taste. You can also grate one amla and mix it with one glass of warm water and drink it before going to the bed. This will not only help in curing PCOD but will also boost your immunity giving you overall good health.

Bitter gourd for treating PCOD

Bitter gourd is known for its ability to control the blood sugar levels and it can work to control the symptoms of PCOD in the same way. You can consume cooked bitter gourd in your daily diet to ensure that you get all its good effects. However, the best way to get all the health benefits of Bitter gourd is to drink it as a juice.

Apple Cider Vinegar – An effective home remedy for PCOS

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Apple Cider Vinegar has a number of great effects on your health and apart from being a tasty ingredient in your salads it can also work effectively as a treatment for PCOD. To get the benefits of ACV in reducing weight and controlling the symptoms of PCOD, mix two teaspoons of ACV in one glass of warm water. Drink this water in empty stomach in the morning and follow the same before your lunch and dinner.

Chasteberry for treating PCOD at home

Chasteberry is a popular home treatment for PCOD. This herb helps in balancing the hormone levels in the body thus helping in curing problems related to this condition. You can drink chasteberry tea regularly to get effective results. To prepare the tea, steep one teaspoon of dried chasteberry in one cup of boiling water for 8-10 minutes. Then strain and drink the tea, while it is still warm.

Licorice for curing PCOS at home

Licorice roots are believed to inhibit an enzyme that plays an important role in the synthesis of testosterone in the body, thus it helps in reducing the level of testosterone in blood which can be very effective to cure PCOD. Licorice has also been found to promote ovulation which can again be helpful for women suffering from PCOD.

To get the great benefits of Licorice one can prepare Licorice tea by steeping few strands of dried licorice roots in boiling water for 10-15 minutes. Strain the roots and then drink the tea while it is still hot.

Fish oil for treating PCOD

Fish oil is high in Omega 3 fatty acid content and it can be helpful to reduce the androgen level and also to improve the insulin sensitivity in body. Taking in fish oil supplements regularly can be actually effective to treat PCOD at home.

Lifestyle and diet changes

Changes in your lifestyle and diet can be highly effective to treat PCOD. Here are some diet and lifestyle tips that you should follow along with any of the home remedies mentioned above to get the best results in treating PCOD,

  • Incorporate exercise in your daily life routine. Exercise is the most effective way to lose weight and losing weight can be very helpful to treat PCOS.
  • Diet also plays a vital role in controlling your body weight. So, when you are suffering from PCOD, try to shift to a more balanced diet that can be helpful to lose weight. Including, more leafy vegetables, fruits that comes with lots of fibers can be helpful to reduce weight as they can control hunger effectively.
  • Smoking has been related to higher levels of androgen in the body and hence if you smoke, quitting it can actually be helpful to get rid of PCOS.
  • Alcohol can add to weight gain and hence when you are fighting with PCOD, quit drinking.

Different forms of Yogasanas are believed to be effective in treating problems like PCOD. However, you should learn it from a proper master to get the best effects.