Home remedies for vomiting and headache

There can be multiple reasons for vomiting and headache, which is mostly related to illnesses of stomach. Our body often fights foreign substances and vomiting can help that way as well. Vomiting and headache is mostly caused by indigestion and acid reflux. In some cases, it may also refer to severe illnesses like constipation, appendicitis, gastritis, peptic ulcer, pancreatic illnesses and head injuries among others. It may also called migraine where it affects only one side of the head.

Headache and vomiting can drain a person out with all the food and glucose present in the body. The symptoms may be chronic in some persons. One should avoid consumption of solid food products till the vomiting stops. Boiled potatoes, plain pasta, poached chicken, and rice are easier to eat and retain. Dairy products and fatty food should be totally avoided till the vomiting stops as they can aggravate the stomach lining.

Home remedies


Home remedies for treatment of headache

The vitamin and minerals present in a lemonade act effectively in stopping the problem of vomiting. All you have to do is add one spoon of sugar to a glass of water and then squeeze some lemon juice in it.


Magnesium is very important for the functioning of our body and it plays a great role in controlling our blood sugar levels. Eating magnesium rich food items and supplements can actually help you get rid of Headaches. It is a tested remedy which is really effective.

Saunf/Fennel seeds

If you have this habit of chewing sauf or fennel seeds after every meal then just try chewing some more in regular intervals when you feel nausea. It has a refreshing effect in the mouth and will stop vomiting.


Cherries are known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which help with headaches. There are so many people out there who actually depend on cherries for their headache, owing to quercetin compound present it. You can always have cherry juice.  

Orange juice

Orange Juice has a citrus taste and it is known to bring the blood pressure to the normal state. But you are not supposed to drink the juice that is available in the market in tetra packs, instead buy some fresh oranges and blend it to make some juice.

Willow bark tea

Most of us don’t know but Aspirin was made from Willow Bark so, if you are looking for a home remedy to get rid of headache then make yourself some tea. All you have to do is boil some willow bark roots and have it 3-4 times in a day.

Food free from Gluten

Most of the time people suffer from headaches and vomiting because they can’t digest food that has gluten in it. Patients who have migraine, celiac disease that has not been detected see a lot of change in their health. There has been a positive reduction in the strength and frequency of headache and nausea.

Try to cut back on the consumption of gluten. You will definitely see a positive and overwhelming result. Once you have lived without gluten for three to four weeks, try to introduce gluten back in to your diet by taking extremely small amounts of it. Make sure you are able to find the balance where you body doesn’t react to gluten anymore.

The use of Lavender essential oil

Lavender Essential Oil has both numbing and calming effects. This is the best tools to cure a headache and vomiting feeling.

Mostly, Lavender Oil is used as a sedative. It is also helpful in stabilizing the mood. Research has proved the fact that how Lavender Oil is great to cure the problems caused by recurring headaches. You can inhale lavender oil for fifteen to twenty minutes, every time you feel like throwing up. This will help you recover. Otherwise, take a few drops of Lavender Oil on your palm and massage it on your forehead. Make sure to massage gently the back portion of the neck. You can dilute Lavender Oil by mixing it with Coconut oil, Grapeseed or Almond oil.

Herbs and their beauty

Herbs have been the best way to cure headaches for a long time. They ease the tension and relieves a person from all the stress they go through. Use the leaves of Butterbur and Feverfew to cure the problem of headache. Nausea, head ache, vomiting as well as sensitivity to excessive noise and light can be cured.

Ginger and onion

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These two ingredients are easily available in your kitchen just you need to take one teaspoon grated ginger and one teaspoon onion juice this combination will help you to fight off vomiting. Make sure, the extract of onion is fresh.


It is a useful remedy that helps you to kill the smell of stomach acid while promoting dental health. Take one part of water and one part of water to rinse your mouth. Make sure, you are just swishing with the solution of vinegar and water and spit it.

Relaxation and exercise

If you want to stay healthy and avoid a headache and vomiting along with other health issues then relaxation and exercise are one of the best ways to get rid of your health problems.


Getting heat from hot water bottles, hot baths, and heating pads help your body to relax your tense muscles. Make sure, heat should be moderate and should not cause the burn.

Massage therapy

Tense muscles cause a headache OR make them critical but massage therapy helps your muscles to be tense free and prevent OR reduce a headache.

Deep breathing

It is an exercise that you can do anywhere and anytime, just you need to take a deep breath and exhale it slow from your mouth OR nose keep doing it for several times this procedure will relax your abdomen and make you get relief from vomiting.

Lemon oil

Essential oil like lemon essential oil has an aroma that decreases the feelings of vomiting. Take a handkerchief and pour a few drops of lemon oil and inhale it to get relax from vomiting. Repeat it for next few minutes.

Baking soda

Baking soda has the properties that can naturalize the acid that occurs during vomiting as well as spoil the taste of mouth while protecting your teeth from damage. Make the solution of ¼ teaspoon of baking soda and ½ glass of water and rinse your mouth with it after vomiting.

Rice water

It has the properties that help to exert the gastro-protective consequence on the annoyed stomach lining. It is also a better option to keep your body hydrated as you loses water while you are suffering from vomiting. Take 1 cup of white rice wash them well and boil in 1 ½ of water. Strain and preserved the water once rice gets cooked. Sip this strained water slowly and notice the better result.

Milk and toast

This is the recipe for grandmothers. Take 1 dry toast and soak it in 1 cup of milk eat slow and experience the amazing result that will stop you feel vomiting. You can use it as you need.

Drink plenty of fluids

It is really important to keep your body hydrated when you lose water while suffering from vomiting. Make sure, you are sipping the fluids slowly that will help you to reduce vomiting and increase the required water level in your body.

Electrolyte substitutes

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Vomiting is often followed by loss of appetite. Vomiting leads to loss of body fluids and can lead to dehydration. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day is recommended. If vomiting persists for more than 24 hours, it is recommended to consume an electrolyte solution to maintain balance of fluids in the body. Green coconut water is also rich in electrolytes and its consumption can help. A simple solution of sugar and salt in a cup of water can be a good substitute.

Ice chips

Sucking on ice chips can help ease headache and vomiting. Ice packs can also help as they are anti-inflammatory agents and placing it on the pain area is beneficial.


Boil two cloves in 100g of water, concentrate it, add a teaspoon of salt and drink it before sleep at night. A person who complains of headache and vomiting can continue drinking this every four hours in a day. Chewing on cloves or consuming clove oil also gives relief from vomiting.

Coriander powder

Soak 12g of coriander powder in 250g of water. To add taste, one can sugar powder to the mixture. Soak it for an hour, strain the mixture and drink the strained water. Consuming coriander powder with sugar powder also helps bring relief to a person complaining of headache and vomiting.


Take half a lemon, add rock salt and black pepper to that and suck on that. Lemon juice or lemon with soda is also effective in curbing headache and vomiting.

Cold coffee

Coffee contains caffeine which is effective in treating pain. Consuming cold coffee can help bring relief from headache and vomiting.

Peppermint oil

Rub peppermint oil onto the part of your head that aches. It works amazingly in easing any type of headaches.


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Ginger helps reduce pain and improves nausea too. A person complaining of headache and vomiting can simmer the ginger and drink it like tea. Ginger juice mixed with lemon juice also helps. Sucking on ginger also helps. Ginger ale can be another remedy for headache and vomiting.

Dandelion tea

Consumption of dandelion tea helps relax mind. A cup of dandelion tea a day may end your migraine problem. Dandelion stimulates the blood circulation in your body.

Boiled food

Avoid all fatty food and try to eat boiled food and leafy vegetables in your daily diet. Sprouts keep the system light and are very helpful in easing out the pain.


It relieves nausea, vomiting and treats gastroenteritis, stomach flu, diarrhoea. It is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal in nature and helps expels gas as wells as reduces spasms.

It stimulates digestion and reduces mucus. Cinnamon can be consumed with cold coffee or as tea.

Cold milk

Consumption of cold milk helps reduce inflammation in the stomach region and also acts as a substitute of body fluids.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea has tranquilizing effects that ease anxiety and stress. It also reduces contractions and cramps in the stomach region, which occurs due to vomiting.

Cumin seeds

Take one table spoon of cumin seeds mixed in a glass of milk or with yogurt prevents nausea. Cumin seeds may be roasted, grounded and consumed with honey alone.


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Mix organic apple cider vinegar and water with consumption of the portion of honey at regular intervals can treat headache and vomiting.

Sugarcane juice

Suagrcane juice is cold in nature and thus can help control vomiting and headache. Two tablespoon of honey can also be consumed with honey at an interval of two hours in a day.