How to get rid of birth marks?

The colored marks exist in our skin, since our birth is called birth marks, they may also grow even after the birth. People don’t require any medication to make them off as their effect is nothing on our body unless the visuality. However, for some cases medical treatment may be required.

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All the birth marks on a person’s body are not in the same size and in color, they may be in black, red or flat purple under various sizes and shapes. These marks increase their size along as we age. There is no perfect condition for the birth marks existence, some believe that vascular birth marks appear due to genetic factors. They even occur due to the development of capillaries in the skin.

People can get have different types of birth marks on their body. Few are visible whereas others are not.  Some birth marks look really odd on the skin, especially for ladies. They wish to get clear skin so that no indecent marks can be visible in the mass. Though the birth marks are not at all harmful, but in disrupting the path of getting perfect beautified.

There are individuals who go ahead with cosmetic methods or surgeries to remove the birth marks. But you can always go for the natural remedies to remove the birth marks.

Home remedies to remove birthmarks

Use of Iodine solution

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Iodine has been proved beneficial to take care of moles and birth marks on a person’s skin. Apply a few drops of iodine on your mole or birth mark everyday and you will see how the mole or birth mark starts to come off. This should be done twice a day, daily and results will be seen in a week or two. Keep in mind that iodine solution is toxic in nature, so be careful while applying iodine.

Application of Apple cider vinegar

The list of uses that Apple Cider Vinegar has is quite endless. It has the power to take care of your unwanted moles or birth marks too. Dip a cotton ball in Apple Cider vinegar and wipe the place that has the unwanted mole. Do this twice every day and you will see how effective it is to remove the mole that you have been trying to remove.

Creams used to remove birth marks

You will get a wide range of products that is available in beauty shops, pharmacies and online. These products have the power to remove the birth marks that have been bothering you. They are available without any kind of prescription. Apart from being effective, they are quite easy to use and apply. Read the instructions properly before you apply these creams. Follow the directions mentioned regarding using the cream.

Aid provided by Kojic acid

Are you familiar with this product? It is found in Asia and is obtained from fungus. The Kojic Acid looks like a crystalline powder in nature and is extremely effective. The tyrosinase function is suppressed which is the main reason behind producing melanin (a brown pigment).

This Kojic Acid is available in market, in the form of different products and soaps. Make sure you do a sample test on a small patch of skin before you buy it.

Ice cubes to get rid of birth marks

Ice cubes help for the skin tightening and lightening, they even promotes for the reduction of birth marks on the skin. Take two or three ice cubes in a cloth and tight its open area. Rub the cloth over the birth marks area for about five to ten minutes. Repeat this process in regular manner for the best results.

Natural olive oil treatment for birth marks

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Olive oil is a perfect skin moisturizer, it helps to reduce marks and to soften the skin. In most of the processes you may find the lightening of marks, but tough to remove them. So try a simple method of massaging the affected skin with olive oil for about ten minutes daily. You will get good results with this step so buy an olive oil bottle.

Lemon lightens birth marks

With the natural bleaching properties, lemon has been finding its emphasis on many face cream products and skin care lotions. The vitamin C and bleaching properties help to lighten the skin texture and to fight with the free radical molecules which cause the aging. Apply the fresh lemon juice squeezed from a lemon on the affected area and leave it for a few minutes and then rinse off. It will help to lighten the prominence of marks.

Tomato juice best home remedy for skin lightening

Using tomato juice to the birth marks is one effective home made remedy. The anti-oxidizing quality of tomato prevents and stops the damage of skin cells, through which it removes the marks over the skin. Apply the juice from tomato on the affected area and let it sit for five to ten minutes.

Quick treatment of Vitamin E for birth marks

Vitamin E with its anti-oxidizing properties helps to combat with the free radical damage in the body. You can use vitamin E oil like orange oil to treat the birth marks. Try eating vitamin tossed food to lighten up your from internally.

Vitamins A and C for skin marks

Vitamins like A and C enriched food items sort out most of the skin marks problem. Prepare a paste from the vitamin rich food items like kiwi, oranges or apricot and apply it over the affected area. It is a simple and natural remedy to treat the birth marks.

Getting treated by cosmetic ways may incorporate with excess money and side effects, so follow the natural treatments to make them off.

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Papaya with apricot to remove birth marks

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You must take a ripe papaya and cut a portion of it. Now combine the same with same quantity of apricot. Blend them together and apply on your skin. The application should stay for 20 minutes and then removed. The enzymes from both papaya and apricot work well in making the birth marks lighter.

Ice packs best tips for damaged skin

This is one of the unique natural remedies which no one has ever thought about. The ice cubes and the cold compressed works really well in making the skin texture soft. Make the icing for 15 to 20 minutes and stay away from the damaged skin that has taken the form of birthmark.

Vitamin A to reduce birth marks

Vitamin A also works really well to remove your birth mark ideally. You can get the vitamin A capsule in pharmaceutical stores which needs to be brought. Take out the content from the vitamin A Capsule and apply with little water to the area where you have a birth mark. Vitamin A will remove the dead skin with the process of exfoliation and helps keeping away from the birth marks.

Natural ways on how to remove birth marks with aloe vera gel

Aloe Vera plant is easily available near your house which you need to find out. Take a single leaf from the plate and cut it from the middle. Take out the Aloe Vera gel and apply over the portion where you have a birth mark. Do this several times in a week to stay away from the birth mark issue. This will also make your skin soothing and fresh.