How to unclog stuffy nose when sick?

Unclogging a stuffy nose when you are sick can mean a lot and hence here are some quick ways that can help you to get rid of it. A stuffy nose not only makes it difficult to breathe but also works as a complete nuisance when you might be trying to complete your work in hurry or trying to sleep. There can be many causes of a stuffy nose. If it is due to a common infection, flu, fever or due to crying, there is actually nothing to worry about. All you have to do is to follow the right measures to get rid of it for the time and in a day or two it will go away on its own.

However, stuffy nose can also be a result of some allergy and in that case you need to ensure that the substance causing the allergy has been completely removed from your environment to make sure that your nose remains unclogged. If nose clogging is a regular problem for you then you might need to visit a specialist to ensure that there are no other underlying health problems that need to be treated. This article includes the easy and common ways to unclog a stuffy nose that commonly happens during sickness.

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The reason of a stuffy nose

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One of the most common reasons of a stuffy nose is thickening of mucous in the nasal passage. This can happen due to different reasons. The other common cause is the increase of fluid and blood in the blood vessels of the sinus, which results into swelling of the wall of the nasal passage causing congestion. The irritation of the vessels is generally caused due to infections, allergies or certain actions like crying. In most of the cases, the above two reasons work together to make things particularly worst for you.

Easy ways to unclog stuffy nose quickly

A humidifier is the quickest rescuer

Unless you have used a humidifier before to get rid of a stuffy nose you have no idea how excellently it can work to relieve you from the discomfort of a stuffy nose. A humidifier increases the amount of moisture in the air of the room which helps in diluting the mucous in the nose, making it much easier to breathe normally. Breathing in the moist air also helps in soothing the vessels that have been irritated due to an infection or allergy. It makes the nasal fluids thinner and solves out the problem of a stuffy nose quite effectively.

Steam to unclog a stuffy nose

One of the most effective and easy ways to unclog a stuffy nose is to take steam. Pour hot water in a wide mouth pan and cover a towel from over your head along with the pan. Make sure that you inhale the steam through your nose and mouth for 8-10 minutes. Once you remove your face from the steam just blow your nose and you will see all the mucous stuffing your nose coming out. Steam helps in diluting the nasal fluids and soothes the irritated vessels in the sinus, which automatically helps in clearing the stuffy nose.

A hot shower to remedy a stuffy nose

A hot shower is the other common way that you can take to clear out your stuffy nose instantly. A hot shower works in the same way by diluting the mucous in the sinus due to the hot moist air which also soothes the vessels. Take a shower in hot water but do not stay long in the water. Dry off quickly after the shower and your stuffy nose will be gone.

Hot water compress to relieve stuffy nose

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This is one of the best ways to treat a stuffy nose in children and toddlers. Steaming or a hot bath is often not appropriate for kids, but a hot water compress can be most handy for the children. Soak a thick towel in hot water and then place it over the bridge of the nose covering the whole area around the sinus. Leave it on till it is warm and then repeat. Do it 4-5 times and you will be able to blow out most of the mucous stuck in your nose. It will also reduce the problem of inflamed vessels and swelling in the area, relieving the discomfort of a stuffy nose.

Hot fluids and soups are your rescuer

When you are having a stuffy nose keeping yourself hydrated can be really helpful. A cup of hot milk or a cup of tea will not only feel great when you have an infection or allergy but will also help in clearing out the stuffy nose. A bowl of hot vegetable or chicken soup can also be helpful to clear out your stuffy nose. Even a glass of juice can help in minimizing the problem. Liquids help in diluting the thickened mucous in the sinus and thus helps in clearing a stuffy nose. So, if you are suffering from a stuffy nose, start depending on fluids more.

Saline spray for quick relief from stuffy nose

To put it simply, saline sprays are salt-water solutions that are commonly used to relieve a stuffy nose. Saline water helps in diluting the mucous and improves the fluid flow in the nasal passage. You can buy a saline spray from the medical shop, but most of the saline sprays also come with decongestants. If you want to use a saline only spray then preparing it at home is the best option.

To prepare a saline spray, boil a cup of purified water. Add 1/2 spoon of sea salt to it. Mix the two well to make sure that the salt dissolves completely in the water. You can either fill this solution in a clean and sterilized spray bottle or use a dropper. Every time you use the solution put 2-3 drops of it per nostril and make sure that you blow out as much mucous as possible before using the solution.

Use a neti pot to drain your sinus

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When you are suffering from a stuffy nose and nothing seems to really work for you, draining your sinus with a Neti pot can certainly help. It might not be a very easy task for you, particularly if you have not used it before, but once you use it you will know the benefits. A neti pot is a container that is particularly designed to help you remove the mucous from the nasal passage. Distilled or sterile water should be used in a Neti pot for draining the nasal passage. It will completely clear off your nose, giving you relief for considerable time. Cleaning your nasal passage with a neti pot once in a while, even if you do not have a stuffy nose can reduce the risk of an infection or the occurrence of stuffy nose.

Try out a decongestant

There are a number of decongestant medications and sprays that can help you to get relief from a stuffy nose. The decongestants help in soothing the irritated blood vessels in the sinus area and thus clearing a stuffy nose. However, you should never use a decongestant for more than 3 days without a prescription from a doctor. Using decongestants for longer can actually make the problem even worse.

An anti-allergic or anti-histamine drug can also help

Anti-histamine medications are often found effective in unclogging a stuffy nose. If the blood vessels in the sinus area have been inflamed due to an allergy, an anti-allergic medication can certainly help. These medicines help in reducing the inflammation in the nasal passage and thus promote easier draining of the nasal fluid. However, if you do not feel better after taking one or two anti-histamine medications it is best to not to go on gulping down more of these medications without consulting a doctor.

Use anti-snoring strips

This is a quick at hand remedy to make breathing easier when you are suffering from a stuffy nose. The anti-snoring strips available in the market help in broadening the nasal passage physically.  This naturally helps in draining the clogged mucous in the nasal passage thus making breathing much easier instantly. However, these snoring strips are best for use only when you cannot sleep due to a stuffy nose and never use these strips regularly as they are argued to be habit forming.

Breathing exercises for clearing stuffy nose

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Breathing exercises can be effective in clearing a stuffy nose and also to ensure that you do not get a stuffy nose quite often. The breathing exercises involve different types of breathing patterns that help in soothing the vessels in the nasal region thus reducing the congestion. The breathing patterns also help in better flow of the nasal fluids, which naturally helps in reliving a stuffy nose.

Yoga poses for unclogging stuffy nose

Certain yoga poses, like matsyasana or the fish pose, shashakasana or the rabbit pose can also be helpful to relieve a stuffy nose. These yoga poses help in proper draining and movement of the nasal fluids which naturally help in decongesting the nose.

[Hindi tips to unclog stuffy nose]