ACNE: Problem And Resolutions

Acne is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin, with a cluster of causes, most of which occur simultaneously. Some of the causes of acne include hyper-seborrhea, hormonal imbalance, follicular hyperkeratinization and changes in the immune mechanism of the body. Unmanaged acne may reduce the quality of life and may lead to scarring. Types On […]

Treatment guide for acne vulgaris – Guidelines for the management of acne

Introduction Acne Vulgaris is an annoying skin disorder which is very different from regular acne and pimples. It may also have psychological effects on the patient. Unlike regular acne, it is difficult to cure and accompanies pain and tenderness with it. [Acne vulgaris treatment guidelines in Hindi] What is acne vulgaris? Acne Vulgaris mainly occurs […]