Tips to avoid puffy eyes

Is the puffiness all-around your eyes adding years to your age? In the event yes, then here are a few quick fixes to really encourage fluid build-up inside tissues about the eyes. Poor and undernourished eating plan and sleep disorders are other reasons. Consequently, it’s vital undertake a nutritional diet and also have adequate level of sleep.

You should know the reason you are getting puffy eyes. The fluid often is retained in the body for different reasons. Stressed life and hormonal changes causes the sensitive eye area to get affected. Sometimes you cry a lot and get puffy eyes in the morning. The body reacts to different emotions and this often gets the blood flow down to the most sensitive area. The sockets get swollen. Tired body or strain to the eyes from constant glare of computers or television will give you puffy eyes too.

Find few things that you can avoid to keep your eyes and the areas around them fresh and soft. Cures are also easy for puffiness of eyes.

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  • Place wintry tea totes under the eyes. They will relax your stressed eyes with the anti-oxidant present in the tea leaves.
  • Application of cold organic milk together with cotton swabs generally is a great coolant at under eyes.
  • Potato juice would be the most well known remedy regarding puffy eyes.
  • Mixture of papaya and curd can also soothe and help lighten up the below eye
  • Eyes get puffy due to water retention. So if you have too much salt in dinner or else if you have cried before hitting the bed you can observe the puffiness or swelling of eyes in the morning. This will be reduced by drinking plenty of water. Drinking of water will keep you hydrated all the day. Avoid alcohol or caffeine which reduces the hydration in body.
  • Review your booze intake, as extra alcohol intake can lead to water retention. Alcohol causes the bloodstream to dilate and pump additional fluid straight into surrounding flesh. This also offers you the puffed up feeling beneath the eye.
  • Use two pillows to keep your head elevated while sleeping. Fluid accumulates beneath the eyes in case you sleep with your head down.
  • Cut the potato into slices after refrigerating for some time. Place that potato slices on your eyes by covering the puffed areas and leave it for 20 mins. You will notice a change.
  • Take chilled water in a bowl, add little drops of vitamin E oil and mix them well. Take small cotton pads and dip into the mixture and keep those on the eyes for 20 minutes. It reduces the swelling around the eyes.
  • Do some exercises like yoga, running or brisk walk which improves your blood circulation.
  • If you find puffy eyes all the day it is a good sign that you doesn’t have enough sleep or quality of the sleep is getting poor.
  • Puffy eyes may often caused by allergies. Make sure that you stay in dust free areas. Wash your linens frequently to avoid puffiness. Follow proper medication or consult doctor and get prescription.
  • Wash your face with cold water neatly. Take a fresh cucumber and cut into slices. Place the slices in a bag and freeze them. After freezing take them out and place the slices on eyes for about ten minutes.
  • Spoons are the right utensils for temporarily helping the eyes. Select a nice curved side down 5 to 6 spoons and store them in refrigerator. Just lie down and close your eyes, place one spoon on each eye. As soon as spoon get warms replace them with cold one from the fridge.
  • Make use of egg whites for getting rid from puffy eyes. Whip up 2 to 3 egg whites and apply that with brush or cloth under the eyes. After sometime the egg white get dry and starts tightening the skin around. This looks like puff pastry.
  • Light self massages to puffy eyes will give a great relief. Use your ring finger for moving in an arc shape around the eye from inside corner to outside corner. Follow doing it for 10 to 15 times. This would be great massage if you have done before hitting the bed.
  • Are you spending too much time before the computer? Then you must give at least five to ten minutes rest for every one hour. See the objects far away from you for few minutes. Splash cool water on the eyes.

Reduce the puffy eyes and become easy around the eyes

Home remedies to treat eye itchiness

  • Try to cool down the areas around the eyes.
  • You will find eye creams that can chill the under eyes.
  • Ice cubes can be placed on the eyes or you can dip some soft cloth in ice cold water to dab the eyes frequently.
  • Never rinse eyes with hot water as this can hinder the whole process.
  • Drink a lot of water throughout the day but do not drink too much water just before going to bed.
  • Many wrinkle removing creams bring extra water around the eyes to remove the wrinkles. This swollen the area around the eyes. Hence you can keep away from these creams.
  • Oil makes the area around the eyes to become swollen. Water based cosmetics can keep away puffiness.
  • Make sure to remove any trace of makeup each night. This will keep the skin of your face and the area around the eyes healthy and breathing.