Cure diabetes the natural way

With more than half the population of the world suffering from diabetes, it is sad how carelessly we take this deadly disease. Yes, diabetes can be fatal if not treated on time. It drastically affects your blood sugar levels and blood pressure and can even cause strokes and dizziness. The life of a diabetic is bound by a list of do’s and don’t s.

Now diabetes can be kept under check if you follow a proper diet and follow a proper workout regime. This guide also discusses the many natural remedies and exercises that can cure diabetes.

[Hindi tips to cure diabetes]

Following a proper diet

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As a diabetic you must aim at cutting down your calorie and carbs intake. Avoid anything that contributes to extra weight gain as it can have very dangerous consequences. With obesity and high cholesterol the risk of heart attacks and strokes increase tenfolds. Thus to lose all those extra kilos you have to follow a proper balanced diet. The golden rule is to eat small meals every two hours, eat less but frequently. Also you have to burn all the extra fat that you’ve accumulated, thus exercise is also important.

A proper workout

As mentioned earlier, exercise keeps your weight in check and is therefore a necessary. It also keeps you fit and energetic all day long. A good run in the morning is the best way to start your day. Also if you have enough time you can even join the gym. Some stretching and running on the treadmill is good for you.

You can even try yoga aasans such as pranayama to keep your pressure and sugar levels in check. Pranayama is a breathing exercise that teaches you the proper art of inhaling and exhaling properly.

Some natural remedies

Diabetes can be completely cured following these simple natural remedies and diets. Check them out-


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Being a diabetic is hard especially because you have to give up on sweets! Well that is not a problem anymore. You can always go for a healthier replacement. Yes you can use honey as a supplement instead of sugar. Also avoid those sugar free cubes and dietary supplements as they are artificial and might be harmful for the body. Honey on the other hand is completely natural and fat free. And the fact that it is wonderful for your skin and hair makes it the best choice!

Neem leaves

This is a natural remedy that most of you will frown upon. Neem leaves are great to boost your immunity and destroy the bacteria in the body. They also purify the blood and are great for treating acne and pimples. But neem has many more uses. Yes this wonderful plant can even cure diabetes! Now it is a known fact that neem tastes bitter, but if you can manage to chew a few neem leaves everyday it can cause wonders!

Whole grains such as wheat barley etc.

With the many dietary restrictions there is very limited choice for a diabetic patient. And as rice is not really allowed you can always switch over to consuming whole grain wheat or barley. Add a lot of wheat breads and grains to your diet. But go for brown bread as that is healthier and low on calories. Avoid processed food as much as possible. You can eat multi grain biscuits and nutrition bars, cereal treats though.

Some simple recipes

Dieting doesn’t mean you have to eat boring bland and boiled food every day! Follow these recipes and you can eat healthy and tasty food daily.

Broiled ginger chicken

Broiled chicken is rich in protein and the ginger adds flavor. Season it with spices and team it up with ramen rice noodles for a fulfilling midday meal.

Vegetable soup

Bored of eating the same boiled veggies every day? Well you can always consume them as soup! A hot piping bowl of vegetables with roasted tomatoes for that roasted flavor is perfect for the evening hunger pangs!

Banana smoothie

Fat free and low on calories, banana smoothie is a healthy and tasty breakfast choice. For extra flavour you can also add some strawberries into the blender! Kickstart your day with this quick and simple smoothie!

[Hindi tips to cure diabetes]