Home remedies for treatment of the yellow teeth

Teeth are one of the important parts of your body without which you will look terrifying. If you have seen your grandparents without the pairs of artificial teeth, you must be having some idea. If you don’t want to lose your teeth at a very early stage, carrying your teeth on a regular basis will be important. If you don’t brush your tooth on a regular basis, getting yellowish tinge after few weeks will be quite easy.

Today, most of the ladies are very cautious about their tooth as when they smile with yellow teeth, it gives a negative impact over them with regards to their looks and beauty. Thus, you must need some remedy for your yellow eyes. Even when you are facing your friends are relatives, the yellow teeth will be a sign of shame to you. If you are not convinced to visit a dentist, it is the time to avail some home remedies.

Having yellow teeth is a shameful affair especially when you are out and face the mass. Showing a dentist is an important consideration especially when you have problem with teeth. Regular brushing teeth in a frequent basis are again important in this connection. People have found out variety of home remedies that will help you get away from the problem of yellow teeth.

Just few ingredients already present at your home can help you stay away from the problem of yellow teeth. This article will speak about such remedies so that you can stay healthy in a natural way.

A smiling face always get a huge number of likes and off course big number of shares too!!!! A pleasant and neat smiling face has the charm of happiness and purity, Smile is having great importance in many aspects since many long years, in this teeth plays a hilarious role, despite of having good smile and teeth in yellow won’t allow you to accomplish the big deals.

Teeth may become yellow due to various reasons such as age, hereditary factors, improper dental hygiene, excessive consumption of tea and coffee, tobacco and cigarette.Often people go for professional treatment to remove the yellow tinge from their teeth but such dental treatments need time as well money. To hedge over the smelling and yellowish problems of teeth, you can try some natural remedies.

Home remedies for yellow teeth

Whitening strips

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Whitening strips are easily online available product in several ranges. It comes with the thin layer of peroxide gel in the plastic strips that get fit onto the surface of your teeth. You can apply it two times in a day for half an hour every time. These whitening stripes can help you to get one or two shades lighten teeth.

Toothpaste and powdered milk

If you want to get a stunning smile with pearly white teeth then here is an easy remedy for you to get white teeth for the beautiful smile. You will need usual toothpaste, toothbrush, and milk powder for preparing this remedy. Take your toothbrush with a common amount of toothpaste on it now add a little quantity of milk powder on it. Brush with the same method two times in a week for the best results.


Very few people know that pineapple contains bromelain and the same content is found in toothpaste. A study has proven that pineapple has the significant effects that help to remove the tooth stains. Eating pineapple allow you intake bromalain that can be helpful to get white teeth.


Neem is an ancient remedy that can treat several issues including yellow teeth and if you want white teeth then using neem will be a great idea. Neem has antiseptic properties and astringent that will help you to keep your teeth white and healthy. There is another benefits of using neem is getting rid of bad breath. Chewing neem twigs as toothbrush can be a great remedy to deal with teeth problems and discoloration. You can also use neem oil by adding in your daily toothpaste before brushing to get the best result. Make sure; you are equally paying attention to your oral hygiene for the better result.

Baking soda

With the usage of baking powder we can prepare a simple whitening mouth wash that pops out the yellowish of the teeth. Take one tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with the half cup of cold water. Now use it as a mouth wash to rinse the mouth for two to three times a day for the better results.


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Strawberries comprises of good amount of antioxidants and vitamin C, that helps in making the teeth whiter. To remove out the yellow tinge grind three strawberries and rub them on the teeth for a minute, do it three times a day in a week to find the white teeth.


Take the juice of the lemon and add a pinch salt to it and use it on the teeth for the bright teeth. You can also make use of lemon peel instead of lemon juice. Rub the lemon peel on the teeth and gargle with water. As lemon contained with bleaching property it drives the good results.


The crunchy fruit apple gives the white teeth from with in, while eating the apple chew it properly so it gives the acidic nature of it to the teeth and helps in the decrease of the yellowish of teeth, the rich fiber present in the apple also concerns the same. Add your diet with the apples each day for proven results.


Salt is one product where we find it in very easy in the kitchen. Its anti bacterial properties fights with the bacteria that stored in the corners of the teeth and brings a white shining teeth set. Along to the above it re- adds the mineral content of the teeth that has been lost prior.

While using salt take an extra care because salt may cause damage the gums and enamel if used roughly.


To your daily using tooth paste add some amount of charcoal powder and wash the teeth gently. Do it two times a day and get the glittering results.

Orange peel

Use orange peel to make your teeth white, rub the teeth with orange peel before going to bed and leave it without washing for the whole night. The vitamin C present in the orange fights with the germs and microorganisms and cleans the teeth. It also helps to make the teeth stronger and whiter.

Hydrogen peroxide

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Hydrogen peroxide contains bleaching agents and helps a lot in come out from the yellow teeth problem. If you are picking up a mouth wash make sure it contains of hydrogen peroxide to reduce the yellowish color formed on the teeth. Don’t swallow it while gargling it.

Holy basil

Since we are aware that this natural herb is used in many of the Indian house for worship, it also have variety of medicinal value. It is very surprising to learn that even the leaves of holy basil has its teeth whitening property and other teeth and mouth related problems.  In order to stay away from yellow teeth pick some basil leaves and keep it under sun for few hours. Once the leaves become dry, pour it in grinder to make powder. Now mix it with your toothpaste and go ahead with brushing.  You can also combine the dried leaves of holy basil with mustard oil and slowly massage your teeth.

Neem/ Indian lilac

In ancient days when there were no tooth paste and tooth brush at all, people used to break thin stems of Neem and go ahead with brushing of teeth. This has astringent as well as antiseptic property which will make your teeth white and also remove bad breath. You can also get a branch from the tree in your garden and chew it and rub against your teeth. It might have a bitter taste but will be really effective in whitening your teeth without side effects.


Another wonderful home remedy of yellow teeth is none other than a charcoal. You can make some charcoal powder and with the solid charcoal and apply it on your teeth slowly massaging your teeth to make it look very attractive. You can mix the charcoal powder with your regular tooth paste and brush your teeth to get teeth whitening effect. You can easily get sparkling white teeth if you can do this twice in a day.

Banana peel

We all have come to know that banana is rich in nutrients. Thus, you can also get some benefits contents in the banana peels. It is generally kept among the waste product but ideally it has all type of effective minerals such as potassium, magnesium and manganese. These are very effective minerals that can transform your yellow teeth to white and sparkling. Take small portion of banana peel and rub the white portion over your teeth for around 2-3 minutes. After rubbing, leave it for 15 minutes and brush your teeth with a normal tooth paste.  You need to do this for 2-3 weeks to get benefit.


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Raisins are very well used at many Indian kitchens while preparing some sweet dishes. All you have to do is use some of it for making your yellow teeth white in color. You can chew resins whenever you are free or within your work schedule as these increases the production of saliva inside your mouth which will scrap off plaque completely. Thus, getting white teeth is also easy.

Citrus fruits

As we all know that citrus fruit has a wonderful bleaching property, it will be really effective in turning your yellow teeth white in color. Some of the popular citrus fruits include orange, lemon, pineapple etc. You can cut a portion of citrus fruit and slowly rub it against your teeth. Alternatively you can also chew the citrus fruit and get the wonderful teeth whitening effect without an chemical and cosmetic effects. Get some citrus fruit today and get teeth.


This is a natural herb that helps people to stay away from bad breath and yellow teeth. Even if you don’t use the tooth paste, brushing with margosa stick can help you getting a beautiful tooth which is white in color. This herb is used in many cosmetic industries to make soaps and creams in order to ensure antiseptic properties in products.

Oil pulling

Oil pulling is another natural way to keep your teeth in a healthy condition. This remedy has been found out and mentioned by your grandmother and grandfather. But some of us might have ignored it simply. But this can absolutely give you pearly white teeth.  Along with getting white teeth this helps in removing bacteria, gingivitis and plaques.

Milk and yogurt

Your teeth would actually require calcium and phosphorous for its health. Now the combination of milk and yogurt will work really well in treating the problem of yellow teeth. This also helps re-mineralization of your tooth enamel. You can also get the tooth that is cavity free and with sparkling image.

Banyan roots

You can also use the roots of Banyan tree for treating your tooth problems. This will easily provide you with dazzling and white teeth in a natural way. You can easily use it as a disposable tooth brush. Just take the roots, brush your teeth and then throw it away. The astringent property of these roots are effective in providing a clear and white tooth.