Cancer types, signs and symptoms

The leading cause of death in humans right after heart failure is Cancer. Although, in modern times cancer can be cured by the advancement of technology and science. There are a few things that you should know about this deadly disease. Why is it that you should know about it? Because if diagnosed in the primary stage it can be easily cured. People often ignore the early signs of cancer which leads to devastating effects in the future. So, it is better to learn rather than being ignorant about something that can wreck your whole life apart.

[Cancer types, signs & symptoms in Hindi]

The symptoms of Cancer

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You should know that the causes of Cancer has no particular symptoms. That is why people should go for tests and put a restraint on the causes of Cancer. Those who drink, smoke or are exposed to the sun have a high chance of acquiring cancer. They should always be in touch of a physician who can examine the early signs. To detect the signs you have to know about it.

Signs and Types of cancers

Colon cancer

A change in the habits of your bowel movement. This change is always associated with the change in your consumption of fluids and food intake. Mostly, a patient suffering from colon cancer exhibits the same symptoms as that of diarrhea. You will feel the urge to visit the bathroom to empty your bowels right after they visited the bathroom for the same reason. If you see this happening for more than a couple of days, it is time to pay a visit to your doctor. If you can’t explain the reason for the massive change in bowel movements then it can be colon cancer that you are dealing with.

Testicular cancer

As many as eight out of ten men who have testicular cancer feel absolutely no pain. It is mostly a lump that develops on the testicle. Men who have testicular cancer face the problem of a testicle that is enlarged. Other signs of testicular cancer can be swollen veins, infections, lumps and other changes occurring in the testicles. That is why men have been advised to take care of their testicles and look for lumps every month. Any form of problem should be reported to the doctor.

Passage of blood in the urine

Secretion of blood with urine or Hematuria is caused due to stones in the kidney, infection in the urinary tract or some other factor. It can also be an early sign of cancer in the kidneys or bladder of a person. That is why if you witness blood in your urine, report it to a doctor for early examination today.

Throat cancer

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More than often you feel hoarseness in your throat, which can be due to several reason including the flu. But, when the problem continues even after a few weeks it is a sign of worry. You need to get a check-up done and that too immediately. Vocal cord polyps of allergies can cause hoarseness. But, sometimes it can be the very first sign of throat cancer.

Swollen glands or lumps

Lumps are nothing but the representation of a benign cyst. You should get a doctor’s opinion on a lump that has been bothering you for sometime or a lump that arrived out of nowhere. Lumps can also be a sign of cancer. More than often the swelling caused in the lymph nodes are a sign of infection. It might take some time to shrink back to normal size. When it has been more than three weeks, and the size of the lump remains the same. Get it checked by a doctor.

Changes in moles or warts

Moles that are of different colours or the ones that irregular shapes and edges should be checked. If your mole has ever bled or continues to bleed it might be another sign to get it checked. When you see the size of your increasing it is time for a doctor. This can be a sign of skin cancer and if it is a simple mole, then the doctor shall take the necessary steps to remove it.

The signs are always there. It is us who has to observe them and take the needed steps. Do what is needed before it is late.

Cancer prevention tips

These are some tips to help prevent and reduce the risks for cancer.

Quit tobacco

Tobacco can increase the risk of cancer. Smoking has been linked to different types of cancer like that of the lungs, throat, mouth, larynx, bladder, kidney, pancreas and cervix. Chewing tobacco can cause cancer of the pancreas and oral cavity. Second hand smoke can also put you at a higher risk for lung cancer.

Eating a healthy diet

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Including fresh fruits and vegetables, a leaner and lighter diet with limited processed meat can help reduce the risk of cancer. Eating a diet rich in olive oil and mixed nuts can also help reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Staying active

Maintaining a healthy level of physical activity and staying at a healthy weight can help lower risks of cancer of the prostate, breast, colon, lung and kidneys. Include at least 30 minutes of physical activity if not more in your daily routine for best results.

Limiting sun exposure

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. Try to limit direct sun exposure and stay in the shade as much as possible. Cover up the exposed areas and use sunscreen. Avoid tanning beds and sunlamps.


Cancer preventive measures include protection from a number of viral infections. Ensure that you are immunized against hepatitis B and HPV which can both increase the risks of cancer.

Avoid high-risk behaviors

Some infections can increase the risk of getting cancer and the way to prevent these is to avoid certain risky behavioral patterns. Practicing safe sex with condoms and limiting the number of sexual partners can help limit the likelihood of contracting sexually transmitted infections like HPV or HIV which are linked to a host of different types of cancers.

Regular health check-ups

Getting regular screenings and self-exams for common cancer types like colon, skin, breast and cervical cancer can increase chances of early detection and successful treatment.

[Cancer types, signs & symptoms in Hindi]