All natural remedy for high blood pressure

Our body is a complex machine. This machine is hard to understand sometimes. Each and every function of our body is performed by different parts and organs. As we are going to talk about high blood pressure today. Let us first know about blood pressure.

There are two types of blood carriers on our body. Arteries and veins. Veins carry blood from organs and body parts to the heart. Arteries are the blood vessels that carry the blood from the heart to the body parts. The blood pressure is the measure of the flow of blood through arteries. The blood pressure is denoted by two numbers. The systolic blood pressure is the measure when the heart contracts and the systolic blood pressure is the measure when the heart relaxes.

The normal blood pressure of a human body is around 120/80. The blood pressure above 140/90 is called high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a very dangerous health problem and can be fatal at higher stages. There are many factors that can cause high blood pressure in human body.

[High blood pressure remedies in Hindi]

Various causes for high blood pressure are given below:

Tips to prevent high blood pressure

  1. High salt intake can also result in high BP.
  2. High BP is also hereditary and if the person has a medical history of BP in his family then the risks increases.
  3. The risk of high BP increases if the person has small arteries as compared to a normal person.
  4. Stress can also be a reason for increased BP.
  5. Bad habits like smoking and drinking is also a cause to increased BP

These were some of the basic reasons that can cause high BP. High BP can be a problem that can surface anytime. The lack of knowledge of this disease in the people is also a big concern. The problem of high BP can be treated at home. There are various remedies that can be applied at home to cure and curb this disease.

Here are some natural remedies for high blood pressure:

Lose extra weight

The extra weight and fat in your body can also be a reason to increased blood pressure. Weight more than BMI can be a cause that can result into the abnormal working of heart and arteries. Obesity can also result in inflammation of the arteries and this can cause an abnormal blood flow. The extra fat can clog arteries and this can be dangerous to health. Therefore, it is advised to get rid of the extra weight and fat of the body. Moreover, fat can make things worse as it can make you prone to diabetes.

Regular exercise

One of the best ways to keep the extra fat and weight away from your body is regular exercise. having a regular exercise plan is a good thing as it keeps your immune system in good shape. You can start with 30 minutes of daily exercise. it keeps your heart in good shape and reduces the risk of blood pressure. If you are a patient of high blood pressure already then regular exercise can reduce the blood pressure by 4-9 mm of mercury. If stopped exercising it can also increase the risk. Also exercising can reduce the risk of getting high BP.

Healthy diet plan

With regular exercise, a healthy diet plan is also necessary. A healthy diet contains a balanced amount of nutrients, minerals, proteins, carbs etc. and junk food should be avoided in all cases to keep high BP at bay.  You can check the nutritional value of the food items you bring and make diet plan according to your need. A good diet plan also keeps you safe from another disease also.

Less sodium

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One of the main reasons of high blood pressure is the high intake of sodium in your food items. Common salt is a very high source of sodium. So it is advised to the patients suffering from high blood pressure that they curb the use of salt in their food items.

Even a small reduction of salt from your food items can decrease the risk of high blood pressure.


In the case of blood pressure, alcohol has two sides one is bright and the other is dark. It can regulate your blood pressure to normal and also can increase blood pressure. When alcohol is taken in normal amount then it can lower your blood pressure by 2-4 mm of mercury. But if drinking is a habit and could not be controlled then it becomes a problem and can increase the blood pressure and can make it serious.

Smoking is injurious to health

Smoking is injurious to health. It a cause cancer of various types. Moreover, it pollutes the environment. Not only the smoker but the person next to him is affected by him. While smoking your blood pressure is at peak and is increased for that time. If it is a habit, then it can make the problem of high blood pressure permanent.


Another factor that is important for the patients of high blood pressure is that it is also controlled by the brain mood also. if you are feeling stressed then it can be very harmful to you. A happy life and healthy life style is the key to remain away from many diseases which include high blood pressure also. so stay away from the tensions in life and live life to full.

Regular check up

Another key point to remain aware is to get regular full body check-ups from your doctors. The regular check-ups help you to know about your body and the current state of nutrients and minerals of your body.

Even if high blood pressure does not seem so dangerous to the human body but sometimes it can be fatal and can create very serious problems to the affected.  The key to remaining away from the problem is considering basic options like keeping mind calm, having a healthy diet plan and regular exercise. by these steps, a normal person can lead a healthy life.

Hope this article helps you.

[High blood pressure remedies in Hindi]