All you need to know about Tribulus Terrestris herb

There are many supplements that are available in the market to help the people suffering from sexual disorders. Out of these herbal supplements are the best. Many of us have heard about the Tribulus Terrestris herb. This herb is mostly used in the supplements made for treating sexual disorders. So here we are going to talk about the Tribulus Terrestris, its benefits and its usage.

As we start our teenage, we start experiencing changes in our body. This is true for both females and males. Females start developing at an early age than men and complete their body transformation early. Normally men start developing at an age of 12-13 and complete at an age of 18-20. As we develop the libido also increases. We want so much in our life like money, a good life, a good job etc. apart from these one thing that each male want is to fulfil the woman’s fantasies in the bed. Women also like the men more who are good in bed. And also no man wants to be embarrassed in front of a woman in the bedroom. Some man struggles to keep up with the woman and hence start taking pills like Viagra, Cialis etc. which enhance their capacities.

There are various herbal supplements available in the market that increase the sex capacity of men. one of these is Tribulus Terrestris. This herb is most commonly used in the supplements for sexual disorders.

What is Tribulus Terrestris?

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First mentions of Tribulus Terrestris were found in the ancient Chinese and Indian medical sciences. It has been in use in the ancient Ayurveda for a long time. Tribulus Terrestris is a flowery plant and covered in small spines. It is also known as puncture vine. It is natively found in the regions of South Asia, Africa, Australia etc. warm countries.

In ancient times it was used to treat impotency, eye diseases, loss of appetite and blood pressure problems. Athletes also claimed that Tribulus gave them an energy boost and helped them to improve performance.

What makes Tribulus Terrestris so special?

The flowers and leaves of the plant are used to make the medicine. Many types of research were conducted and many libidos enhancing components were found in the plant. The components consisted of furostanol, spirostane, protodioscin, dioscin, tribulosin, protodioscin etc. these chemicals helped the human body in many ways like protodioscin helped to improve the muscle growth and repair. Vitamin C was also found in abundance. This makes the plant Tribulus Terrestris special because it has so many useful chemical compounds in it.

Uses of Tribulus Terrestris

Muscle building

A research was conducted to find the effects of Tribulus on the body muscle and it showed some positive results. The men who took Tribulus Terrestris gained more lean muscle mass regardless of age. it took some time to show the effects but the growth was very improved as compared to the people who did not take Tribulus. The study was conducted for a time period of 5 weeks.

But many manufacturers claim that it can start working within 5 days. Beware of this kind of products because it takes time to show effects.

Libido boost

Libido is the overall factor that makes us take interest in the sexual activity. Many men and women take less interest in sex and this can be a problem for your partner. Low sex drive or desire can bring problems to your life. Tribulus Terrestris improves the sexual drive and increases the libido. Men with low sperm count are also benefitted with the continuous use of Tribulus Terrestris.

Testosterone levels

Testosterone levels define the sexual growth of a male. And if its deficiency is caused at an early age then it can bring many problems in the future. Low levels of testosterone also mean low energy level in the males. Tribulus works like a magic for these patients and helps them by increasing the hormone levels. It produces the chemicals that make brain produce more testosterone producing hormones.

Erectile dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction is a big problem that many men face in their life. This can happen to anyone. it can also happen due to some mistakes did during the teenage. But Tribulus Terrestris show positive results in the case of patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. Tribulus Terrestris increases the blood flow rate into the penis and makes it stay erect for a longer time.

Loss of appetite

Now Tribulus has been in use for the treatment of loss of hunger for a long time. It increases the rate of digestion of food. This results in more production of energy and the user feel hungry more often than normal. If combined with good diet plan and exercise. The user can build a sound and healthy body.

Blood pressure

Tribulus Terrestris regulates the blood flow not only to the penis but also in the nervous system. It calms down the brain and controls the blood pressure. Apart from that it also regulated the cholesterol levels of our body.

These were some uses of Tribulus Terrestris to our body. but every coin has two sides. Tribulus is natural herb but this does not mean that it does not have any side effects. Side effects are less as compared to the chemical supplements.

Side effects of Tribulus Terrestris

Sleeping disorders

With continuous usage, it can lead to minor sleeping disorders. It can lead to the difficulty in sleeping.

Mood swings

If Tribulus take in large amount, then it can lead the mood swings very frequently.

Muscle coordination

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It can also lead to muscle coordination disturbances if it takes in large amounts. This can also lead to increased breast size in females and sometimes man boobs in the males only if took in large doses.

During pregnancy

It is better to stay away from Tribulus if you or your partner is pregnant. It can lead to various problems during the foetal development.

These side effects only show up if it takes in large amounts and also best results are observed when took in supplements. the leaves from the plant should not be eaten as it can lead to lung damage.

Usage of Tribulus Terrestris

The experts say that Tribulus Terrestris should be taken in low amounts. 200 – 300 mg of the Tribulus Terrestris is a safe intake value with a 60% saponin extracts. you can also divide this intake into 3 parts per day. But you should not take more than 300 mg per day in any case.

Also even if it is a natural herb. The user should always consult his doctor before starting to take Tribulus Terrestris tablets.

One should take a good care while buying these tablets because there are many frauds that sell their false products. Only authentic Tribulus Terrestris should be bought and used.