Surprising health benefits of fasting

Fasting is on the practice since ancient times as a spiritual obligation. But the amazing health benefits are known by only few people. So, let us see what are the benefits when we are away from taking food for a limited period – fasting.

[Health benefits of fasting in Hindi]

Health benefits of fasting

Increases feelings of satiety

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The fatty tissues in the body acts as an endocrinal organ and produce a number of hormones. Leptin, a hormone has a direct relation to how full you feel after a meal. Fasting and other types of weight loss programs can drastically affect the levels of hunger and the level of post-meal satisfaction you experience. While fasting, the levels of leptin drops initially but with consecutive weight loss, the leptin resistance is decreased, which increases your responsiveness to how full you are.

Increases levels of insulin sensitivity

If you are suffering from insulin resistance, fasting can be an excellent way to prompt the body to secrete lower levels of insulin due to the lack of a steady source of sugar. Lower levels of insulin can help increase the sensitivity to the hormone. Since excessive fat storages have been linked to the development of insulin resistance, fasting, when coupled with other practices to lose weight, can help reduce the stores by starving them.

Enhances cardiovascular health

Fasting’s primary benefits, especially for people with metabolic syndrome and related health concerns is the high levels of cardiovascular benefits it offers. Fasting can improve the cardiovascular functionality, blood pressure and composition. People who suffer from type 2 diabetes or high levels of cholesterol can benefit from fasting to address some of the health concerns.

Reduces inflammation

Unhealthy diets can be a source of free radicals and inflammation in the body. Foods like alcohol, dairy, refined sugar, fried and charred food and refined carbs can lead to free radicals like hydrogen peroxide and superoxides. Metabolic reactions can also generate free radicals which cause inflammation in the body. Fasting can help balance the free radicals rapidly to combat inflammation. It also helps balance hormones in the body which can help further decrease inflammation and oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

Promotes detoxification

Fasting promotes detoxification by burning the fat in the body. Fat is an area where the toxins stored, when we eat the processed food items they tend to release additives and will be stored at fat. So, fasting helps to flush the toxins in our body. Here in this process liver, kidneys and other organs participate well to remove the toxins.

Gives rest to digestive system

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When we do fasting our digestive system takes rest. How ever the general digestive secreting wouldn’t be stopped but it moves in slow rates. This mechanism regulates the fluids in the body and there will be steady rate of food breakage.

People who are having peptic ulcer are suggested to not follow fasting because fasting however don’t stop the acids production in the stomach. Some experts believe they should not fast.

Boosts immunity

Taking the balanced diet in between the fasts leads to the boost up of immunity. When you are going to break the fast, try to break it with fruits, it help’s the body to gain more vitamins and minerals. Immunity boosting antioxidants like vitamin A and E are readily available in fruits. Flushing out of toxins and reduction of fat store also helps our body.

Increases fat breakdown

Fasting promotes breakdown of fats in the body. The process involves with the breakdown of stored glucose followed with break down of fats to release energy. So, fats stored at kidneys and muscles will be break down to release energy.

Helps to reduce weight

When a person is dong fasting often, then he/she reduces the weight. This condition applicable to people who are doing in a frequent manner but not for the one who is intermittent. Most of the people eat much food when compared to their usual meal when they skip a meal. How ever, it does not restores the lost calories.

Resolves inflammatory response

Fasting helps a lot in resolving the inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and skin diseases like psoriasis. Experts believe that fasting can heal the ulcerative colitis which is an inflammatory bowel disease.

Lowers blood sugar levels

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In the process of fasting, there will be breakage of glucose,  by which our body gets the energy.  The helping agent for the breakage is glucagon. Fasting helps the pancreas to take rest by the lower production of insulin. So, the out come of a fasting is reduction in the blood sugar levels.

Corrects high blood pressure

For correcting high blood pressure, fasting is an amazing method. Atherosclerosisis occurs due to the storage of fats in the arteries, during the fasting glucose and other fat stores are used to produces energy. Hence it helps to reduce the risk of artherosclerosis.

Fasting helps to reduce the hormones such as  adrenaline and noradrenaline, by which the metabolic rate will stays with in limits.

[Health benefits of fasting in Hindi]