What are water chestnuts and it’s benefits

Water chestnuts or the most commonly known Singhara is a native vegetable of China. Grown in the muddy and mushy areas, these tiny vegetables are eaten raw as fruits or even cooked to make a variety of dishes.

Water chestnuts appeal mostly because of its high-water content, crunchy and mild sweetness. However, not all are aware that water chestnut is also rich in potassium, Vitamin B6 and an array of vitamins and minerals which provide for a lot of health benefits.

With the oncoming of winters in Asia, the market gets flooded with this vegetable, and hence it is important you know the health benefits of water chestnuts right now!

Health benefits of eating water chestnuts

Controls diarrhea

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Water Chestnuts are cool for the stomach and provides for an immediate relief to diarrhea. As it is rich in water content, light on the stomach and is easily digested, it helps in giving a soothe to the stomach while curing a lot of stomach related issues like dysentery, digestion, loose motions etc.

Removes toxins

It is a natural detox for all of us. The minerals present in water chestnuts provide for an excellent elimination of toxins from the body. It helps in purifying the blood, removing the dirt and keeping the body healthy. One can eat it raw in the form of fruits or make a juice out of the fresh water chestnuts – it tastes excellent and provides body cleansing.

Fights urine infections

Water chestnuts are rich in flavonoids and polyphenols. The presence of these antioxidants makes water chestnuts anti-bacterial and anti-viral. As a result, when one consumes water chestnuts the body is better able to combat the infections and cure them. Therefore, it works best for the urine infections and vaginal infections. Being a natural remedy for the body infections – it aids healthy diet too.

Cures thyroid problems

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Water chestnuts are rich in manganese and iodine. The presence of these minerals makes the vegetable and excellent aid to fight with thyroid. Regular consumption of water chestnuts helps in the proper maintenance of the thyroid glands. People suffering from thyroid ailment particularly benefit from the consumption of water chestnuts.

Helps in weight loss

Water chestnuts are light on the stomach. They are very low in calories and contain only a fragment of fat. Therefore, even if a person consumes a big bowl of water chestnuts it falls well within the range of calorie count and fat proportion. A bowl of water chestnut contains about 97 calories and 0.1-gram fat only. As it fills up the stomach and keeps one fuller for longer, it is a suitable option to lose weight.

Improves skin

Water chestnut is a natural anti-oxidant and thus provides for a variety of benefits for the skin. Being anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and rich in flavonoids, it is an excellent vegetable to binge on for a smoother and flawless skin. Even using it as an ingredient for the face packs and massage creams works as a good source to make skin look flawless!

Relives cough

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Though water chestnuts are a cooling vegetable, it does benefit in curing the cough and phlegm issues. It is an ayurvedic remedy for curing cough problems and also works as an instant aid to cure the dry coughing. You can eat them raw or just mix the water chestnut powder with a little of honey and eat it to cure your cough.

Fetal growth

Water chestnuts are great for pregnant women. They aid in proper fetal growth while keeping the baby stronger. These are best for treating miscarriage issues, promotion of mammary gland for the secretion of milk and stops bleeding too.

Promotes good appetite

Water chestnuts are great for aiding a good appetite in children and adults. When the kids or adults have stomach issues or in general face difficulty in eating even the normal portion of food, the consumption of water chestnuts can help bring their appetite back.

Water Chestnuts are rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals. They work excellently in curing stomach and skin problems and taking the best care of your health. Consumption of these vegetables during their season can aid better health and lifestyle!