6 amazing foods for eye health

Most of us are not too serious about taking good care of our eyes and the reason for this has been a good eyesight. Just because you have a good eyesight doesn’t necessarily justifies the fact that your eyes will remain healthy forever. Just like our body goes through stages of illness and nice health, our eyes too and good eye health begins with good food. Eye is the most sensitive and delicate organ of the human body so, one should not take it too lightly or for granted. It is not a tough task to maintain your eye health especially when you can do so by just eating the right food.

Top foods for eye health

Here are top six food items that are known for keeping the eyes healthy:-


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Among all the citrus fruit that contain Vitamin C, Oranges have been the best for eye health. It is known for keeping the blood vessels of the eye healthy which reduces the chances of cataracts. Oranges are nutritional fruit filled with other vitamins and one should include them in their meals daily. You can also drink freshly brewed orange juice too but not the ones available in stores.


Another food item which is primarily believed to be a super food for good eye health is Kale. It is an epitome of all the vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals which prevent all kinds of serious implications to the eyes. Lutein and Zeaxanthin are two important antioxidants which prevent eye conditions that majorly occur in old age like Cataracts and both of these are not available inside the human body so, they need to be incorporated. Kale consists both of these and having 100 grams of it daily either in the form of salad, snacks or with other sauté vegetables will bring good health to your eyes.

Dairy products

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Dairy products are as helpful for the eyes as they are for the other body parts. Milk and Yogurt are two best dairy products for the eyes as they prevent cataracts as well as helps through proper night vision. They contain Vitamin A and Zinc wherein Vitamin A helps in protecting the cornea whereas Zinc helps to bring the Vitamin from the liver to the eyes. Not only that Zinc’s presence is really important for the vascular tissues of the eye. Drinking at least a glass of cow milk and a cup of yogurt as breakfast or during snack time should be consumed at least once in day daily.

Chia seeds

If you wish to make your body more nutritious than it already is, or If there is a need to boost the nutrient content of the body then include Chia Seeds to your help. These are a rich source of fiber, Omega 3, Calcium and antioxidants which can no way get any bad for eye health. So, don’t forget to include some chia seeds in your diet. You can add them to smoothies, juices, oatmeal for breakfast.


Corns are another food items that contains Lutein and Zeaxanthin other than Kale. We know how beneficial it is to include these two antioxidants in the diet if it is about the eye health. Corns are delicious only when it is served or cooked keeping in mind their tasty side. You can always add it to the vegetables, soups, noodles or anything. You can cook it and have it by adding some extra herbs to make it tastier, it increases the amount of antioxidants.


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Consuming meat in the form of Beef is a great source of Zinc helps the body to absorb more of Vitamin A mineral so that the eye remains safe against development of Cataracts and macular degeneration related to advanced age. Also, Turkey is loaded with Zinc and Vitamin B to protect the eye from future problems related to sight. The best part of having Beef or Turkey is that you can have them as sausages in Hot Dog, Burgers, Tacos and Sandwiches. You can even cook it well for a delicious meal and in that way, you keep your eyes healthy too.

Apart from all of these, one should always take good care of the eyes giving them the desired rest.