Amazing health benefits of eating tiger nuts

Tiger nut is the domestic plant originally cultivated in Mediterranean region. There are three different varieties of tiger nuts such as yellow, black and brown color. Tiger nut is edible nut with delicious taste and Tiger nut is rich in fiber, it is very healthy and activates blood circulation properly. Tiger nut is the primary source for vitamins, mineral and nutrients. Tiger nuts contain proteins and carbohydrates that balance the nervous system.

[Health benefits of eating tiger nuts in Hindi]

Tiger nuts provides digestive enzymes like catalase, lipase. Tiger nuts contain the anti-nutrients such as tannins and polyphenols. We can store the nuts for quarter months by drying the nuts under sun. Mostly in North Africa and Spain people daily consume the tiger nuts. Tiger nut milk contains more amount of carbohydrates, magnesium and iron when compared with the other domestic animals like cow, buffalo.

Health benefits

Raw foods to boost your health

  • Tiger nut milk contains vitamin E essential for the fertility for both men and women.
  • Tiger nut milk is useful for weight loss, diabetes.
  • Tiger nuts helps to overcome from the problems like indigestion, diarrhea
  • Tiger nut oils have anti-oxidants to prevent diseases.
  • Tiger oil is similar to the cotton seed oil, Soya bean, olive oil. In particular tiger oil has similar health benefits like olive oil.
  •  Tiger nuts have lot of minerals and more calcium for strengthening the bones.
  • Tiger nut prevents menstrual problems of women

[Health benefits of eating tiger nuts in Hindi]