Home remedies to relieve from morning sickness

Morning sickness is extremely disturbing and t makes you feel so uneasy. Being an expected mother is a joyful feeling in life. However, the associated conditions are not always the same. Among the discomforts you have morning sickness and you start the day so uncomfortably. You get up in the morning feeling so sick and uncomfortable and the rest of the day tends to get spent in the same way. You just cannot be normal and you have that feeling of nausea foe the entire day. Now, there are several ways which can help stop that uneasy feel and in the way you are sure to feel so normal in the process.

Morning sickness is a most common problem in the pregnancy women. It nearly affects 65% of the women. Some women doesn’t face any symptoms while few feel ill in the morning and recover by lunch. And some of the women feel the sickness till the day end. Medication provides relief from most of the symptoms and there are many natural home remedies to soothe the problem.

Herbal tea

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Drinking a cup of ginger can ease the symptoms of morning sickness. Ginger soothes the stomach and promotes betterment. This herb help to get relief when ever you feel like queasy.

Alternatively try drinking the tea from other herbs. You can prefer chamomile, peppermint and lemon balm. An individual with heartburn need to stay away from the peppermint.

Divide your meals

Rather than having three  big meals in a day, it is good to divide the meals into small portions. Separate into five or six meals and enjoy them. Because in some of the cases, hunger pangs may bring nausea ( It is due to the emptiness in the stomach and when there is nothing to digest by the stomach acids).

Avoid sudden moves

Don’t move suddenly from one posture to the another, which you do when waking up from the bed.

Complex carbohydrates

Food with complex carbohydrates are a good choice. Go with potatoes, bread, starchy food and etc to ease the digestion.

Plenty of water

Drink water for every hour in a day. Though in the mid night sleep, if you wake-up for due to any reason have a glass of water. Increasing the water quantity in the body makes us hydrated. When the urine is clear, it means you are having enough water in the body.

How ever, don’t prefer to drink water while you are eating. Drink water between the meals otherwise it leads to the bulkiness in the stomach.

Red raspberry leaf tea

One another good remedy to treat the morning sickness is drinking a cup of red raspberry leaf tea. This herb is believed to ease the symptoms of morning sickness along with relaxing the muscles of uterus. As because some studies are inconclusive meet your doctor before going to use it.

Fennel seeds

When ever you feel like queasy chew few fennel seeds, it will ease the condition.

Vitamin B6

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Some studies proved that taking 25 milligrams of vitamin B6 for three times in a day had reduced symptoms like vomiting and nausea. But getting a suggestion from your gynecologist is necessary before you take any supplement.

Don’t sniff

If you find any deodorant or perfume is giving a feel of nausea then keep it away. Try to sniff a slice of lemon to get some relief or you can drink the water added with lemon juice.

Don’t eat

Consumption of foods that are tossed with heavy amounts of spices, fatty foods or fried foods will increase the condition of nausea so, don’t prefer to add to your diet.

Ginger is good for nausea

Spices are well available at home. You can open the cupboard and find some ginger. You need to crush the ginger well to release the juice. Then it is time that you prepare a ginger ale at the room temperature and drink the same to overcome the condition. Ginger makes you feel less uncomfortable and now you can feel fine for the rest of the day. This is a great way you can settle with your stomach. If you have the feel of nausea in the morning you can have this ale made of ginger but it may not work in certain cases and in some there can be excess production of stomach acid. However, never go for the commercial form of ginger ale. Always stick to the home made stuff.

Citrus fruits can cause the difference

Citrus fruits can help in matters of resolving morning sickness. You can start by sniffing a lemon slice in the morning. A cup of lemon tea can also take care of your unnatural vomiting tendency. There are pregnant women to state that lemon can really work great in curing conditions of morning sickness. This is extremely normal. You can even try to eliminate the feel of nausea with a soothing lemon drink in the morning. You can even add grapefruit, tangerine and orange in your tea. An intake of lemon in the morning can even boost your appetite. This way you can feel the hunger and now you are no more allergenic to certain foods at the time of pregnancy.

Natural solutions for morning sickness

There are lots of amazements in nature which can help cure conditions of morning sickness. This condition is too uncomfortable and you are made to feel uneasy for the rest of the day. However, you can start the day by smelling the leaf of jasmine. This really works. You can even ass some lemon leaves to your tea. This is a sort of stimulating solution and you feel fine for the rest of the day. Tulsi is again a good solution to combat morning sickness. When having the early morning tea you must make sure to add some tulsi leaves and powdered black pepper. This is sure to make you feel revitalized for the rest of the day.

Milk is not the right morning intake

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Avoid taking milk in the morning in case you have the feel of nausea. Milk can cause stomach stimulation and form acid. This will upset your entire digestive system and your meal for the entire day would get unsettled. So, when you wake up fresh make sure to take food intakes which are light and good for health and these should be such not to indulge in internal reactions. Now, you are sure to feel so light and comfortable for the rest of the day.

Some physical tips to help you stay well

In case you want to avoid conditions of morning sickness and nausea there are some common and natural solutions. A small morning walk in the fresh air will do lots of good to your health. This is also beneficial for your growing fetes. You can walk on the grass and take a casual stroll in the garden to feel so fresh and light. You can even consult an instructor and the person would show you some yoga and light movements to stay in the best of mood and health in this state of life. Yoga and the right breathing exercises will help you pas those nine months in the best of comfort.