Best and powerful foods that control sugar levels

SUGAR!! It’s the new celebrity villain in the market that’s making people go nuts!! More sugar you are down and less sugar is also a problem.  How the balance of sugar levels in the blood stream has to be made is the question that is scotching everybody’s brain.

Here are few super best and powerful foods that control sugar levels. Must read for pre-diabetic or diabetic patients.

Fiber carbohydrates

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Don’t abstain from taking rice or wheat from your diet. Plan your diet to have – fiber filled carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats – balance in your plate. Rice with high fiber content with SKIN like parboiled or brown rice (‘low glycemic’), whole grains, oats, millets, quinoa, whole wheat reduce the release of sugar levels into blood. The fiber-rich carbohydrates naturally make you feel full for longer hours and control your blood sugar levels.

Bitter gourd (Karela)

Bitter gourds are very defensive against sugar levels as it contains high dosage of “plant insulin”. Try to have loads of raw bitter gourd juice empty stomach in the morning or in the form of curry or fry to inhibit sugar level spikes and slay diabetes. The seeds of karela are dried in sun and powdered to mix a teaspoon in warm water to fight sugar level swings.

Indian blackberry (Jamun)

Jamun the super powerful antioxidant fruit is your new jam!!! Yes eat loads of them in between meals to fight abnormal sugar levels in the lead. Don’t throw away the seedling inside the jamun. Dry them and powder to have a teaspoon with warm water, the numerous valuable compounds present in Jamun slows down the conversion of starch into sugar.

Fenugreek (Methi)

Fenugreek is the king of spices or can say very commonly used spice possessing hypoglycemic properties to kill the sugar level fluctuations in the blood stream.

  • Bitter again!!! When, sprouted fenugreek instills bitter-sweet taste which can be eaten by roasted or raw along with salads.
  • Best way is to add handful fenugreek seeds into the idly or dosa batter in the lentils soaking process overnight and grind them along.
  • Soak the fenugreek seeds overnight in warm water and have the water the next morning in which the seeds were soaked.
  • Simply add few fenugreek seeds in wheat flour or mixed gram flour to make chapathis.

Gymnema leaf (Gurmar)

Gymnema leaf as the name implies “crushes the sugar” and the very significant property of this leaf that it regenerates the pancreatic beta cells where the insulin is produced. Thus gurmar leaf harmonizes healthy insulin levels and saturates the blood sugar levels to moderation by decreasing the absorption of sugar in the intestine.


Top blood sugar lowering foods

Again bitter but works very better in surging blood sugar conditions. Every part of the Neem tree in the form of leaf, flower, bark is blessed with powerful agents that to fight the odd out. In working out sugar levels the Neem facilitates enough insulin.

  • Grind the Neem leaves along with water and have it in empty stomach


Cinnamon one of the oldest and commonly used spice drastically helps in controlling the blood sugar levels. Almost everybody has this spice in the kitchens.

  • Use it as a tea. Put some dried cinnamon stalks in boiling water. Let it sit for a while. Drain, add some honey and enjoy the relishing cinnamon tea.
  • Sprinkle some cinnamon powder onto your veggie salads or fruits.


Garlic the multifaceted yet powerful herb is also in the lineage of one of the most powerful sugar controlling foods besides used in weight loss, excessive cholesterol issues and as an anti-oxidant. The zinc and sulphur present in the Garlic strikingly works.

  • 1-2 garlic pods crushed and taken along with honey in empty stomach does wonders
  • Add garlic to your curries and relish the benefits

Basil leaf (Tulsi)

Almost found in every house garden, this leaf does miracles in treating a wide range of health issues the most prominent being cancer. An Apple a day keeps doctor away. While- basil leaf a day cancer away.

Basil helps you treat diabetes i.e. the sugar levels in moderations by working from the roots.

Flax seeds

The efficacy of flax seeds is well known and documented. This richest source of omega 3 fatty acids helps in moderating the sudden surge of sugar levels in blood due to excessive carbohydrate intake.

Easy juices

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  • Triphala a teaspoon everyday with warm water and honey works wonders.
  • Aloe vera juice
  • Amla juice

Hope this helps!!!