Best benefits of morning sunlight to our body

Sunlight and vitamin D go hand in hand and is known as sunshine vitamin as sunshine is the most natural way to get vitamin D that is so important for our body.  Whenever we think about its goodness the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is that we get our required amount of vitamin D from sunlight. Though there are other sources of getting vitamin D that is from a healthy diet we tend to overlook it, thus we have to rely on sunlight to get our quota of vitamin D. Morning sunlight has many benefits, like:

Vitamin D act as a boon

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Exposing our body to morning sunlight does a world of good to our body. It helps the skin to absorb the Vitamin D. Not only is morning sunlight the best and the easiest way to get vitamin D for our body, which in turn absorbs calcium, which again plays a key role in preventing our bones from breaking, or contracting bone-related diseases like arthritis or osteoporosis. Children can be safeguarded from diseases like rickets if they are exposed to morning sunlight regularly. Vitamin D also acts as a shield, protecting us against heart disorders, by lowering blood cholesterol levels, and skin cancer, and cancer of the lungs and prostate.

Improves immunity

Morning sunlight helps our immune system to function properly.  Vitamin D, that is present in sunlight, makes the white blood cells called T lymphocytes that are an integral part of the immune system, to work properly and thus helps to protect our body from bacterial or viral infection. Vitamin D also protects us from autoimmune diseases.

Makes you feel happy and is an antidepressant

Early morning sunshine has a charming effect on anybody’s health as it is sure to make you feel fresh and rejuvenated.  It’s an antidepressant as it is sure to boost up one’s energy level by releasing happy hormones. The morning sunshine eliminates all tiredness of the bygone day and brings with it hope and happiness thus getting rid of any signs of depression, which is caused by a decrease in hormone level. Therefore regular exposure to the morning sunlight will help release happy hormone thus making the person feel better, and will also help in lifting his mood and make him feel happy.

Takes care of eyes

Morning sunlight can help older people delay the aging process of their eyes. A little exposure to the morning sunlight every day is important for those whose vision has started to dwindle with age. This is a degeneration of the eyesight which sets in with advancing age and this condition can be delayed with the help of vitamin D present in the morning sunlight. Just letting the early morning sunlight to fall on the eyelids will help to prevent the degenerative process to set in.

Boosts the rate of metabolism

Morning sunlight enhances the rate of metabolism in the body by keeping a check on the body weight. Morning sunshine does not allow obesity to set in. If a person has less of vitamin D in his body he is likely to have a condition where there is a greater accumulation of fat and chances of becoming obese, in comparison to a normal individual. Therefore exposure to morning sunlight every day will help him to get the required amount of vitamin D which will help him in not becoming obese.

Relieves hypertension

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Exposure to the morning sunlight helps people suffering from hypertension, as the skin gives off nitric oxide that lowers the blood pressure level and also lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It makes your health better and healthy.

Good for the skin

Early morning sunshine has a good effect on the skin too. It protects the skin from chronic conditions like acne and eczema and scars. Sunlight helps in good blood circulation by broadening the blood vessels in the skin. Thus there Is a smooth flow of oxygen and nutrients to all the cells. Sunlight can also help to prevent many other skin disorders. Regular exposure is advised for those who are suffering from skin ailments. The affected part of the skin is exposed to sunlight until it gets warm. Then it is brought under shade and the area is rubbed with coconut oil so that it cools down.

Induces sleep

Morning sunlight also has an effect on the sleep and wake cycle. It helps maintain a proper 24-hour cycle which induces sound sleep at night. So waking up early to get the benefits of the morning sunshine helps to get a good night’s sleep too. Sunlight can penetrate through bare eyes and stops the release of the night hormone thus giving a fresh feeling.

Improves the digestive system

Morning sunlight also has an appositive effect on the digestive process, keeps its organs healthy, takes care of the metabolic process, and has an impact on the appetite too. It is necessary to have a good appetite that will keep the body fit and fine.


The above said benefits are proof enough that sunlight is beneficial to all of us. Exposure to morning sunlight has so many advantages that we can surely get up early in the morning , inspire of hectic schedules at work that puts so much of stress on our mind and body,  and get ourselves some of the best and the soothing effect that the morning sunlight brings. The sunlight, early in the morning is so vibrant, and rich in vitamin D which helps to prevent many diseases. It is not very harsh, but if one is still very cautious then one might use a sunscreen to avoid getting a tan and also take good care of the skin by wearing hats, sunglasses or proper clothing The ideal time to enjoy the morning sun is from early in the morning till 9”o clock. We should avoid the sun after this as it is harmful due to the ultraviolet rays that it emits.

But it is noteworthy that as the sun wears on and the sun rays become hotter, its good effects also decrease. We all know that overexposure to the sun rays is very harmful and is not good for our skin, hair or health. Overexposure to the sun when it is beating down hard can cause sunburns, suntan and even skin cancer or can be the cause of formation of wrinkles and fine lines due to early aging. It is advisable to stay indoors in extreme climatic conditions during the summer season when it is too hot to venture outdoors.