Best foods & supplements to promote bone healing

It is necessary to rebuild your bone after getting a fracture. A healthy and well-balanced diet contains rich nutrients that can help your bone to rebuild as well as a healthy diet boost the recovery of your bone.

Make sure, the supplements you are taking have been suggested by your healthcare provider. It is not always necessary that the supplements going to be effective. But there is a surety the nutrients you get from your foods are always beneficial other than the pills.

Protein makes the bone strong

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You should intake the products that are rich in protein like meat, cheese, fish, nuts, seeds, dairy products, soy products, and all those products that are rich in protein.

Do you know around half of your bone’s structure is made of protein? Your bone needs a good amount of protein for the better recovery and for the repair.

Vitamin D helps to heal the bone

You need to include foods on your plate that are rich in vitamin D that will give your proper healing. The foods like a sardine, salmon, liver, yogurt, swordfish, fortified orange juice and cod liver oil are the good sources of vitamin D.

Vitamin D also helps your blood get in and build the minerals in your bone by using calcium. The natural source of vitamin D is sunlight that is a quite better option to absorb vitamin D by having the sun exposure for 10 to 15 minutes daily.

Calcium makes the bone strengthened

This mineral works magically to strengthen the fractured bone. If you want your bone should be rebuild speedily then must include the foods that are rich in calcium to strengthen your fractured bone.

There are some foods and drinks that are full of calcium like cheese, broccoli, almond milk, beans, turnip, canned tuna, salmon, fortified juice, fortified grains, milk, soy, and cottage cheese. These are the foods that boost the recovery of your fractured bone. Your healthcare provider may also suggest you the calcium supplements if needed.

Potassium helps to bind calcium in your bone

Your body needs to get enough potassium in your diet so that you may not lose as much calcium while peeing. Meat, milk, bananas, potatoes, nuts, seeds, and orange juice are the good source of getting this mineral in enough amounts. You can also include the fresh fruit in your daily diet to get potassium.

Vitamin C boosts healing capacity

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Vitamin C plays a vital role to make your body produce collagen that is an important protein to build the bone while healing the fracture of your bone. There are many foods that are the good source of vitamin C like all the citrus fruits, berries, kiwi fruit, tomatoes, and green leafy vegetables.

Getting enough vitamin C helps your bone to recover fast, therefore, you must make your habit to take all those foods that are rich in vitamin C.

Iron gives speed in healing

Healthy red blood cells are very important for your fractured bone’s healing and iron helps your body to produce the healthy red blood cells. You can undergo slow healing in your bone if there are deficiency red blood cells in your body. Iron also helps your body to produce a protein collagen that is too important in rebuilding the bone as well as it makes a very good circulation of oxygen in your body and the bones that speed up the healing.

You can easily get enough iron for healthy red blood cells that will help your bone get fast healing while adding foods that are rich in iron like oily fish, pulses, eggs, green leafy vegetables, red meat, turkey, dark-meat chicken, fortified cereals, and whole-grain bread. These are the foods that will help you to absorb enough iron into your body.

There are some foods as well that you should avoid as if facing the problem of fracture bone:

Salt, coffee, and alcohol must be avoided as alcohol can become the biggest obstacle to healing bone as well as it invites more injuries to it. Intake more salt causes you losing more calcium through urine and lack of calcium creates hurdles in healing the bone. Coffee OR I should sway hard coffee can make you pee more that can cause you losing calcium in your pee and as you know losing calcium means slow healing but moderate intake coffee causes no harm OR hurdles in healing the bone.