List of foods to consume and avoid to get rid of constipation

Constipation is one of the most common health problems and it is hard to find a person who has not experienced this trouble at any point of time. These troubles arise due to various factors, the most common cause being ailments of the digestive system as well as adverse effects of medication or adopting a diet plan that is exceptionally low in content of food fiber.

Fortunately, there are some foods that can offer a permanent and root-cause solution to this trouble. More importantly, including such foods in the diet, one can even prevent the outburst of such troubles, which is a better alternative than to cure it.

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List of foods that you should eat to prevent constipation

Beans delicious foods to prevent constipation

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Each cup serving of beans contains 10 grams of fiber and hence, it holds the capacity to offer an effective solution to the trouble of constipation. Beans include both the soluble and insoluble food fiber that aids in smooth movement of the foods through the intestines and thus, bringing relief to the trouble of constipation.

You have options like baked beans, Lima Beans as well as the Kidney beans. These options are easily available and you will certainly enjoy the taste.

Kiwi foods that offer a permanent and root-cause solution to the trouble of constipation

The green, luscious flesh of Kiwis is one of the most effective solutions to the trouble of constipation. One kiwi of medium size contains about 2.5 grams of fiber, ideal to prevent the trouble of constipation. In addition, kiwi comes loaded with lots of vitamins and other nutrients that bring collective benefit to your health. This is a variety of berry that comes loaded with high percentage of food fiber per serving.

Consumption of Kiwi accelerates the bowel movements that prevent the chances of outburst of constipation problem. Health experts are of the opinion that consumption of 2 kiwis a day enhances the rates of bowel movements by a significant extent.

Sweet potatoes foods that can produce a magical outcome in fighting constipation

The high content of food fiber in sweet potatoes makes it a magical remedy to the troubles of constipation. Research suggests that regular consumption of sweet potatoes will completely nullify the chances of constipation.

If you are already suffering from the constipation problem, you should include sweet potatoes in your diet with immediate effect. You will have a sweet surprise, exploring the outcome within a while.

Popcorn healthy and tasty snacks to win over constipation

If you are looking for the most effective solution to the troubles of constipation, you will hardly get a better alternative to Popcorn. The best part about this food is that it contains calorie in very nominal extent. Thus, even if you are on a low calorie diet, you can certainly include popcorn in your diet.

However, refrain from the ones, served in the theaters or the ones, served laden with butter. Such foods will pave the way for consumption of excessive calorie and fats that you will find hard to shed.

Seeds and nuts you will hardly find a better remedy for constipation

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Walnuts, Pecans, and Almonds are the varieties of nuts that you can really rely upon while fighting constipation troubles. These nuts contain the highest extent of fiber that comes effective in bringing relief to the trouble of constipation.

As for the seeds, you can opt for sesame and pumpkin seeds. You can mix a teaspoon of powder of these seeds in a glass of lukewarm water and consume it daily, empty stomach. You will be impressed with the result, if you are consuming it regularly for a span of time.

Oranges can give you a welcome relief from the trouble of constipation

Including a glass of fresh orange juice in the breakfast menu will enable you to win over the trouble of constipation. In addition, a glass of fresh orange juice will flush the toxins out of the body and boosts the skin health as well. It will enable you to neutralize the effects of the free radicals as orange juice is rich in natural antioxidants. The delicious taste of this juice comes as a bonus for the taste buds.

Oatmeal simple solution to constipation

For its high content of food -fiber, oatmeal is a wonderful agent to fight constipation. This food is rich in soluble fibers that aids smooth bowel movement and brings collective benefit to the health.

Aloe vera can do miracles in preventing constipation

Aloe Vera juice is another gallant option that you can opt for. You can certainly expect to get good result, including a glass of fresh Aloe Vera juice in the daily diet. The extract of Aloe Vera will aid in smooth and swift bowel movement. Aloe Vera comes loaded with reserve of natural astringent and it boosts the skin and hair health as well.

Say goodbye to constipations with bananas

It is for its high content of fiber that health experts suggest the consumption of bananas regularly to fight constipation. For this reason, bananas can makes it easier for the stool to pass. On the other hand, as bananas come loaded with carbohydrate, it provides instantly energy and thus, will support you to lead a more active lifestyle.

Apple and peaches fruits that serve as natural laxatives

Peaches contain Sorbitol that acts as a laxative, helping in the movement of the stool freely and effortlessly through the intestinal tract. On the other hand, apple is a storehouse for fiber and contain Sorbitol to a fair extent. Thus, it will be right to say that an apple a day, keeps constipation at the bay. You can either consume the fresh and whole fruits, or you can opt for some delicious fruit juice recipes, including these fruits as ingredients. You can stand assured that you are going to have a sweet surprise when you will see the result.

Fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains

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They aid good digestion as filled with fiber. A smooth running digestive system can be achieved by adhering to the practice of in-taking these food. Fiber is particularly dense in the leaves, stems and skin of fruits and plants. So don’t peel those apples and don’t toss those broccoli stalks. Dark green leafy veggies not only provides high fiber content but also provides adequate amount of magnesium required in the body.


Prunes also known as dried plums acts as  a great laxative. They helps in stimulating muscles to push waste through the large intestine. Five prunes almost contain 3 grams of fiber and so it is a rich food filled with fiber.

Coffee and other hot liquids

Though coffee is one high caffeine drink which is not helpful in possessing any healthy effect on the body except relieving stress, there is one more benefit. Coffee helps in getting relief from constipation as well. On a healthier note, other hot drinks could be preferred which aid in smooth digestion.


In order that fiber will work its magic, water is essential. Even we don’t drink enough water, our bodies pilfer it from our waste. It leaves still hard and becomes difficult to be flushed from our system. Water could get more refreshing by adding sliced seasonal fruits.

Flax seeds

A high source of fiber, flax seeds are great for digestion. Try to mix it up with a glass of warm milk and consume it before bedtime. It helps in making the system clean. Flax seeds can also be taken in the morning or could be sprinkled over desserts to get that crunch. It helps to bulk up stool.

European style salads

Salads are always healthy and whenever eaten it doesn’t harm. They are multi nutritional and comes with plenty of benefits. In Europe, many people eat their salads at the end of the meal. Adding that crunchy fiber at the end of the meal can help push the rest of the food through the digestive tract.

Though you are likely to find medications and supplements that treat constipation, it will be wise to emphasize on including the foods stated above in your diet. It is for the reason that these are natural stuff and hence, you can escape the instances of falling into the traps of adverse health effects.

On the other hand, these foods are rich in content of other key nutrients. Hence, including these foods in your diet, you can expect to get collective health benefits. The delicious taste of these foods is going to be a bonus, making it easier for you to adapt with these foods.

A key point that you need to keep in mind is that it is necessary to keep yourself well hydrated, if you truly want to escape the troubles of constipation. Hence, you should be drinking adequate volume of water. In addition, you should include items like Coconut Water, Green Tea as well as fresh fruit juices that will ensure adequate hydration, keeping you safe from the challenge of constipation.

Include the foods suggested above and stay away from the consumption of the foods mentioned to escape the threats of outburst of constipation. Stay healthy and enjoy life to the fullest.

List of foods to avoid to get rid of constipation

Refrain from the consumption of the following foods, if you have to prevent constipation:

  • White rice: As white rice comes with the husk, germ, and the bran, it contains fiber to an almost negligible extent and hence, can cause constipation.
  • Red meat: Red meat takes longer time for the digestive track to process as it comes loaded with fat and tough fiber that makes it really tough for the stomach in digesting it. Hence, you need to stay away from the consumption of red meat.
  • White bread: For its excessively high content of starch, white bread often leads to constipation. Thus, if you are suffering from such troubles, you should avoid it altogether.
  • Alcohol: As consumption of alcohol causes dehydration, it leads to constipation. In addition, it often retards the digestive function and negatively affects the bowel movement.
  • Ice cream: The excessively high content of Lactose and fat makes this delicious food one of the strongest agent for trigger constipation. Though, consuming one or two at times will not cause any damage, but, you will certainly have issues, if you are consuming this food indiscriminately.
  • Pizza & burgers: As these foods are loaded with dehydrating salts that triggers dehydration, you need to minimize the consumption of these delicious yet nutrient-void foods. In addition, these foods can cause troubles with the digestive system that can play a crucial role in making the situations worse.
  • Frozen foods: If these foods are consumed indiscriminately, especially at dinner time, you will certainly end up catching constipation. Hence, it is to prevent the outburst of constipation that you need to refrain from the consumption of these items that probably freezes the bowel movement.
  • Chewing gum: If you have the habit to swallow the chewing gums, you stand vulnerable to the chances to catches digestive troubles that will enhance the chances for constipation troubles.

Likewise, you should avoid those foods that are excessively spicy and oily as these foods can trigger indigestion, paving the way for constipation.

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