Top health and beauty benefits of lentils

The edible seeds or pulses that make the legume family are referred as lentils. Lentils should be a part of your diet for their high nutritional value and low calorie content. They can be a part of your salads, crackers, spreads and other meals. It is a great vegetarian dish. The earthy yet nutty texture of lentils make them a delicacy that is very easy to prepare. In order to stay healthy, everyone must incorporate lentils in their diets. Today, we shall discuss about the benefits of lentils.

Health benefits of lentils

Your blood sugar level will be reduced and prevent you from diabetes

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Apart from several other benefits of lentils, it can effectively bring down your high blood sugar level. One of the several benefits of soluble fiber is that it has the power to absorb the carbohydrates. This slows down the process of digestion which in turn helps to stabilize the blood sugar level. People suffering from hypoglycemia, diabetes or insulin resistance are the ones who will gain from this.

Allows your muscles to grow

In order to grow and repair from the wear and tear our muscles need continuous source of high protein. The best source for such protein is lentils. It is even better to have sprouted lentils. This will give your muscles the amino acids it needs to function properly and grow.

Atherosclerosis will stay far away from you

Research and scientific study done all over the world prove that when you get the needed anti-oxidants from the intake of legumes(or lentils) you have a lower risk of having atherosclerosis. The anti-oxidants in legumes also take care of the harmful effects of free radicals. This prevents the damage to cells and also pushes the problem of premature aging further away.

Helps to prevent the onset of Cancer

Studies and research done by many scholars prove that lectins, a kind of protein found in plants have the power to take care of the tumor cells that have cancerous properties. This lectin is found in wheat, lentils, peas, soyabeans, and peanuts. It also shows that lectins have the power to give rise to apoptosis and cytotoxicity. In lay man’s terms it means that lectins can significantly control the growth and spread of cancer in human bodies.

Enhanced activities mainly electrolytic

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The mineral that is found in lentils is potassium which is far better than sodium to improve the electrolytic activities. Most of the diseases diagnosed in our body are the cause of low potassium content and high level of sodium. Not only does it improve the electrolytic activities but it also takes care of the kidneys, brain, and heart.

Improved rate of metabolism

Lentils are the power house of minerals and vitamins. They contain B3 Vitamins. This helps to play a powerful role in improving the nervous and digestive system of the body. There are other benefits of B3 Vitamins – which includes control over cholesterol levels, lowered risk of Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis and cataracts.

Source of iron

To improve the production of hemoglobin you need lentils. Lentils are rich in iron content. Consuming two hundred grams of lentils which in equivalent to as much as an entire cup of lentils will benefit you. You will get your source of iron from it.

Better working of the nervous system

In order to allow your nervous system and brain to function properly you need minerals and vitamins. Research work done all over the world show how lentils are the best source of minerals and vitamins. For the proper and healthy functioning of your brain, you need to have lentils on a daily basis.

You will get a good amount of Folic acid

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Another important component found in lentils is Folic acid or folates. It is also known as B-vitamin complex. When pregnant women comsume lentils(rich source of folates) they can prevent the several complications that arise during child birth. Deficiency of folic acid leads to defects in the neural tube. Damage caused to DNA, hypertension and homocysteine levels are all maintained by Folic acid.

Wave the tan good-bye

Are you too concerned about the dark patches of skin that the sun has damaged? Don’t worry dear for we can take care of it. Soak a handful of Masoor Dal (after cleaning them) for the night. In the morning make a paste of it using tomatoes and the soaked lentils. Do this thrice a week, for a few weeks and you will see the difference occurring.

Let lentils take care of your skin

If you suffer from dull, damaged and dry skin then this is the way out for you. Soak half a cup of Masoor Dal in water for the night. The following morning make a thick paste using natural rose water. Apply this all over your face, neck, hands and legs. Wait for it to dry and then wash with lukewarm water. Doing this twice every week will be great for you.

Without a shadow of doubt, lentils are one of the best food ingredients. On daily consumption of it you stay far away from several complicated diseases.

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Pregnancy is taken care of

The most difficult time a woman goes through in her life is during her pregnancy months. More than often a woman is not able to meet the needs that she has during these crucial months. That is why the intake of lentils will take care of her nutritional needs. The most crucial nutrient a woman needs is folic acid during her pregnancy months. This will ensure the brain development of the fetus is healthy. It also takes care of the defects in the neutral tube. Women who consume enough lentils (the source of Folic acid) have less chances of having premature deliveries. The chances of Spina bifida development is also taken care of.

Maintains the blood sugar level

We are surrounded by poor and bad quality food. But, lentils are one such food item that takes care of the level of blood sugar in your body. They are free from carbohydrates that are simple and fast to digest instead they come in varieties where digestion takes place slowly. Along with this the high fiber content in lentils slows down the rate of sugar entering the blood stream.

When sugar enters in a restricted manner in the blood stream, the hormone insulin starts functioning in a better way.

Takes care of the problems caused by free radicals

What do we mean by free radicals? They are compounds that lack an electronic that is why they seek paths for stability. The result of free radicals is that they damage a lot of cells when they try to be inert in nature. That is why you need to fight these free radicals and it can be done by anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants eliminate the risk of free radicals and make them more stable. Lentils are rich in Manganese, which is a source of naturally occurring anti-oxidant.