Best herbs for hair growth

A good personality is always a factor in your success in any work and field. There are many factors that can hinder your personality. Some of these problems are hair problems. Hair problems can be very frustrating for some people. Be it hair fall, white hair, or thin hair etc. they can impact the personality and behavior of the person. these problems can be caused by the deficiency of some nutrients and minerals in the body or it can be hereditary. But these problems are curable. There are different types of the cure available in the market like the herbal cure, laser treatments etc. but herbal treatments are best as one can do it at home and at a cheap rate without worrying about the side effects.

[Best herbs for hair growth in Hindi]

Best herbs for hair growth

Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera is widely used for various different types of diseases at home. Aloe Vera is easily available at local market and is not very expensive. The use of Aloe Vera boosts the hair growth by removing the dead cells from the skin of the head. It also helps to clear the pores of the skin so the hair can grow. It contains salicylic acid. It imitates the use of keratin. Keratin is the main mineral that help the hair growth. Also aloe Vera is main content in various hair products.


Amla[Buy it online]

Amla also known as Indian Gooseberry. It is abundantly found in Indian sub-continent. Amla has been in use for a long time in the ancient Ayurveda. It is used to cure many diseases like stomach disease, hair problems, blood purifier etc. Vitamin C is found in large amount in Amla. Vitamin C increases the production of collagen which in turn increase the hair growth.

Amla is available in various forms like tablets, powder, concentrate juice etc. it is also highly efficient against the whitening of hair.


Bhringraja[Buy it online]

Bhringraj also known as Eclipta Alba is found natively in India, China. It was widely used in the ancient Chinese medicines and Indian Ayurveda. It boosts the growth of new hair roots in our body. It also helps to counter the thin hair and maintain their quality. The extracts of Bhringraj are available in the market.


Fenugreek Seed[Buy it online]

Fenugreek is found natively in the regions of Europe, Asia. The seeds are used in making the medicine. fenugreek is used to overcome the problem of the baldness and hair fall. The results take time to show up. The paste of the seeds is applied on the hair directly. Many hair care products have the fenugreek extracts as their ingredients.


Reetha/soapnuts[Buy it online]

Reetha is also available in the Indian market widely. It also helps to increase the hair growth. The ripe fruit are first dried and then the powder of the fruits is used to make medicine and other hair care products. Oil of Reetha is also available in market. It cleanses the skin pores and roots of the hair strands. It is very effective against the hair fall.


Henna[Buy it online]

Most of the people think that henna is only used for giving colour to the hair but henna is also rich in antibacterial nutrients that help to keep the hair clean and safe from various bacteria. The leaves from the henna plant are used to make the fine powder. Henna also extracts extra oil from the hair and thus restoring the pH level of the scalp.

[Best herbs for hair growth in Hindi]


Chamomile[Buy it online]

Chamomile is widely used as a tea for relaxing the brain nerve and helping the patients that suffer from the anxiety and depression issues. But it does have other uses against the hair problems. Chamomile helps to sooth the scalp and provide proper growth for the new hair strands.


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Shikakai is one of the most used herbs in the hair care products like packs, hair creams, shampoos etc. the bark, leaves of the Shikakai tree are used to make the hair care products. It has the effects same as Amla. Shikakai is widely used to control dandruff which is faced by almost every person. it promotes the hair growth and gives strength to the new hair roots.


Basil[Buy it online]

All the parts above except the root of the basil plant is used to make medicine for curing various diseases. The plant of basil is enriched in vitamin c, calcium, potassium, magnesium which is found in many key herbs that help in the growth of the hair. Similarly, Basil also helps to increase the growth of the hair. When the oils of the basil plant are applied on the scalp it strengthens the hair follicles and also secures the roots of the hair.

Burdock rock

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Burdock rock is a plant that has been available to us for a long time. There are many species of burdock rock plant that are known to us. The root, seeds and leaf are used to make medicine. burdock plant is used to cure many diseases like cold, kill germs, increase urine flow, high blood pressure etc. but another use of burdock is to treat the scalp of the hair. Burdock plant is rich in the fatty acids, and the oil of the burdock plant is used to increase the strong hair growth.


Calendula[Buy it online]

The flowers of the calendula plant are used to make the medicine. the calendula plant contains the chemicals that trigger the hair growth and strengthens the hair follicles. The oils of the calendula plants are extracted. The Calendula oil can be used alone or mixed with other hair care products to get good results.

Other than supporting the hair growth the calendula plant medicine ae used to treat the poorly healing wounds.


Flaxseed[Buy it online]

Flaxseed is extracted from the plant Linum usitatissimum. The oils from the flaxseed are extracted in order to make the hair care products. Flaxseed is rich in the fatty acids and anti-oxidants. When flaxseed oils are applied on the scalp they help to remove the dead cells. This makes way for the new hair follicles to grow. Apart from this the flaxseed oil is used to remove the

Gotu Kola

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Gotu kola is also known as Brahmi in India. Brahmi has been in use for the cure of hair related disease for a long time in ancient Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. \ Brahmi when mixed with other hair care herbs is gives best results. It can be mixed with the amla oil and live oil extracts.


Hibiscus[Buy it online]

Hibiscus is a bush type of plant. It has various uses. Almost every part of the plant is used to make products or medicines. The flowers of the hibiscus are very rich in the anti-oxidants and vitamins. The hibiscus flower extracts can be mixed with the coconut oil. The paste is then applied on the scalp. It provides strength to the scalp and helps in the production of new hair. It also helps in prevention of the greying of the hair.


Lavender[Buy it online]

Lavender is an herb that is extensively used in the cosmetic industry. The flowers of the lavender plant are used in making the perfumes and room fresheners. But lavender flower is not used only in these products but the oil is also very useful in hair care products. Lavender oil is applied to the hair to repel the small insects that can do harm to your scalp. it helps greatly in case of head lice.


Marshmallow[Buy it online]

The leaves and roots of the marshmallow plant is used to make medicine. marshmallow contain the lauric acid and mucilage. These nutrients help in the natural growth of the hair and give strength to the hair. Marshmallow give best results when the extracts are used with the suitable hair conditioners that you use.


Peppermint[Buy it online]

Many think peppermint is only used in food items. But pepper mint has anti-fungal properties because of its sharp fragrance. When peppermint is applied to the scalp it keeps the fungus and insects away from the scalp. this gives a better growth to the hair.

Rose Hips

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Rose hips is often called wild rose many times. This fruits of rose hips are rich in vitamin C. vitamin c is one of the important vitamin that boost the immunity of the scalp and help in hair growth. The paste of the rose hips flower can be applied on the scalp and the hair for the best results.


Rosemary[Buy it online]

Rosemary is a plant that grows in most of the climates. It is easy to grow and vitamin rich plant. It has various properties like anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti –fungal. Rosemary is widely used in the hair care products and is one of them most used constituent of the products. The oil of rosemary can be applied to the scalp and hair.


Sage[Buy it online]

Sage is said to be have healing abilities. The sage herb is a rich source in vitamin C and Vitamin B. it’s also contains magnesium, zinc, potassium. These minerals are very necessary in the growth of the hair. Moreover, sage is also used in the anti-allergic and anti-septic creams. This means that the sage extracts are good for the scalp skin.
These were some herbs for hair growth. One thing to remember is that one should use the herb for at least 2-3 months without break for the best results.