What are the home remedies to treat toenail fungus?

Toenail fungus is one of the common disorders faced by many individuals in the world. There are oral ointment and tropical treatment procedures to treat the toe nail fungus. You may find many medicines that cures this fungus in very short time. But, after few months, it starts growing again. This means that the treatment procedure was not appropriate for curing the problem totally. It is quite common to see the fungus returning to your finger and toe nails if the treatment procedure is not appropriate. It is important to individuals to be consistent in their efforts if they actually wish the treatment to work. Home remedies can also provide wonderful way of treating fungus in toe nails.

[Hindi remedies to treat toenail fungus]

Home remedies to cure toenail fungus

Olive leaf extract

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It is quite easy to find olive plant at your kitchen garden. If you don’t have the same, it is readily available in supermarkets or vegetable stores. Olive leaf is used for years in treating the fungal growth. This is also known as a natural antibiotic. Along with the fungus, olive leaf extract is also very suitable in treating protozoa, bacteria and fungus. This extract is sometimes combined with and used by the pharmacist to create an ointment that helps in controlling fungal growth.

Vitamin C, gelatine, biotine, silica

You can now get Vitamin C naturally in various types of citrus fruits. Consumption of such fruits can easily help you in getting toe nails infected by fungus. These vitamins are also quite effective in bringing shine to hair, skin and nails. The essential fatty acids and gelatin in food can be very beneficial for individuals suffering from fungus in nails.

Apple cider vinegar

This is a wonderful type of tropical therapy really beneficial to cure fungus in nails. You must pour some apple cider in a separator. Now soak your foot in the solution with the total feet dipped in it. After this, you must take a bowl of Luke warm water and add some salt in it. Dip your feet at least for 5 – 10 minutes and relax. You must do this twice or thrice in a week to get great solution.

Baking soda

You must have baking soda in your kitchen shelf for making different types of food. Now, this can be easily used to create a wonderful cure for fungus from your feet. This is very effective to kill all types of fungus that affects your health. You can now mix some baking soda and water to make a paste. Now, wet your toe nails with some water and apply the paste in it. You must do this twice a day to get a relief.

Tea tree oil

Today, you can get tea tree oil in your home. If you have this at home, you must pour it in cotton and apply the same on your nail. It will be better to wash the nail with alcohol before applying the same. This is very effective to remove fungus from your nails.

Orange oil

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Orange oil is an antifungal which can cure an infection when applied on the toenails on a regular basis. Apply this oil on your nails and in between the toes using a dropper. Leave it for at least 1 hour so the oil can get soaked. Though for people with a sensitive skin, this oil can be too strong. In that case, dilute the oil at a one to one ratio with a carrier that is all natural such as olive oil. Due to citrus allergies being very common it is suggested to apply this oil on healthy skin spot before applying it on the nails which are infected.

Corn meal

Fungus on the toenails can be cured using organic cornmeal. Corn contains a type of fungus which does not harm the human body but is very much deadly to Candida – a very common fungal parasite which causes infections on the human body. Take a container in which you can fit your foot or if both feet can be fitted then it will be better. Mix one cup of cornmeal along with two quarts of water. Let the cornmeal soak in the water for an hour and then soak your infected foot or feet in that mixture for at least half an hour or more than that. This remedy needs to be performs as rarely as once a week due to debates regarding its usage. Though some sources also suggest to practice this procedure regularly. Since the skin and nails is not harmed by the cornmeal, this process can be performed as many times as you like.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains caprylic acid, one of its medium chains fatty acid which can enter the strong cell wall of Candida and other fungi. The fungus cells dissolve without its protective coating thus successfully destroying the infection. Apply a thin layer of the oil on the area which is affected and wait for it soak in for at least fifteen minutes. There is no limit to the usage of coconut oil as it is good for the health of your skin. Though, before applying it on a sensitive tissue make sure you are not allergic to coconuts.

Oregano oil

Oregano herbs contain antifungal attributes. Mix one teaspoon of carrier oil with few drops of oregano oil and dab it on the nails which are infected. You can also make your own oregano-infused oil since in temperate climates oregano is perennial and also easy to grow.


Onychomycosis type of fungal growth can be caused due to imbalance of healthy micro-flora in the body. So add a good pro-biotic supplement with the cure for the fungus on your toenail. Growth of healthy gut bacteria can prevent the spreading of parasitic fungi and other microbes by reducing the space available. Also in probiotic supplements lactobacillus is found which secretes a byproduct poisonous for Candida. Check properly that your supplement should not contain any sugar or artificial fillers as it will feed and lead to the growth of the unwanted fungus.

[Hindi remedies to treat toenail fungus]