How to get rid of intestinal worms in kids with home remedies?

Intestinal worms/stomach worms commonly found in kids are those parasites that live on intestines of other living organisms. Intestinal worms are of many kinds like whip worm, giardiasis, tapeworms, threadworms, pinworms, roundworms etc. This can happen to any individual through infected food and can vary from person to person.

Though one must consult doctor if the case is too serious like suffering from diarrhea or nausea, but you can also get help from the various home remedies. However, before that we should know what causes it and what its symptoms are.

Causes for intestinal worms/stomach worms

There are many reasons why a child or a person suffers from the intestinal worms.

  • These intestinal worms are spread through under cooked food, under cooked meat, impure food, impure water etc.
  • Your kid may also get infected through contaminated water, impure municipal water, swimming pool, and river water.
  • If you use human excretion as a filter you may suffer from intestinal worms.
  • Poor sanitation is also a major cause of these worms living in your intestines.
  • Personal hygiene can also affect your intestines.

Follow any of the home remedies for intestinal worms to prevent stomach ache in your kids.  You shall make sure you keep yourself warm and dry as it kills the intestinal worm’s eggs. It is also necessary to maintain the clothes, towels and keep them clean before using. It is essential to keep your body clean and take precautions about the food you eat.

Symptoms of intestinal parasites

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If you are suspecting your child suffering from intestinal worms then you shall look for certain symptoms. These symptoms are:

  • Your children may suffer from itching at nights as the worms come out of the anus for laying eggs. So, frequently is they scratch their anus, they may suffer from intestinal worms.
  • Restlessness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Bloating/distended abdomen
  • Soft, greasy stools
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Dysentery

Now that you know the causes and symptoms of intestinal worms, let’s now focus on the home remedies to cure your child from these worms, if not too serious. You should consult your doctor, if they are serious in condition. This is how to eliminate pin worms naturally at home. Below are the home remedies for the intestinal worms that may cure your child.

Home remedies for intestinal worms

Tea tree oil

One of the best remedies you can find for treating intestinal worms is using tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is an amazing essential oil that combines some serious anti-microbial benefits to help fight a number of different types of parasites. The oil can help in ensuring that the parasites that are on the walls of the intestines are removed and easily expelled. In order to reap the benefits of tea tree oil, you can combine the oil with some coconut oil and apply the blend on your stomach for around 5 minutes. The mixture can also be applied on the anal region to remove threadworms. You can use the remedy once per day.

Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the best types of remedies that can be used for treating a number of issues, including stomach parasites is to use apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is super nourishing and helps to ensure that the pH level of your stomach is restored after a parasitic infection. Apple cider vinegar can help to kill the parasites and restore it to normal. In order to use apple cider vinegar for stomach parasites, dilute 1tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water and add a tablespoon of honey and consume daily.

Castor oil

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Castor oil is one of the best remedies that can help in treating worms in the intestines. Castor oil has laxative properties. These helps to boost the secretion of mucus in the intestines when it is consumed with some hot water and this helps to flush out all the parasites as well as toxins in the stomach. To consume castor oil, you will need 100% pure organic castor oil in a cup of warm water and consume this daily for around a week to get good results.

The tree bark of Pomegranate to cure the problems

Not only does the bark but the root and stems of Pomegranate tree is brimming with the properties of anthelmintic. It has the power to heal the worms in the intestine of a child. Alkaloid punicine is present in the bark of Pomegranate tree. This helps to kill the worms especially the tapeworms. In a pan add a cup of water, now add pomegranate tea bark to it (about two inches). Allow the water to boil and wait for it to simmer down to half.

Once it has cooled down, make your child drink it after every couple of hours. You must give your child an avocado or banana to regulate the movement of his or her bowel. It should be carried out for at least one week.

Neem to fight off worms

Indian lilac is the second name of Neem, is one of the best natural home remedies to fight off intestinal worms. Neem has antibacterial, antiviral and the most important anti-parasites that kill the parasites while removing toxins that dead paradise leave behind.

Clove defeats the parasites

Clove has many properties such as antibacterial, anti-parasitic, and antimicrobial that helps you to flush your intestinal worms from your body, as well as cloves, are beneficial to resist the infection that may occur in future.

Turmeric kills the worms

Turmeric is the first preference home remedy for its soothing properties like antiseptic, antiviral, and antimicrobial that treat several health problems and one of them is intestinal worms. Turmeric is a remedy that helps you to remove your problem of intestinal worms.

Grapefruit seed extract flushes the worms

This is also the remedy that is one of the best options that you can look for getting rid of your problem. Grapefruit seed extract is rich in the properties like anti fungal and antimicrobial that help you to flush off your intestinal worms.

Carom seeds (ajwain) wipe out the worms

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Carom seeds have thymol that is an obstacle to the intestinal worm’s growth as well as it helps you to wipe out the intestinal worms from your body. Carom seed is one of the trusts worthy home remedies that people prefer to get relief from their problem.

Bamboo cleans the intestinal worms

Rare people know that bamboo is also proven one of the best natural remedies to clean up the intestinal worms. Just you need to make a decoction from the leaves of bamboo and drink it daily to get relief from your intestinal worms.

Golden seal prevents and kills the worms

This is the herb that contains berberine and it is toxic to all kinds of intestinal worms. Just you need to boil it in water and immerse then let sit until gets cool now it is ready to drink as well as you are ready to flush the intestinal worms from your body.

Wormwood threatens the intestinal worms

Wormwood is a herb OR I should say very effective herb to deal with the intestinal worms. Wormwood is rich in sesquiterpene lactones that help your body to stay healthy while killing and making the bacteria weaken. You should not take it in the form of pure oil as it is toxic and cause problems. You can prefer it as diluted liquid extract supplements OR capsules. Wormwood is used to treat intestinal worm for ages that give better result by killing and completely flushing the worms.

Always remember

You need to remember some tips to prevent the problem of intestinal worms that can be quite dangerous too as well as the life-threatening. Make sure, you are avoiding unhygienic foods, vegetables, and fruits as it can lead to the problem of worms. There are some foods that are anti-parasitic like cabbage, blackberries, pineapple, carrots, sweet potatoes, and etc. these foods help you to prevent intestinal worms as well as boost the immunity that helps you to stay healthy and stay worms free.

Onion juice for thread worms

It helps to clear the thread worms in the children. Take the onions and grind them well and take the juice from the onion mix. Consume it in the morning on an empty stomach.

Drum stick seeds to clear intestinal worms

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Consuming two grams of drum stick seeds powder with the cold water helps you to clean the intestinal worms.

Beet nut and lemon paste

Take the paste of unripe beet nut. Mix this paste with the lemon juice. Taking this medicine orally kill the intestinal worms.

Basil leaves to fight with pinworms

Basil leaves or basil seeds are helpful in cleaning the worms. Prepare the medicine with the basil leaves or basil seeds powder. This medicine fights the intestinal worms. Basil leaves are one of the natural and effective home remedies for intestinal worms.

Papaya to remove intestinal parasites

Papaya is the best fruit for health. Here, you can see on how to remove intestinal parasites with papaya. Take the four tablespoons of milk from the unripe papaya fruit. Add milk to this along with one tablespoon honey and four tablespoons of boiling water. This is an effective antioxidant for killing the worms.

How to eliminate pinworms with pomegranate

Take the bark or peel of the pomegranate. Make it dry and grind it to make. Consuming it with sugar helps you kill the parasite.

Carrots for tummy worms

Known for curing intestinal worms, carrots can be grated and consumed on an empty stomach every morning. This will not only help you kill the lasting parasites in your body, but will also help you prevent it from re-inhabiting in you.

Pumpkin seeds to get rid of digestive worms

You can also kill the living parasites in your intestines by having ground pumpkin seeds with water.

Home remedy for intestinal worms with garlic

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Eating raw garlic helps to protect the kids and elders from diseases. Eat raw garlic on an empty stomach and make the children as a habit daily. With garlic’s antiseptic and anti-fungal properties you can recover from any type of intestinal worm issues. You just need to consume three cloves of garlic every day.


Coconut is the best procedure on how to eliminate pinworms. You can get rid of the intestinal worms by consuming grounded coconut in your breakfast, two and half hours, after which you shall intake 30 ml of castor oil.

Bitter gourd to prevent colon worms

Though a little sour in taste, but very effective to kill the parasites living in your intestines. One tablespoon of bitter gourd juice taken with a glass of buttermilk for three days would relieve you of the intestinal symptoms.

Boiled water

Having a glass of boiled water mixed with rock salt would help you get rid of the intestinal worms. This mixture can be consumed daily in the morning on an empty stomach. This works well to reduce excess fat and can remove stomach fat. This results in easy and quick digestion to attain flat stomach.

You can also take a few precautions to avoid intestinal worms or to cure them at a beginning stage. Follow these precautions on how to remove intestinal parasites.

  • Cut your nails to keep them clean from dirt and reduce the risk of contamination.
  • Wash the vegetables and fruits before cooking or eating.
  • During rainy season, consume boiled or filtered water.
  • Maintain your personal hygiene.
  • Get your pets de-wormed.

Ways to prevent worms from affecting the intestines of kids

According to research kids who spend more time playing in dirt, sand, open areas, and grass have a higher chance of facing the problems of worms. How can you limit the ways that your kid doesn’t have to suffer from worms?

  • Thoroughly wash every vegetable and fruit before handing it over to a child. Even if a small portion of the food has gotten bad, don’t give it to a child.
  • Never allow your child to eat meat that is raw or half cooked. Same goes for vegetables.
  • The danger food that causes worms in a child’s intestine is fish and pork. Try to avoid it as much as possible.
  • Your child should never be out without shoes. Especially if he or she is about to step in mud, grass, sand or anything else.
  • It is not hygienic to give your child anything but boiled drinking water.
  • Make sure your child swims in a pool that meets all standards.