Best supplements that boosts energy

The body is an unhappy vehicle without its fuel – energy. Are you experiencing low levels of energy during the entire day? Is it getting hard to pull yourself to reach the progress of the day? If yes, you should look out for ways to resolve it.  Many of you are unable to achieve the desired goal due to fatigue, stress and anxiety. You have only one life and wasting time due to low energy is no fun. The only solution to this problem is to identify the root cause of the energy loss and mend it. Just by adding a few food supplements in your daily routine, you can boost your energy levels.

Often people end up wandering from shelf to shelf in a drug store and get confused on choosing the best supplement that is reliable and efficient. Hopefully, this article will clear your confusion. Below are some best supplements that work magically on the human body to boost energy level.

Vitamin B-12

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The human body doesn’t produce Vitamin B-12 that urges for a need to supply it with food or capsules. Vitamin B-12 is essential for the production of red blood cells, normal functioning of the brain and nervous system. Deficiency of this vitamin can cause damage to nervous system, lessen red blood cell count. Some of the symptoms that indicate lack of vitamin B-12 are fatigue, lethargy, mood swings, anaemia, anxiety, sleeplessness and lack of appetite.

The energy in the body depends 90% on brain health and 10% on other functions, so it is necessary to keep the brain healthy by taking vitamin B-12 supplements. Some of the food sources that provide B-12 are red meat, oysters, eggs, fortified cereals and shellfish.


Magnesium wards off fatigue and boosts your energy level. Every organ in our body depends on magnesium to carry out its functions. Magnesium involves in some of the important roles like oxygen supply, blood pressure stabilization and maintaining normal blood sugar.

Magnesium releases hormones to relax muscles and hence supports energy production in the body. It also increases physical endurance and promotes healthy immune system. Dietary sources of magnesium are legumes, nuts, beans and green leafy vegetables. You can also prefer consuming capsules. Dosage is 300mg for women and 350mg for men.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds were used by warriors during the battle. These tiny water floating seeds are a superfood for boosting energy levels in the body.  Chia seeds are packed with plenty of fibre and omega 3 fatty acids that fosters digestive health and benefits cardiovascular health. These seeds are effective in metabolism and nutrient absorption, hence keep the bones and muscles strong.

You can consume these seeds raw or dip them in water and drink. Even you can grind them if you want. They will load your body with nutrients like manganese, phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamins and zinc.

Korean ginseng

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Korean ginseng is adaptive that helps the body to adjust to stress. It also has energy boosting components that keep you going the whole day without laziness. Various studies show that ginseng enhances the immune system, reduces stress hormones and boosts mood. Ginseng helps combat fatigue and improves concentration. You can use this herb whenever you suffer from fatigue and anxiety, it can give you relief.

Ginseng can be purchased online from reputed stores. It can lead to side effects in some, so don’t use it before seeking advice from a doctor.


Ashwagandha is widely used ayurvedic medicine in revitalizing body during the conditions of chronic energy loss. This herb assists adrenal glands and balances levels of cortisol- a stress hormone. In particular, it reduces stress and increases endurance. The calming effect of ashwagandha has proven to treat depression and anxiety effectively. It is supportive in healing joint pain and inflammation in the organs.

Dosage: 1000mg. Decide the dosage requirement for your condition by consulting an ayurvedic doctor.

Maca root powder

Maca is a herb found in Peru. This herb decreases levels of stress hormones and uplifts stamina. It possesses adaptogen properties that make stressful conditions easier to the body. It battles hormone imbalance, fosters immune health and improves memory. Consumption of maca powder will evoke a desire to stay alive and promote positivity.

You can sprinkle maca root powder in your smoothies and other dishes.  1g to 20g is the acceptable consumption dosage.