Best tips to avoid stomach gas

An average person releases gas for 14 to 23 times a day. Many times it is not as disastrous as we think it is and it shouldn’t be termed as ‘grose’. It is natural and it happens to every individual. None-the-less, if you are trying to reduce the possibilities of having stomach gas, you can follow some simple tips we have for you below.

[Hindi tips to avoid stomach gas]

What to eat?

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Our guts have friendly bacteria which lets us digest our food quickly. These are the ones which also produce gas as they digest the food in our large intestines. Edible items which are linked to our intestinal gas are:

  • Beans and lentils
  • Brussels sprouts, cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, etc.
  • The natural sugar of fructose present in onions, pears, soft drinks, wheat, etc.
  • Lactose which we get from milk and dairy products
  • Oat bran, peas, food with high fiber
  • Potatoes, pasta, corn and other starchy items
  • Fresh fruits and artificial sweetener
  • Brown rice, whole wheat, oatmeal and whole grains

This list comes so many healthy foods doesn’t it? No, we are not asking you restrict your diet. There are simple ways to discover our issues with food:

  1. Take a small note book where you record what you eat from time to time. If you feel gassy, you need to refer back to what you ate for such a condition to occur.
  2. If you think that that particular item doesn’t suit you well, it is good to avoid it. For example, a lot of people cannot digest milk. If you feel that plain milk would make you gassy, you must opt for another dairy product or consume with health drinks or cornflakes, etc.
  3. Try and avoid the food which you know make you gassy. There are some edible items in our lives which always make us feel uncomfortable after eating. Switch over with healthier items so that you can control the gassiness, if not heal it completely.

How do adjust your diet?

Foods to reduce acidity & gas

  • Gassiness can happen due to eat your food at odd hours of the day. Rectify your routine to avoid such a condition.
  • Reduce the amount of food you have when you are sure that that particular item will lead to gassiness. It could be healthy things like whole grains and green veggies. Replace them with other items to distress your digestive system.

Tips to a healthier digestive system

  • Busy lives shouldn’t affect the 10-15 minutes to take to eat your meals. When you eat you need chew as many times you can. Swallowing larger amounts builds air and makes you feel gassy
  • Smoking, chewing excess gums or eating sweets makes you swallow more air.
  • Do not overeat before getting to a meeting or social gathering. When you stomach is full and it is difficult to let out gas, you feel pressurized and trapped.
  • Try and reduce consuming fizzy drinks
  • Be under regular touch of exercise. It could be a brisk morning walk or sometime at the gym. We all need to maintain exercise regime to keep our organs on-the-go!
  • You can take some time out and practice yoga at home. It aids to keep your digestive system clear.
  • Do not consume sweetener or products which have sorbitol. Try and replace medicines which have it too.
  • You can consume red wine and black tea for preventing gassiness.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Tight clothes make you feel uncomfortable and bloating. This can also prevent release of gas and that isn’t healthy for your stomach!

[Hindi tips to avoid stomach gas]

Home remedies to reduce and avoid gas


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It is known to soothe your stomach and avoid gas. Take ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder and add to a cup of warm milk. Stir and drink. You can also add honey for enhanced taste. Another option is to make cinnamon tea. Simply add some powder to boiling water and drink it.


Ginger is effective for digesting food. Take ground ginger with equal amounts of fennel and cardamom. Mix well and add to a cup of water. Add a pinch of asafetida and drink twice. Consuming ginger in regular meals prevents gas. You can simply chew some raw ginger after a heavy meal and avoid such condition.


Garlic has a heating quality which stimulates gastric fire relieves stomach gas. Garlic soups are apt for reducing gas and aids better digestion. You can boil some ground garlic and add to boiling water. Add black pepper and cumin seeds as well. Strain and drink the water when lukewarm.


Fennel seeds are offered in restaurants, as they work like a mouth freshner and also digest your food. You can also consume fennel seeds when you think you might have to prevent stomach gas. For situations which occur later, you can simply add some seeds to hot water and then drink it when lukewarm. You can also add fennel with cardamom and mint leaves in boiling water and reduce stomach gas.


Cardamom is another kitchen ingredient which will relieve or prevent stomach upset! Add some roasted cardamom powder to your veggies, lentil or rice and prevent the after effects. Chew 2-3 pods a day to refresh your mouth and clear your bowels. You can also add it to tea and make it taste better.