How to recognize breast cancer? – Self exam for the breast cancer

We all know that examining our breasts in regular intervals helps us a lot through understanding the change if there is any, understanding the texture of the region and so much more. Most of the breast cancer could be detected when women did Self Breast Examination but apart from that there are still so many women who never get to know of the same till it turns out to be severe leading to death.

There are so many ways you can actually do it yourself or can anytime visit a doctor for a regular check-up but prior to that read the tips mentioned below for encouragement as well as knowledge.

Feel no shame

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There is absolutely no shame in going to a doctor for a Breast Examination because you are doing it for your well being. Going for regular check-ups even when you have not spotted anything in the first few check-ups is always a good option other than regretting over the fact that you actually didn’t go for one.

Be vigilant

It is very important to be vigilant towards your body because nobody understands your body as better as you do. Always examine your body not just breast but the areas surrounding the main region. Notice if there is anything new or anything weird, even the normal changes a woman undergoes due to pregnancy or anything should be noticed and consulted by a doctor.

Take care of the skin

Even though you have been applying anti-inflammatory lotions and creams but still the problem of redness or itchiness persists on the skin around your nipples immediately look out for a doctor. Taking good care of the skin of the breast region is as important as the skin of the other body parts.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

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Most women ignore the fact that Breastfeeding is not just necessary for the child but it is also to the mother. There are women who don’t breastfeed their child much and the milk that is not fed can actually lead to breast cancer. Even getting pregnant in your late thirties for the first time increases the Breast Cancer risk.

Feel comfortable

It is good to know your breast and you do that better while you are in the shower. So, massaging your breasts while you are bathing or doing some self care for the breast is always a good idea and there is nothing bad in it. It is important for women to feel comfortable with their breasts as most women don’t and this lack of comfort actually leads to the risk of last stages of Breast Cancer.

Recognize the early symptoms

There are a few symptoms as prescribed by doctors which if noticed by any women should be told to a doctor immediately. Some of these are Weight loss, Painful Breasts, Pain in the armpit, feel of a stone or marble like object in the breast from the outside which can possibly be a lump or lumps, Swelling etc.

Menstrual cycle

Examining your breast when you hit your Menstrual cycle and at the time of Menopause because that’s when the breast starts changing. For girls who starts menstruating from a very early age that is before 12 years of age and for women who hit their Menopause very late which is after the age of 50 should be more comfortable, vigilant and caring towards their Breast since these are signs of Breast Cancer.

Medical screening

Going for a medical screening of your breast is always a better option but after you have done your share of self breast examination. Just in case you found out something that could lead to trouble reach for a doctor who can conduct a medical screening. Wait for the reports; if the result is good then don’t stop self examining time and again, also note for the possible reasons from the doctor of the trouble you noticed on the first place; if the result detects early stage of breast cancer immediately seek medical help.

Although the symptoms as discussed above account towards the risk of Breast Cancer but many times they happen because of normal breast changes and not necessarily because of Breast Cancer. But as we all know Precaution is better than Cure so, don’t miss out on anything that could possibly lead to something worse especially when the chances are huge.