Best vitamins for focus and concentration

In today’s world when we are discovering and inventing new things to support us. This technology had also a bad impact on our minds. This technology has made us dumb in many ways. now we are facing problems of focus and concentration in our daily life. These gadgets do not us use our minds in the best possible way. So there is a need for ways to increase the concentration and focus of our mind. So here are some best vitamins for focus and concentration.

In this world when there is so much of technology to use. We as humans are losing our ability to think somehow. Only some of us are able to get the technology and its applications. Social media, video portals, Whats App and high-speed internet etc. are the main outcomes of this technology. We are spending too much time on these technologies. We even use these technologies to do simple and small works of our daily life. By doing this we think that we are saving time. But most of us spend that time on social media. By doing this we are making ourselves dependent on the technology more than ever. Also, our minds are not developing with that speed and we are losing our ability to think creatively.

With so many distractions with our sides, we are losing our focus and concentration power of our mind. So in this article, we are going to talk about some vitamins for better focus and concentration.

First of all, we will talk about the reasons for the loss of focus and concentration in our brain.

Herbs & herbal supplements for concentration

The problem of losing focus and concentration has become a serious issue between our children and youth. It is nearly impossible for them to focus on one thing when they have a distraction from outside world.

Also, our new food styles lack the essential nutrients and minerals for our growth and brain development. Most of the kids eat junk food and use social media more than normal. Puberty is the time period when our body grow and our brain develops. Because of present lifestyle, our children are facing these problems. Now the main point is how to overcome these problems.

There are many solutions to this problem. One solution is to take chemical supplements to overcome the problem of loss of focus and concentration. They help the patient very quickly but the main concern about these supplements is that they also have side effects on the body of the user. they do have positive effects at first but they also put negative impacts if used for prolonged time. One of the side effects is that after some time our brain gets used to these drugs and stops working without them.

The other solution is to get your diet and mind straight. keeping mind straight means that one should put a check on the technology one uses wasting time. These solutions take time and do not have side effects of any kind. These solutions also boost your mental and physical health.

Next solution is to use herbal supplements that boost the mental health and improve focus and concentration power of the brain.

Now we know that many natural vitamins and minerals help us to increase the concentration and focus of our mind.

So we are going to discuss specific vitamins help to overcome these problems:

Vitamin E

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Vitamin E has been researched din the past for their usage in the treatment of brain problems. Past researches have shown mixed results. Vitamin E is mainly an Anti-oxidant. It has been observed that it is used in the treatment of Alzheimer and sometimes memory loss. Vitamin E mainly works on the nerves of the system.  It helps them to handle more stress.

But one should remember that it should not be taken more than the recommended dosage by the doctor.

Vitamin b12

Vitamin b 12 is not needed for our body in large amounts. B 12 is primarily responsible for the generation of the new red blood cells. In our nervous system, it helps nerves to improve the communication between them and increase response time. It also helps our brain to receive and interpret those neve signal in a better way.

Supplements for vitamin B12 should not be taken because extra vitamin b12 is flushed from our body and taking vitamin B 12 supplements in large amount can be dangerous for our kidneys.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega 3-fatty acids are very much helpful for our body in many ways. They keep our heart in healthy shape if taken in a proper amount. They also have positive effects on our brain. In a research, it was noticed that the people who have more amount of omega -3 fatty acids in their diet have fewer problems related to loss of concentration as compared to the people who did not.

There are many types of research that show that memory related problems of the people can also be treated by following omega-3 therapy.

Animal meat is the main source of the omega-3 fatty acids for a normal person.


Folate is a type of vitamin B family. It is very necessary for the people as they help in regeneration of red blood cells and maintain oxygen in our cells. Because of the deficiency of this vitamin, one can experience tiredness and other stamina related problems.

Folate is the vitamin that is responsible for the memory recall in our brain. The one who has better memory has a large amount of folate in them.

Vitamin B 6

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Vitamin B 6 is known to have increased the production of the neurotransmitters. It also helps in increasing the serotonin and GABA. Various researches conducted in the past showed that deficiency of vitamin B 6 can cause various side effects like loss of memory, concentration. Neurotransmitters help in carrying the messages from in our nervous system. The deficiency of vitamin b 6 affects the production of vitamin B 6. Vitamin B 6 can be found naturally in various food items like fish, potatoes, bananas etc. In addition to this vitamin B 6 also helps in keeping the mood positive.


Magnesium is one of the widely used chemicals in our body processes. It helps in our body growth and bone health. Magnesium is also responsible for our muscle growth and muscle energy. Magnesium helps the brain to keep calm and also provides relief from a headache. But most the magnesium we take is not absorbed by our body. the magnesium is very important part of our diet and should be taken in a proper amount.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is abundantly found in citrus fruits. Vitamin c helps in the production of neurotransmitters that control the action and reflexes of our body. it also protects our brain from the stress, alcohol etc. vitamin C helps the patients suffering from the ADHD diseases. It helps in increasing the concentration power and focus of brain. Vitamin C is naturally available in the citrus fruits but if one wishes to take supplements for him same then he/she should consult a doctor first.

These were some of the vitamins for focus and concentration. Though we can take the supplements for the vitamins it is better if we take these vitamins from natural sources and food items. So the key to keeping our brain healthy is the healthy diet we take.