How to get rid of house flies? – Best ways to get rid of house flies

Flies buzzing around in your home can actually destroy the total environment. They are extremely annoying and also carry germs in your home. Flies infect the foods and they can be a source of serious food contamination. Getting rid of house flies might sound simple but those who have actually faced or facing this problem know it well that this simple looking problem can become really challenging at times. However, once you have reached us, there is nothing more to worry. Here is all the best ways to help you get rid of house flies quickly.

This article will include the traditional time tested methods as well as some of the natural ways to get rid of house flies. So, read on to know how to get rid of these irritating pests.

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Find out what is attracting flies and remove the reason

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If you have suddenly started to see more flies in your home, most expectedly there is something in your home that is giving a call to these pests. So, before trying to ward off these uninvited guests with every type of innovative methods, it is best to remove the reason. So, that flies are no more attracted to your home. Follow the next points to remove any special attraction for flies from your home.

Ginger spray

Ginger’s strong smell acts as a repellant for the flies. It makes the breeding of the flies irritated and thus seek for another place. The best way to use ginger to get rid of the house flies is to make the ginger spray out of the ginger extracts. There are ginger extracts available in the market or you can just squeeze out the ginger juice and mix it with a little of water to collect in a spray bottle. The strong smell of ginger will keep your house smelling good and also repel the house flies from coming in!

Basil leaves

The sweet smell and the herbal properties of the basil leaves have been known to have medicinal aid for us. We love to add basil in our teas and even pizzas but the case is exact opposite for the house flies. The basil leaves and specially the smell of it causes the house flies to succumb to breathe. Hence it makes them uncomfortable and get out of the place. Some house flies even die under the smell of basil leaves. To best use basil leaves make a spray of its flavored water or just use basil essential oil for creating an atmosphere with basil smell. The houseflies will soon be gone!

Sticky ribbons

These ribbons are available in the market easily. They are sticky and smell good for the house flies to be easily attracted to them. Hanging them in areas where the flies generally move around in the house makes them sit on it and get trapped. The ribbons are so sticky that houseflies aren’t able to move and slowly die on it. Keep removing the ribbons once in a while to keep removing the house flies from the house on a daily basis!

Keep the kitchen clean and dry

House flies are naturally attracted to the smell of food. Hence if your kitchen is not clean and there are traces of food everywhere it is most expected that you will start noticing an abundance of flies in your home. So, take every care to keep your kitchen clean and dry. Clean the kitchen with phenyl or a good quality strongly aromatic disinfectant as soon as you are done with cooking. Keep all the cooked foods covered or in the refrigerator.

Cover the bins properly

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Bins and compost buckets often become the common attraction of house flies. They are most expected to be drawn by the smell of rotting and half decomposed organic substances. So, to ward off the flies from your home, make sure that the bins are well covered. It is a good practice to clear your bins regularly, so that there are no rotting organic substances in your home, which can attract insects.

Store the fresh fruits in the right place

The aroma of fresh fruits is naturally attractive to the flies. While the fruit flies are naturally attracted towards fermenting fruits, houseflies can be attracted by any sliced fruit, even if it is fresh. So, make it a point to not to keep sliced food in your home without a suitable cover or store it in the refrigerator. Also make sure that the fresh fruits in your home are well covered and out of reach of the flies.

If the above does not work and even after ensuring that there are no special attractions for the flies in your home you are not able to ward off the flies, you can take the following measures.

Use nets on the doors and windows

Adding a layer of removable net blinds on the doors and windows ensures that your home becomes least vulnerable to the attack of flies and mosquitoes. If you are not able to control flies in your home and they are really destroying the environment, it is best to fix nets on the doors and windows to ensure that house flies or mosquitoes cannot get in.

Catch and kill flies with flypaper strips

Flypaper strips are one of the most common and effective ways to catch and kill house flies. These strips are easily available in the market. You can also make them at home. Flypapers are made with strips of paper that are coated with sticky and fragrant glues that are also poisonous. Houseflies are attracted to these smells and sit on the strip. As soon as their body touches the strip, they get stuck with it and are subsequently killed due to the poisonous effects of the glue.

If you do not prefer using the ready made flypapers in your home because of the toxic nature of the glue used on them, you can easily prepare flypaper strips at home with corn syrup, sugar and papers. However, in this case you might have to kill the flies physically after they have got stuck in the trap.

Plastic water bags can repel house flies

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Well, this is a time tested method but in fact there are no clear logical explanations behind it. However, people who have tried this simple method have mostly got results in warding off the irritating flies. This technique is even used in many fruit stalls to ward off the flies.

To try this method all you need is a clear and big sized plastic bag. Fill it half with water and then tie the mouth properly with a band or a knot. Now hang this water bag at the entrance of your home, garage or any other place that works as the entrance for the flies and you are done. Flies will not cross the bag to enter through the opening. Many say that flies see the water filled bag as a spider web and hence they do not try to cross it. According to some, the reflection in the water disorients the flies. Whatever is the reason, it is a tried and tested way to ward off house flies.

Plant lemon grass in your home and yard

Looking for an easy and effective remedy to get rid of house flies? Try out lemon grass. All you need to do is to plant lemon grass in small pots and place them in and around the rooms in your home. The smell of lemon grass act as an insect repellant and it will keep the buzzing house flies away. Lemon grass is easy to grow and they need no maintenance except watering at regular intervals. It will also keep the air in the rooms fresh and lively.

Use essential oil as fly repellant

The aroma of essential oils might relax your senses but they are seriously annoying for the flies. So, when you are trying to get rid of house flies preparing fly repellant with the essential oils is a good and effective option. You can use lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, citronella or peppermint as per your choice. Just soak a piece of thick cloth or a sponge in the oil and keep it in a tin can. Place this can in the place where you can see most of the flies. The flies will be repelled and the frequency and number of their visit will reduce considerably or become nil. You can replenish the oil in the repellant once the smell seems to fade.

Essential oil spray for repelling flies

You can also use essential oils in spray form to repel the flies. Fill a spray bottle half with water and then add 15-20 drops of lavender, peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil in it. Now spray this mixture in the areas of your home where you see maximum flies. Using this spray in and around your kitchen and dining hall will be most effective as flies are often drawn by the flavor of foods and fruits. You can also use this spray around the windows, doors as well as on the curtains to ensure that the flies stay away from your home.

Wine for getting rid of flies

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This is another use of wine that you are actually going to love, because it is an easy way to get rid of house flies. House flies are easily drawn by the sweet aroma of wine, which are majorly produced from fruits. Take a little of wine in a glass and add some dishwasher soap to it. Place the glass at a place where you can see most of the flies. The flies will be drawn to the wine and they will be trapped by the soapy bubbles of the dishwasher while trying to taste it.

Use a window cleaner to drop off the flies

A window or glass cleaner can work amazingly well for dropping off the flies. Once you spot a fly sitting on a surface, simply spray the cleaner on it. The wings of the fly will get wet and it will automatically drop off. However, keep in mind that this will not kill the pest and you will need to kill it or throw it out before its wings get dried and it starts to buzz again.

Isopropyl alcohol – A one shot house fly killer

Isopropyl alcohol in high concentration can kill any insect within seconds. However, when you are using it in a spray bottle to kill a fly it is important to take precautions so that it do not come in contact with your eyes or skin. Also keep it away from your nose so that you do not happen to breathe it in. Just spray the alcohol from a spray bottle directly on the house fly and it will be killed within 15 seconds.

Malt vinegar can ward off house flies

If you have malt vinegar in your home, it can work as an efficient housefly repellant. Simply boil a good quantity of this vinegar in a wide mouth pan. As the vinegar will boil the aroma will be spread across your home. This aroma works as a strong repellant for flies and many other insects. However, while the vinegar is boiling you have to keep an eye to ensure that the vinegar does not completely dry away due to the heat and start to burn.

Use ACV fly traps

You can also prepare a fly trap with Apple Cider Vinegar. House flies are drawn by the sweet aroma of ACV and once they get to taste it they are drowned and killed. Take some ACV in a wide mouth can with a lid. Make some holes of suitable size on the lid of the can and place it at a place in your home where you can see maximum flies. Flies will get into the container being driven by the sweet smell of ACV and will be trapped and killed.

Use a fly zapper

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If you are looking for some high tech stuff to get rid of flies in your home and you do not mind spending money on it, try out the fly zappers. These systems use lights or waves that attract and kill the flies. Some zappers also repel the flies away from your home. Different house fly zappers work in different ways and it is important that you use a zapper according to the instructions provided with the system.

[Hindi tips to get rid of house flies]