Can green tea helps to boost your memory?

Apart from our regular tea which is generally known as black tea, green tea is another very popular tea. It is taken by people living all around the world and has several health benefits. Usually people consume it to accelerate weight loss process. However, green tea is not only beneficial for weight loss but also has several other benefits.

According to many researches, green tea also helps in boosting memory and today we are sharing how green tea helps in boosting memory.

Scientists have conducted various studies and according to those studies drinking green tea sharpens their memory capacity instantly. Green contains high amount of amino acid theanine which helps in boosting the memory power. Also, we would like to mention amino acid theanine is the primary compound present in green tea; therefore, green tea has the highest capacity to improve memory.  No matter how you consume green tea, it is having several benefits for instance lowering BMI, reducing heart diseases risk, easing anxiety and much more.

What kind of food is good for brain activity

Green tea also contains a particular type of molecule known as EGCG. EGCG is having the capacity to increase neurogenesis which helps in boosting memory formation structure. Basically, neurogenesis is the process of cell formation of human brain.

According to researchers in China, EGCG encourages brain cell formation in the hippocampus. For processing any short-term or long-term memory, hippocampus works as a primary structure. So we can clearly understand that enhanced hippocampal neurogenesis in our brain will directly contribute to increasing our memory. Also, it improves the learning capability.

However, according to researchers in Switzerland, green tea helps in increasing neuroplasticity between the frontal and parietal areas of human brain. To be exact, it strengthens our working memory. Working memory is the information one can hold in their mind and manipulate at a time. It is also considered as the key to increase our learning capability.

Therefore, green tea helps in improving our memory in two different ways and both of them are because of its simulating effect on the below mentioned areas:

  • Forming new brain cells present in the hippocampus area of human brain.
  • Interconnecting parietal and frontal brain cells.

Well, with all the above mentioned information we are pretty sure that the capacity of green tea in increasing and boosting our memory and learning ability is clear.

Why look for something else when you have green tea to improve your learning and memory capability? Start sipping green tea from today and improve your memory.