Home remedies for early menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle is the changes that take place in a woman’s body. The menstrual bleeding takes place when there is no fertilized egg to begin pregnancy. This cycle starts in a woman from the teenage and lasts till the age of 50. The cycle is from the first day of bleeding to the first day of next time bleeding which is normally of 28 days.

[Home remedies for early menstrual cycle in Hindi]

Monthly periods are normal in a woman’s life but it is a cause of concern and anxiety when the periods are late. This may be due to pregnancy or due to some ailment in the reproductive system.

Early menstrual period

Best ways to treat the premenstrual syndrome

Most of the women have experienced early menstrual periods at some point or the other. This can happen at any age but is common when the woman is in the age of menopause. Certain health problems like anemia can occur due to early menstrual bleeding. An early cycle before 23 days indicates that the egg is not properly formed and not released. Such situations must be clearly discussed with the doctor to avoid further complications.

Causes for early menstrual periods

The causes for early menstrual periods can be broadly divided into two groups— Physical and Psychological.


Psychological causes include stress, anxiety, and tiredness and generalized weakness. These factors disturb the internal balance of the hormones that result in early periods.

Physical causes

The estrogen and progesterone hormones are secreted in the ovaries, pituitary and hypothalamus in the brain. These hormones are responsible for the normal cycle.  Excessive exercise, weight loss or weight gain can secrete the hormones earlier and disturb the timings of menstruation.

Home remedies for early menstrual cycle

In most of the cases early menstrual cycle does not have any major complications. They regulate themselves after a few cycles. There are many ways to face the issue of early menstrual cycle. A systemic approach with natural home remedies and  changes in lifestyle may give good results.


Parsley has been used in traditional medicine for ages. Parsley is a rich source of two active ingredients, myristicin and apiol, which are known to be capable of stimulating contractions in the uterine region and are great agents to stimulate an early period. You should consume around 6g dried parsley leaves and break it up into 3 doses of 2g each, boiled in 150ml water or a cup of parsley tea twice daily.


Papaya is a great ingredient that can help to ensure your periods come early. In order to reap the benefits of papaya, you will need raw papaya, which, similar to parsley, stimulates contractions. With its high carotene content, an ingredient that is capable of stimulating estrogen production, it can help pre-pone your period effortlessly. Boil some raw papaya and consume a bowl every day to get an earlier period.


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Celery is extremely safe and extremely effective in stimulating an earlier period. It can help to enhance the flow of blood to the pelvic region, which in turn helps to stimulate an early menstruation cycle. Take a few celery stalks and cut out the leaves, leaving only the whitish green part of the stalk. Put this in a blender and strain to get the juice and consume it twice daily.

Coriander seeds

This is a well-known remedy that can help in reducing the irregularity of periods and offers emmenagogue properties. To use coriander, you will need to boil 1teaspoon of coriander with 2 cups of water till the water is reduced by half. Pass this mixture through a strainer to get rid of all the seeds and consume this tea daily three times a few days before your menstrual cycle is due to pre-pone it.

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds or saunf can be consumed by boiling the seeds in water to make a tea. Consume this tea for breakfast every morning to stimulate an early period and regulate your flow.

  • Change in life style: Yoga and meditation can be the best way to reduce stress and anxiety which may be the cause of early menstrual cycle.
  • Change in diet: A healthy diet comprising of organic food, rice, wheat, berries and soy helps to  production of estrogen. Avoid fast food or packaged food as they are difficult to digest.
  • The herb black cohosh contains plant derived estrogens. It is an effective treatment for early menstrual cycle.
  • The herb gooseberry and barberry is useful in regulating early menstrual cycle to normal.
  • Foods containing Vitamin C increases the estrogen levels in women.
  • A hot water bath or a hot pack can result to early menstrual cycle.
  • The best remedy for early menstrual cycle is a healthy diet accompanied with regular exercise and a stress free mind achieved with the help of meditation and yoga.

But in some cases there may be    other reasons for early menstrual cycle like fibroids, effect of some medicines, ovarian insufficiency, hormonal imbalance or problem with the structure of the vagina. These situations will require treatment.

What is the need for early menstrual periods?

You must have heard girls and women pre-porning their menstrual periods and getting it a week early. The reasons behind it can be many. Some people does this to avoid menstrual cycle during the family occasion. In India ladies having periods are not regarded as pure for those particular time period. Thus, if someone has to visit temple to worship god and goddess, they take up a stand of getting the periodic cycle early.

Another reason behind pre- porning of periods is to check whether the lady is pregnant. Rather it can be a procedure of verifying that a lady is pregnant. When a couples go through a process of intercourse, having periods during that stage becomes a problem. They may not be able to enjoy the physical pleasure of intercourse if blood is secreted from the ovary of the female partner. A couple willing to go for a child should carry on with the process of intercourse when the lady is not going through the menstrual cycle or else fertilization of sperm inside the ovary will not take place. Rather, it will be better for a couple to go through the sexual intercourse within the menstrual periods with an aim of not getting pregnant.

[Home remedies for early menstrual cycle in Hindi]