How to get rid of dizziness when lying down? (causes & tips)

Dizziness is an uncomfortable feeling when a person experiences a bout of giddiness, and there is a feeling that he may faint because everything seems to be whirling around him. He may feel that he is unable to stand up or walk, and also feel weak. This feeling is also accompanied by nausea, which aggravates the dizziness as the person becomes unsteady. A person might feel relieved when he lies down and the symptoms may subside after some time. But sometimes there is a feeling of dizziness when one is lying down also. Though it is not a very serious disease it can be due to some underlying health issue.


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It may be due to a condition is commonly known as vertigo. It is one of the commonest reasons for feeling dizzy while lying down. It may be caused by the inflammation of the inner ear. The inner ear controls our navigation and balance of the body. When one of the two nerves get affected we feel dizzy and there are symptoms of nausea and hearing problems. This disorder is termed as labyrinthitis and can be a bacterial or viral infection which when treated properly can be cured within a short period of time.

There is another type of vertigo which also causes dizziness while one is lying down. A person may feel that everything is spinning all around him with the movement of his head. One can feel uneasy as soon as he or she changes position while turning in bed. This feeling happens in short bouts and is another common cause of dizziness. This is caused primarily due to the disturbed movement of calcium stones in the inner ear region. Elderly people are found to have such problems, but people who have suffered a head injury can also have recurrent bouts of vertigo. This can also be cured by a medical professional through proper tests and medication.

People who suffer from frequent bouts of a migraine also have dizziness while lying down, and may or may not show up with a serious headache. These bouts last for a few minutes to several hours and can be lessened by controlling light and sound in the surrounding.

Lots of stress-related factors are also responsible for feeling dizzy. Anxiety, as we all know causes a lot of harm, and thus panic attacks may be the cause of dizziness in people who show symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Dizziness while lying down can show up as a side effect of many medications. As soon as one feels dizzy after taking a certain medicine, he should immediately stop taking it and check the medication with the doctor. If it is found to be the reason, it can be changed and thus dizziness stopped.

A person can also have dizziness when lying down if his sugar level in the blood goes down and the brain cells are affected. This condition is called Hypoglycemia. This can be averted by taking eating or drinking something that is sweet in taste to bring up the sugar level. Thus getting rid of dizziness.

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Hypo-tension is another reason which may lead to dizziness when lying down. This condition is commonly called low blood pressure whereby a person feels unsteady while trying to exert himself while standing up suddenly. This needs medical attention as a proper diet, ample rest and medicines can cure such conditions.

Aging, which leads to many degenerative diseases of the nerve cells and affects the brain tissues, causes loss of balance, and dizziness while lying down. As they are on different medications that may also cause dizziness.

Some other causes

Dizziness can also be due to low iron level or anemia. Along with dizziness, other symptoms of anemia are fatigue. Feeling weak and a pale and colorless skin.

Dehydration due to getting overheated can also cause dizziness. A long period of exposure to heat and sun, inadequate water intake may make a person feel dizzy while lying down. Long distance travel by bus or train and not having a proper diet also makes a person feel dizzy.

Tips to prevent dizziness

Though dizziness is not an alarming condition, yet it is caused by some underlying medical condition. Therefore the cause has to be treated by a doctor. To detect the cause the doctor might prescribe some tests or can do a check-up before he prescribes medicines or preventive measures such as rest or exercise to cure the disease which will, in turn, get rid of the dizziness while lying down.

One should not move or change the position of his head while lying down with sudden and fast movements. He should slowly move his head and gradually adjust himself while trying to sit up or move his head and body position.

One is advised to drink lots of water which will prevent dehydration, a common cause of dizziness. It helps the system stay hydrated and one does not feel down and out during this period.

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Consuming ginger in various forms may help get rid of dizziness? Ginger can be taken fresh along with tea or any other drink and can be made a part of our diet. Ginger also treats nausea that is related to dizziness.

Intake of many vitamins like vitamins C, E and B6 also help get rid of dizziness. Fruits like oranges and berries help reduce vertigo which is a common cause of dizziness. By adding seeds and nuts and spinach to our diet we can help prevent dizziness to some extent, as it helps in blood circulation. Vitamin B6 has been found to reduce vertigo and thus take care of dizziness.


Dizziness can make you stumble and fall and become a risk as you may hurt yourself. Therefore one should not forcefully try to sit up or stand up as it may lead to serious accidents. Therefore see a doctor if dizziness persists and get you thoroughly checked. It will make your health better.