Causes, symptoms and home remedies for acne during pregnancy

Acne is very common during pregnancy. Even if you never had the problem of acne before, you might start getting acne suddenly during the first trimester of pregnancy. The chance of getting pregnancy acne is naturally more for women who already suffer from frequent or infrequent acne breakouts. However, pregnancy acne is quite different from normal acne and you might not be able to treat it the way you generally treat acne.

Pregnancy acne starts to appear during the first trimester of pregnancy and they often go away on their own by the second or third trimester. If you do not get acne during the first trimester, your chance of getting acne during the later stage is considerably lower. Now first we will take a look at the cause of acne during pregnancy and also the home remedies.

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Causes of pregnancy acne

The primary cause of pregnancy acne is hormonal imbalance in the body. During the first trimester of pregnancy your body goes through steep changes in hormonal levels. Many hormones reach their peak, whereas some other hormones are lowered considerably. The production of more androgens in the body triggers the skin glands to produce more oil, which naturally increases the chance of clogged pores and acne.

Just like pregnancy acne, postpartum acne is also common but the good thing is that both of these types of acne are temporary. So, all you need to do is to take the right care of your skin in this span and the problem will go away on its own once your hormonal levels reach a more stable condition.

As acne outbreak during pregnancy is triggered by the hormones, hence it might be actually impossible to control completely, till the hormonal levels in the body naturally comes to a stable state. Managing acne during pregnancy can also be quite critical as you might not be allowed to take in acne medications. Even topical application of anti-acne creams and gels might be restricted.

So, to treat acne during pregnancy, the best option is to take the natural way. A good skin care routine coupled with a number of home remedies can be most effective to keep acne within limits during pregnancy. However, none of these treatments might be able to solve the problem completely, until the hormone levels are stable.

Symptoms of pregnancy acne

There are no special symptoms for pregnancy acne. By the look and feel of it you will be hardly able to find any difference from normal acne. However, pregnancy acne is generally not restricted into one or two pimples, rather they are often more severe in nature.

If you are not prone to getting acne but you start getting a lot of them during first or second trimester of pregnancy, it is most probably pregnancy acne. Pregnancy acne takes more time to heal and you might not be actually able to remove them completely with any treatment, until the underlying hormonal imbalance is solved.

Remedies for acne during pregnancy

The key to manage acne during pregnancy is to maintain a healthy skin care routine. Proper skin care can help in removing the excess oil secreted from the glands and will also keep the infection causing bacteria away, thus helping in keeping the outbreak within limits.

Cleansing your face properly is important

Keeping your face clean can be highly helpful to keep pregnancy acne in control. However, never over wash your face as your skin is expected to have become even more sensitive during this phase. Instead of a chemical face wash, opt for a natural homemade gentle face cleanser that will also help in keeping skin oil in control. Clean your face twice in a day but do not rub it harshly or keep the cleanser on the skin for long. You will find some most effective formula of homemade natural face cleansers in the next section of this article.

Toning is also helpful

Toning your skin with a natural skin toner can be helpful to close the skin pores, which will naturally reduce oil secretion and will also minimize the chance of infection on the skin. Check out the recipe of some effective homemade toners in the next part.

Exfoliate but do not scrub

Exfoliating your skin at proper intervals is an effective way to keep the skin healthy. It helps in removing the dead skin cells and as well as pore clogging substances from the surface of the skin. Proper exfoliation can be the key to keep pregnancy acne in check. However, as already mentioned, during pregnancy, your skin is expected to have become more sensitive hence scrubbing it roughly with a granulated scrubber will do more harm than good. Use gentle skin exfoliator on your face in a gentle manner to exfoliate your skin effectively. If needed, increase the frequency of exfoliation from twice a week to thrice a week but do not scrub your face rigorously.

Do not skip the moisturizer

As your skin is producing more oil during pregnancy and it is the cause of the acne breakout, you might actually feel like skipping the moisturizer. However, it is not a wise decision. A moisturizer helps in nourishing the skin which is important to keep the skin healthy. Opt for a good quality, oil free and non-comedogenic moisturizer that is free from preservatives.

Maintain general hygiene and cleanliness

Apart from the above also make sure that your towels, handkerchiefs andpillow covers are always clean. Wash them regularly and dry in a hygienic area. Also do not share these personal items with anyone else. Keeping your head clean from dandruff is also vital to keep acne during pregnancy in control.

Implementing the above points in your skin care routine can give you more benefits in controlling acne during pregnancy than you might think of. Here are some of the most effective homemade treatments that you can safely use during pregnancy to keep acne in check.

Neem and Basil toner for treating pregnancy acne

Both the plants neem and basil has excellent natural anti-bacterial properties. A concoction made from the leaves of these two plants can be a boon for anyone suffering from pregnancy acne. It is completely free from any harmful chemicals and does not irritate even the most sensitive skin. This treatment also helps to control the oil secretion by the pores, which helps in reducing the breakouts.

Collect 30 fresh neem leaves and 20 fresh basil leaves. Wash these clean and boil them in 3 cups of water until the water becomes half. Now remove the pan from the flame and let it cool down. Strain the leaves and store the concoction in a clean glass jar. It is best to keep this jar in the fridge, so that there is no contamination and you can use it at least for a week.

You only need to splash this concoction on your face twice a day, once in the morning and once in the night, after proper cleansing. This treatment can show magical effects in controlling pregnancy acne, without any side effects.

Treat pregnancy acne with Oats and Manuka honey exfoliator

You can use oats and Manuka honey scrub cum pack to fight acne during pregnancy. These natural ingredients are extremely gentle on the skin and yet they effectively exfoliate the skin, controls oil and also help in killing the acne causing bacteria.

Soak 3 spoons oats in sufficient water for 5 minutes and then add 2 spoons of Manuka honey to it. Mix well and apply the resulting mixture onto your face. Rub your skin lightly with the pack and leave on for 10 minutes. Wash off with plenty of water.

Oats promotes gentle skin exfoliation and absorbs excess oil, which helps in controlling acne. Manuka honey nourishes the skin and kills the acne causing bacteria due to its anti-microbial properties. Use this treatment every day.

Fuller’s earth and Aloe Vera, skin cleansing treatment for pregnancy acne

Fuller’s earth helps in absorbing excess oil from the skin and also provides nourishment. Aloe Vera is an excellent source of natural anti-oxidants and it helps in soothing the acne affected skin. If you are tired with pregnancy acne, try out this gentle and calming remedy to keep acne in check.

Soak 4 spoons of Fuller’s earth in sufficient water. Collect a fresh leaf of Aloe Vera, scrape out the pulp. Smash the pulp to a gel and add 2 spoons of this freshly prepared Aloe Vera pulp with the fuller’s earth, once it is soft. Mix the two well and apply onto your face. Use it as a facial cleanser to wash your face twice a day or apply it as a pack, leave on for 15 minutes and then wash off with plenty of water.

[Hindi remedies for acne during pregnancy]

Sandalwood and Turmeric remedy for acne during pregnancy

Sandalwood soothes the acne affected skin and helps in reducing the inflammation and redness caused by acne. Turmeric has natural anti-bacterial properties and it also delivers anti-oxidants on the skin which boosts the regenerative ability of the skin.

To prepare this pack, rub a sandalwood stick on a sand stone plate with some water. You will need only 1 spoon of thick sandalwood paste for this pack. Take 3 inch of turmeric, clean it and make a smooth paste with it. Mix the two well and apply onto your face. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Then gently rub your face with wet hands and finally wash off with water. Repeat daily for best results.