Paronychia home remedies – Paronychia treatment at home

Paronychia is a disease of the nail that is caused by bacteria or fungi and can be found on the finger nails or the toe nails at the juncture of the nail and the skin at the base or the sides. The infection can be sudden or gradual. The skin around the nails appear red and extremely painful with some formation of pus and a slow browning and thickening of the nail plate. It is generally treated with some types of antimicrobial agents, however, there are a host of home remedies you can use to treat the same.

Home remedies for paronychia

Lukewarm water and salt

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Almost every doctor you meet is going to recommend soaking your nails in a bowl or small tun of warm water. Soaking reduces the swelling, change in color as well as pain of the nails. Just add a tablespoon of salt in a tub of water and then mix it well. Now soak your finger or toe in it for 15 minutes. Use this treatment for at least 3-4 times in a day for best results.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is literally a cure to everything, whatever problem you have and if you are looking for a home remedy you will find Apple Cider Vinegar to your rescue. Apple Cider Vinegar has acids that kills the germs and all you have to do is soak your nails in a tub or bowl full of water, to which add a few drops of the vinegar. Repeat this activity at least 2 times in a day for 20 minutes.

Oregano oil

Paronychia also happens because of fungal infections and Oregano oil is good at treating all kinds of infections related to the fungus. Since it is an antiseptic oil so you can use it whenever the need be. Pour in some drops of oregano oil in your palms and directly apply it on the affected area. Try doing this for 2-3 times in a day and you will notice better results.

Betel leaves

During the ancient times people use to treat Paronychia by applying the paste of Betel Leaves because it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. You can treat yours by collecting a good amount of Betel leaves, then make a paste of it. Now apply the paste directly on the nails and surrounding area daily for a week to notice effective results.


Ginger is incredible for treating paronychia and other types of nail infections. It can help in relieving the pain caused and reduce the swelling around the area. It can also help to soften the pus formed to help remove it easily with the help of some cotton balls. In order to use ginger for this purpose, you will have to make a paste out of some ginger and mix this with some coconut oil to get a smooth paste. Apply this on the affected area and let it sit for 10 minutes before wiping off gently with a cotton swab.


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If the infection is on toddlers, this is one of the safest remedies you can use for this purpose. Onion can really help in soothing the pain associated with the issue and ensure that they can sleep easier at night. To use onions, you will have to make a paste out of one onion and mix it up with some coconut oil. Apply the paste on the affected area and let sit for some time before wiping off with a cotton pad.

Pacar banyu leaf

This is one of the best indigenous recipes used traditionally to treat a wide array of nail infections. Pacar Banyu leaf or the leaf of the Impatiens balsamia plant has properties that can help prevent issues with swelling and pus-filled paronychia. You will have to mash up the leaves first and add some palm sugar to the mix. Then add some lime juice to the mix and mix it up thoroughly. Apply this paste to the affected area and let it sit for some time before washing it off.

Listerine mouthwash

Listerine is one of the easiest and most accessible remedies that you can use for paronychia. Listerine and other mouthwashes contain alcohol and other compounds that are added to make the mouthwash a great antiseptic and can help keep the bacteria and fungus away. Fill a bowl around halfway with listerine and soak the affected nail in this for around half an hour. Use a soft bristled toothbrush to scrub the nail gently. Rinse off the mixture and dry the nail thoroughly. This will help stop the infection from spreading and reduce the infection. Use the remedy twice daily for best results.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is known for the loads of antiseptic properties that can help in treating infections and preventing any skin irritations. You will need to make a mixture out of tea tree oil and lavender oil in equal parts and apply this to the area of the nail that is infected as well as the surrounding areas. Leave it on for around 10 minutes and rinse off and dry off the affected area. Repeat the remedy 2-3 times daily to heal it.

Orange oil

Orange oil is packed full of anti-fungal and antibacterial properties due to its Vitamin C content. You can use the remedy directly on the affected area and leave the oil on for around half an hour and then rinse off with some lukewarm water and dry thoroughly. Repeat the remedy 2-3 times daily for best results.

Lemongrass oil

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Lemongrass oil is an amazing ingredient that can treat paronychia due to the host of anti-fungal and antibacterial properties it offers. It helps in controlling the infection, getting rid of the microbial growth and can help in ensuring that your nails don’t become fragile or crumble down. You should always dilute essential oils with carrier oils like coconut, olive or grape seed oil to treat infections. Add around 5 drops of the oil to a carrier oil of your choice and apply on the affected area. Let sit for 30 minutes, rinse and dry.

Aloe Vera

This is one of the best and widely known home remedies that can help in combating issues with paronychia due to the host of antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that aloe vera is rich in. The remedy is also pretty easy to source and can be found pretty much everywhere and is also quite inexpensive. For the aloe vera remedy, you will need to extract the gel from some aloe leaves and apply it directly to the area that is affected. Wait for around half an hour and wash the area off with water and repeat the remedy around 3-4 times daily. 

Mustard oil

This is another great option that can help out in ensuring that the infection is controlled and reduced. Mustard oil can also help in ensuring that the infection is reduced. Mustard oil can help moisturize the fingers. Soaking your fingers in some oil every day for around fifteen minutes can really help. You can also add in a few drops of lemon oil to the remedy. While sometimes there can be some yellowing of the finger, it tends to go down on your own. These home remedies can be treated in a few weeks. The remedy is pretty inexpensive and is pretty easily available.

Coconut oil

Applying coconut oil with a cotton pad and wrapping it up in a gauze bandage to keep it healthier. Coconut oil is one of the best sources of capric acid and lauric acid as well as a storehouse of healthy fats to ensure that the skin is nourished and protected. These acids in coconut oil can help calm inflammation as well. The inclusion of antioxidants can help in healing the skin. Coconut oil is also a great source of nourishment and can help in ensuring that the nail and the fingers are softened.