Relation between sex & migraine

Are you suffering from a migraine? Do you want a pleasant relaxation? Undoubtedly a migraine is a critical headache that no one wants to undergo. A migraine also invites nausea, sick feeling, vomiting, weakness, and other. A migraine can stay from 4 to 72 hours even it can be severe too that does not let you do anything.  If you are willing to know the symptoms so unfortunately there is no symptom before the attack of a migraine. It will be quite correct if say that migraine effects by all the aspects personal, professional, and sexual too.

Is it possible to get rid of a migraine by having sex?

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The answer to this question is YES sex helps you to reduce a migraine headache, but let me tell you completely getting rid of a migraine headache by having sex can’t be assured but you can get relief and a study has proven it. We all are different; therefore, we all get a different result in a migraine by having sex. You can get complete relief from a migraine headache OR partial relief even your a migraine headache can be worsened after having sex if you go through intercourse during a migraine attack.

A study says sex is the better option to get rid of OR reduce a migraine headache as the sex triggers the secretion of the serotonins, dopamine, and endorphin hormones. Your body gets analgesic effect due to the group of the hormone that is called endorphins that activate the opiate receptor of your body. Endorphins is also called the painkiller of the body that is natural and the level of secretion is promoted by sex that significantly reduces a migraine and headache too. You can even enjoy more and experience the enhanced pleasure feeling of satisfaction that is increased by serotonin and dopamine as well as it decreases a headache and a migraine.

Sexual desire and a migraine

Do you think to have sex during a migraine attack? Do you really think that this idea is stupid OR excellent? I understand that you might be confused when I said to have sex during a migraine attack. You must be thinking at the condition of a migraine attack when none of the sufferers feel to do anything then how sex is possible? Let you know

According to a study migraine patients have a higher libido and increased sex desire than other people who are not going through this condition.

Don’t be surprised if I let you know that the people who are not suffering from a migraine can also experience a headache after having sex. According to a study the women experience reduced migraine pain that have an orgasm after having sex.

Sexual issues and a migraine

A migraine affects the sexual life of male and female both and there are few conditions OR you can say the factors that leave a significant effect on sexual desire of man and woman both. Here we have introduced those factors.

Medication affects the sex

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A migraine is a condition that needs medication to treat and the medication of a migraine includes calcium antagonists, neuromodulators, beta blockers, and antidepressants these are the medication that effects on sex in both male and female.

Unhappy childhood and a migraine

There is really a big effect on sex with those patients who have experienced unhappy OR you can say sorrowful childhood that was full of emotions. These kinds of a migraine patients experience sex issues and these issues also increase while they go through migraine attacks.


It is the condition that includes fatigue, less concentration, and also depression. The sexual desire of migraine sufferers goes down during the migraine attack.

How to have better sex with a migraine?

Be romantic

Creating romance is the best option to have better sex with a migraine as it does not demand extra stamina. There are many ways to be romantic like planning a date, prefer a romantic candlelight dinner, going for a long drive, and so on. You can prefer any of them to make your mood as well as your partner’s mood romantic. Doing all these things promote sex between you and your partner.

Accompany your partner

You need to accompany your partner during a migraine instead of running to the different corner from each other. Giving company to each other make you relax as well as enhance the chances of having sex.

Take rest and be relaxed

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While you are suffering from a migraine along with a hectic routine will make you more frustrated and irritated and result in low sex drive OR no sexual desire. Better if you prefer proper rest, meditation, yoga, and a romantic walk with your partner that will remove your frustration and help you to get closer to your partner. There will be increased chances to have a better sex with a migraine if you are not frustrated OR exhausted.

Switch the medication

There are few medications to treat a migraine that promote the low sex drive OR no sexual desire. If you are experiencing the condition of low sex desire then consult with your healthcare provider and switch the medication that causes low sex drive and instead of those medication you should prefer some alternate medication. I must suggest you adopt a healthy lifestyle that will also help you to get rid of a migraine.